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Posted on Sun Apr 26, 2015 @ 5:59pm by Captain Isha t'Vaurek

Morning All,

Just a reminder in case you haven't yet read the post Emergence - read it now! If your character is onboard DS5 at the time this post occurs, MD03 13:00 you will need to write a reaction. If your character is in the vicinity of DS5 you will need to write a reaction.

I don't usually insist on a reaction post, but the events described in Emergence are monumentally big. Unless your character is off the station I want to see a reaction post.

A bloody great planet and its solar system buddies has just emerged from another dimension. DS5 is being rocked by massive gravitational forces, the whole place is falling apart, we are trying to move DS5, and an evacuation has been called. There is panic, injury ... if you can't write something for your character you need to ask yourself why you are here.

So, I want EVERYONE is not involved in the Emergence JP and its follow up to write their reaction to these events. This is not optional.

On behalf of your local, friendly Command Team


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Category: General News