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Posted on Tue Feb 6, 2018 @ 2:50am by Commander Maritza Soran

I've processed the monthly report, and I have some awards to announce.

First up, are the long service gongs. These go to:

Matt (Caleb) for 3 years
Myself for 8 years
And finally to Jools (Amia) for an incredible 9 years.

So congratulations to Matt for sticking with us during an awkward time, his contributions have more than kept us going; and to Jools for not having the good sense to quit a long time ago, and keeping us all entertained for such a long long time.

Secondly, the winner of the Crew's Choice was Debs (Liam) who had by far the greatest number of votes, and the reasons people submitted showed that she is invaluable to the life blood of the sim.

There were two other awards this month. The first was a Plot Development Citation for Debs, for her work weaving the various diplomatic threads into the wonderful tangled web we now have. The other is a civilian Commendation for Thom, for his continued portrayal of Raddon, especially the creative post "We Stand With Ryan"

Congratulations to everyone. I love giving out awards, so feel free to send me your nominations for anything you feel is worthy of recognition.

Live Long And Prosper!


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