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Monthly Memo

Posted on Sat Feb 13, 2016 @ 5:00pm by Captain Isha t'Vaurek
Edited on Sun Feb 14, 2016 @ 3:39pm

Good Morning Deep Space Fivers,

Awards & Promotions

Thanks everyone for a brilliant January - a post count of 63 from a team of eleven is no mean feat, doubly so with everyone meeting the minimum posting requirement.

Once Isha is back in the big chair there are a few extremely well deserved promotions to be handed out.

We've a handful of sim awards pending so don't forget, if you want to nominate someone for an award head on over to the Awards Page and recognise your fellow players for the very special crew that they are.

Please nore we are issuing awards on an ad hoc rather than a monthly basis, so feel free to nominate at any time. I'll aim to process the awards at least once a quarter.

Oh, and we've won a bronze award from OF, the first one we've had since July 2015.


The aim now is to get the diplomatic summit wrapped up in February and resolve ownership of the Pangaea system. Once that is done, and Isha back in the 'driving seat' we'll make a move into a new mission provisionally titled 'On the Verge of Truth'. The current summary: Evidence of war crimes committed during the Dominion War is revealed. The location of the trial, Deep Space Five.

At the same time the Pangaea exploration and settlement project will get underway as a subplot or just in the background.

Please let us know if you have a sub-plot you'd like to throw into the mix for this one - we'll come up with a few anyway to keep those not involved with the trial busy - I'm thinking something light and fun to contrast with all the seriousness we've had recently.


We've got another potential new player who is developing their bio at the moment. They're looking at joining us as a medical officer, so watch this space.

For some reason I am unable to post on it seems to be something to do with my browser settings but I've tried pretty much everything I can think of. If someone would be kind enough to volunteer to post our ad there that would be extremely helpful. Drop me a PM and I'll send you the ad.

Other Stuff

There's an open discussion going on at the moment on the OF forums around how activity and participation there can be increased. If anyone is interested or has any ideas about how things can be improved please head on over there and join in.

Captain Isha t'Vaurek
On behalf of your local, friendly Command Team


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