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New Mission Coming Soon

Posted on Wed Nov 22, 2017 @ 6:33am by Commander Maritza Soran

Hey everyone

November got off to a steaming start, with loads of posts,
including the progress of the tribunal on MD7, seeing Commander Soran take command on MD 8, and the arrival of the new Science Officer on MD9. You're all doing great so keep it up!

So what comes next? By the end of this month I want to finish the tribunal post, and wrap up the current mission so we can start the new mission at the beginning of December - Victory Conditions

With the Cardassian 127th Tactical Wing of the Sixth Order flexing its muscles close to DS5, Starfleet is going to make its own demonstration, to let the galaxy know about its latest ship developments, and their potential to actively defend the Federation. In a series of exercises and drills of fleet ships, the USS Svikari is trialling a new form of shields and weapons, and her captain is keen to make sure everyone knows just what enemies of the Federation will be dealing with in the future. Can the crew of DS5, acting as adjudicators and coordinators of the exercise, keep the rivalries within the fleet from turning a simulation of war into the real thing? There's just one question...

Do you want to play a game?

Live Long And Prosper!
(Commader Soran)


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