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On behalf of the entire station population I’d like to welcome you to our website.

The year is 2392 - twelve years after the events from the last Star Trek canon movie, Star Trek: Nemesis.*

Assigned to Task Force 23 in Theta Fleet, the Celestial Class DS5 is on the edge of the Federation Frontier, gateway to the foreign empires of the Beta Quadrant and launchpad for those seeking fame as much as those who don't want to be found.

Orbiting the strange alien world of Pangaea, this frontier city in space is home to more than a hundred thousand beings and hosts the Dyson Repair Yards, state of the art Diplomatic facilities, and The Square Mile – a hundred promenade decks dedicated to Independent enterprises; artisans; advisors, professionals, and entrepreneurs making their way where Civilisation meets the Wild Unknown.

Like DS9 that inspired us we are not just about Starfleet exploring and seeking out new worlds. Our cast of regular and recurring character is huge and our complex storylines cover a vast range of topics. Here civilians and non-allied aliens play an active role in shaping the story, adding a depth and diversity rarely seen on ship based simms.

DS5 is a simm for the long haul - several of our players have been with DS5 for more than seven years but we are always willing to open our arms to new players who want to become part of our family and our world - dedicated and imaginative writers are always welcome to make a home with us.

Please explore our site, read our marvellous mission posts, and if you enjoy what you see, consider joining us.

If you'd like to discuss your character concept/desired position before submitting a full application please send me a message.

If you don't see the position you would like listed, or if it is occupied by an NPC please drop us a line - the chances are we can make it available to you (exceptions apply), or create it for your character.

Commander Maritza Soran
Commanding Officer - SB DS5

*Deep Space Five does not acknowledge or follow the timeline where Romulus gets destroyed.
Any references to events pertaining to the 2009 film or sequels will be removed.

Latest News Items

» May awards

Posted on Tue Jun 12, 2018 @ 9:14pm by Commander Maritza Soran in General News

Hello everyone

I want to say a big well done to everyone as DS5 won the Gold Unit of Merit again, and the Task Group commanders award for May.

Extra Kudos goes to Charlie/Alanna, who won player of the month for her clever ideas in character during the action with Svikiri

So keep up the hard work, it's really appreciated.

Live long and prosper

» Server Moves

Posted on Fri Jun 8, 2018 @ 1:35am by Commander Maritza Soran in General News

Hi all

Please be advised that the people who host the website are upgrading their service provider over the upcoming weekend, and changes made to posts won't be saved.

I'm backing up the site now, but any changes made between now and Monday won't be saved. Please do not log onto the site until I give the all clear on Monday.

KInd regards and many thanks

» Monthly Update

Posted on Sat Jun 2, 2018 @ 4:27pm by Commander Maritza Soran in General News

Hey Everyone

Hope you all had a good Whitsun/Memorial Day long weekend. Some quick updates for everyone

Mostly its all big well dones. The April Theta Fleet awards went up and We've won the Gold unit of distiction, the task group award of Merit, and an extra big thumbs up to Matt and Thom who wrote the task force post of the month: Smoothing Differences

Also, Charlie, who plays Alanna Wells, has stuck around for 6 months, and has been doing an awesome job as our Chief Science Officer.

Also, I've heard from Darrell, who plays Gordon Blue, he's having computer issues so may not be able to tag promptly for a few weeks. Please bare with him if you are in a post with him.

Our current mission is drawing to an end, with just one more mission post to go, and then there will be some free posting time to handle fall out. Please be aware that MD08 onward is still closed for other posting until that's finished, but all days before then are still open.

If anyone has thoughts on what they'd like to see in the mext mission, please don't hesitate to share. Also, we haven't done a crews choice award in a while, so please can everyone submit a nomination through the site by the 15th June?

Live Long And Prosper!

» GDPR & Privacy

Posted on Thu May 24, 2018 @ 12:40am by Commander Maritza Soran in General News

Hi all

You probably all know by now that there is new EU data protection/privacy regulation coming into effect that covers people handling the personal data of EU citizens (and the British both before and after Brexit) regardless of where the data handler actually is.

