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Welcome to USS Pheonix

Posted on Thu Dec 28, 2017 @ 5:13am by Commander Maritza Soran

Hi all!

An old player of DS5, Chris (who played former Klingon Ambassador, Toran of the House of Moqrhat) has returned!

This time he's leading his own sim, USS Phoenix and its docked at DS5 whilst he's recruiting crew for its maiden voyage.

Chris and his PC, Captain Ricardo Montoya, are available to JP with, (listed under guests on the Fleet Manifest) so please send JP requests his way, and check out his sim!

Live long and Prosper!

p.s Don't forget I'll be closing the Rumours mission on December 31st. Please move all current posts across, either shifting them to the new mission or marking them as back posts.


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Category: General News