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Awards - OOC Role

Posted on Sun Apr 5, 2015 @ 3:46pm by Captain Isha t'Vaurek

I was mooching around the OF forums earlier and spotted an idea that I think could work for DS5. One of the simms is looking for an 'Awards Director' to manage awards on their sim.

Now, I'd love to get back into the habit of regular awards, but I simply don't have the time to do it myself.

So here is the concept:

"The Awards Director keeps award information up to date and is responsible for maintaining Monthly Awards (Newcomer of the Month, Most Improved, Crew’s Choice, etc). This person will also evaluate the fitness of crewmembers to receive awards and submit nominations to the Command Staff regularly."

All players would still be welcome to submit awards nominations too.

I see this as a great way for someone to get involved on the OOC side, in a way that can only make DS5 a better place to sim.

Please let us know if you're interested.

On behalf of your local, friendly Command Team


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Category: General News