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Monthly Update

Posted on Sat Jun 2, 2018 @ 4:27pm by Commander Maritza Soran

Hey Everyone

Hope you all had a good Whitsun/Memorial Day long weekend. Some quick updates for everyone

Mostly its all big well dones. The April Theta Fleet awards went up and We've won the Gold unit of distiction, the task group award of Merit, and an extra big thumbs up to Matt and Thom who wrote the task force post of the month: Smoothing Differences

Also, Charlie, who plays Alanna Wells, has stuck around for 6 months, and has been doing an awesome job as our Chief Science Officer.

Also, I've heard from Darrell, who plays Gordon Blue, he's having computer issues so may not be able to tag promptly for a few weeks. Please bare with him if you are in a post with him.

Our current mission is drawing to an end, with just one more mission post to go, and then there will be some free posting time to handle fall out. Please be aware that MD08 onward is still closed for other posting until that's finished, but all days before then are still open.

If anyone has thoughts on what they'd like to see in the mext mission, please don't hesitate to share. Also, we haven't done a crews choice award in a while, so please can everyone submit a nomination through the site by the 15th June?

Live Long And Prosper!


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