Utopia Host (who host the site) wants every site to put up a privacy policy, so this is a basic version ours, cribbed from Starbase Vanguard, effective from 25th of May. A more detailed version is on the site.


Privacy Policy

Theta Fleet and Deep SPace Five collect only names, e-mail addresses, and the IP address used to register for the forums or for a sim. They are stored onsite for login purposes and to keep characters together under the same email.

This information is not sold or disseminated to third parties. We do not have the capability of gathering any data but that which is used strictly for applying to a sim. We do not harvest data about players, their characters, or anything they do outside of their sims or the fleet site. We do not track players.

When a player joins a sim, they agree to have the character, user name, and email archived on the site. The only people who can access this information are other players. The information will remain on the site until the sim is closed. It will not be searched out, sold to third parties, or posted publicly. We are a forum for text-based role-playing games. Most of the emails used are created specifically for this purpose.

If you are concerned about your data, we suggest you create an email for simming and use a first name only. If you would like to read the complete and legal Theta Fleet statement of the policy simplified here, click this link to go to the exact page on LCARS.

» February Fleet Awards

Posted on Sun Mar 18, 2018 @ 3:07am by Commander Maritza Soran in General News

Hi all

Some really good news. The February fleet awards for Theta Fleet are up, and we won the Gold unit of merit award!

We had a storming February. We averaged over six posts per person across the four weeks, so I want to say a big massive well done to everyone.

Going forward, the next mission post is now under way, so please tag in if you haven't already, and get ready to go head to head with some of the biggest ships in Starfleet.

And keep posting! If anyone needs a JP, you can always ping me a PM, I'm more than happy to help.

Live long & prosper

Latest Mission Posts

» Alterations and opportunities

Mission: Victory Conditions
Posted on Sun Jul 29, 2018 @ 11:33pm by Civilian 'Arrival' Geral Lasuma

[USS Phoenix - Captain's Quarters]

The Phoenix had only just docked with the station after returning from their shakedown cruise than Heather's dress had been delivered and she eagerly tried it on.

The gown was exquisite and the Tholian silk felt absolutely luxurious against her skin. The only problem was…

» Under New Management

Mission: Victory Conditions
Posted on Tue Jul 24, 2018 @ 1:03am by Civilian 'Arrival' Geral Lasuma

Geral Lasuma patiently drank the last of his wine as his private ship entered the docking bay of the Federation station. Under normal circumstances the failure of an employee would have ended in there dismissal but the man that had been running the shop that bore his name had done…

» Delivering Some News

Mission: Victory Conditions
Posted on Fri Jul 6, 2018 @ 8:02pm by Lieutenant Liam Reynolds & Commander Amia Telamon M.D.


Amia was sleeping a lot these days, whenever she could between shifts but this time she had some news she needed to tell to Liam.
=^= Telamon to Lieutenant Reynolds, do you have time to have a coffee? I have some news but it's not urgent at all, so…

» Stitched Up

Mission: Victory Conditions
Posted on Fri Jul 6, 2018 @ 7:01am by Civilian 'Key Holder' Yolanthe Ibalin & Civilian Aleczandra Naqiis-Ryan


Yolanthe was locking up The Box when the hooded girl, and it was obvious to her eyes it was a girl, approached. "We're closed," she said. "There's a few private lounges on the Mile that open late."

“Not looking for a drink or entertainment,” the hooded figure said, her…

» Stepping in to Something Stationary

Mission: Victory Conditions
Posted on Thu Jul 5, 2018 @ 4:38am by Lieutenant JG Lucius & Commander Caleb Ryan


Lucius took a deep breath and tapped the buzzer outside of the Executive Officer's office door. He was nervous, but he was also excited. The station presented a different experience for the older of the twins. He had never served aboard a station. He was more than qualified, or…