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Upcoming Plot Points

Posted on Sat Feb 7, 2015 @ 11:55pm by Captain Isha t'Vaurek

Hey all,

We're deep into MD02 now - we don't quite know how time is flowing - its erratic but as we haven't yet uncovered the Fae we don't know why, if we've even noticed it at all.

You see that lovely planet on the new site image? The one that didn't used to exist? That planet is going to appear overnight as we leave MD02.

Engineering will have their hands full adjusting DS5 from a space station in the middle of no-where, to one in a stable orbit near a planet.

- Everyone else - expect lurching and disruption!

Science will need to get their thinking caps on to investigate where the planet came from - a system that popped 15,000 years ago suddenly returing - we have information that we want to be found at the right time - please confer with the Command Team.

And we will finally catch a fairy - which will call on Security, Intel and Marshals, and I'd say counseling too.

We're mostly covered by PCs, but any NPC volunteers would be welcomed to keep things moving.

That's a few pointers to think about - in the meantime were in MD02 - get your 'Glamour' on!



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