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Pangaea Timeline (Partial)

Posted on Sat May 7, 2016 @ 3:51pm by Commander Caden Aldrex

Here's the timeline of events going as far back as Mission Day 7 (MD07). I made this using a timeline of Notty's as a jumping off point. Some of it is her work too (Thanks, Notty). Forgive the poor formatting and other errors. This has been an almost all-day job (at one point I lost three hours of work) and as I write this I'm pretty tired. Hopefully it will help those of you who need a bearings check.

For posts that didn't have a time stamp I assigned them one. There may still be small continuity errors here and there but I tried to make everything fit as best I could.

Many great posts from this group of players. Hats off to your writing talents.

MD07 0300 Sleaze Airways - Yolanthe finds transport to go to Verex III and track down Torm

MD07 0600 Heave Ho, Theives and Beggars - Yolanthe meets Ricardo Drax and gets the tour whilst her Doorman cheefully contributes his share to her costs

MD07 1300 Familiarity breeds contempt? (Part 1) - Liam has a session with Noelle. As a former counsellor, he finds this difficult

MD07 1300 Familiarity breeds contempt? (Part 2) - Liam explores issues around his kidnapping to the Mirror Universe

MD07 1700 Treatment - Amia begins on her treatment for Caleb's wounded leg

MD08 1430 A Matter of Station Security - Si'Lar Trellis tells Cade Aldrex about Aleczandra's symbiont

MD08 1445 The Boys Are Back in Town - Cade helps Liam move a piano. They talk about guy stuff.

MD08 1500 Revealing One's Hand - Tuvan and D'Aerrol forge a backroom alliance between Romulus and Cardassia.

MD08 1900 New Doctor - Caleb Ryan meets Dr. Opal Oliver. The attraction between them is immediate.

MD08 2145 Reunion - Amia's old friend Sigrun arrives on DS5

MD08 1100 After Action Report - Si'Lar Trellis is aghast that Caleb Ryan plans to release the Ferengi with an apology.

MD09 1700 Haul Together - Yolanthe prepares for her trip to the slave market of Verex III. Draxx calls in his second payment and is not impressed

MD09 1715 With the keys to the cage (part 1)- Yolanthe finds out who Klia was sold to, and for how much

MD09 1800 With the keys to the cage (part 2)- Yolanthe finds out where Torm is, but her prescence has attracted some attention she didn't want

MD09 1830 With the Keys to the Cage (part 3) - Draxx and his crew save Yolanthe from trouble

MD09 1857 That Friday Feeling - Dr. Amoran and Peridot Quirm socialize in the Box of Delights.

MD09 1900 Silent Night - Rhe'la observes an old tradition

MD09 2000 Diplomatic Soiree (3 Parts) - The Great and the Good arrive for the meet and greet to discuss Pangea; Gabriel demonstrates the dangers of Betazoids to Melvyn Raddon; Caleb sees a side of Opal Oliver he hadn't appeciated; Turvan accuses Raddon of Murder; A klingon tells Dorian he smells funny and nearly provokes a war. And that was just the first five minutes

MD09 2100 The Colour of Money - An arms dealer named Orson makes Draxx an offer for Yolanthe

MD09 2100 Arsonist's Lullaby - Klia and another harem girl named Adriel endure some debasement in order to get bigger plans rolling

MD09 2300 Blood from a Trill Part 1 - Alexandra Naquis Rayan is bodyjacked by previous host Juheni who seduced Ahjess Denn

MD09 2300 The Vedek Arrives - Krell Antos arrives

MD09 2330 Warm for the rest of his life - Klia's attempt to kill Torm doesn't go as planned

MD10 0220 Blood from a Trill Part 2- Aleczandra/Juheni and Dabo Boy Ahjess have sex. Then she drugs him and steals samples of his blood.

MD10 0400 Scrubbed Raw - Aleczandra struggles with the voices in her head. She shuns her father's attempts to reach out and leaves angry.

MD10 0600 Welcome Wagon - Peridot Quirm greets new arrivals Zayna Malik and Annora Tessaro and gives them an informal briefing on things.

MD10 0800 Securing the Future - Zayna Malik has a get-to-know-you meeting with Caleb Ryan.

MD10 1120 Recon - Rianni runs into trouble while trying to gather information about Klia in the Verex III slave market. She also frees some slaves.

MD10 1200 Which Pagh-th? - Civilian Alana ruminates on her encounter with Vedek Krell Antos

MD10 1400 Others Sail On The Sea (part 1) - Draxx tells Yolanthe that he's going to sell her to criminal mastermind Torm

MD10 1410 Others Sail On The Sea (part 2) - Draxx and his crew make plans with Yolanthe to rescue Klia

MD10 1420 Others Sail on The Sea (Part 3) - Draxx and Yolanthe fight and argue as they prepare to beam her down to Torm's planet

MD10 1430 And the Devil to Pay - Draxx visits Torm to trade Yolanthe for Klia but it all goes wrong and Yolanthe becomes a prisoner too.

MD10 1500 One step forward, two steps back - Part 1 - Draxx takes a call from Orson to discuss his next steps.

MD10 1530 Busted - Rianni's quest is halted by her old mentor Col. Carlov, but she gets away with valuable information about Torm

MD10 1609 Escape? As If. - It is revealed that Col. Carlov plans to use Rianni as a means of taking out Torm and his criminal empire

MD10 1628 We're in This Together, Whether You Like it or Not - Col. Carlov leads a raid to capture one of Torm's associates. It gets bloody. She sends warning to Rianni.

MD10 1630 Another Anonymous Tip - Gregori Monteros shares intel with DS5 about the slave trafficking network.

MD10 1900 Wherever we will, we'll roam - Yolanthe escapes from her room to find Klia. She runs into Adriel.

MD10 1900 Bound Her in Bones - Torm takes pleasure in torturing Klia.

MD10 1930 Bearer of Bad News - Rianni's parents find out about her nuptials (they had no idea) and seek her whereabouts.

MD10 1930 Never Shall We Die (Part 1) - Yolanthe and Adriel rescue Klia from the torture room.

MD10 1930 Never Shall We Die (Part 2) - Yolanthe, Klia, and Adriel fight to escape Torm's compound. Adriel is killed.

MD10 1930 Never Shall We Die (Part 3) - Yolanthe and Klia are recaptured after a vicious fight. Torm asks for a pistol to execute them.

MD10 2000 Set Your Sails for Home (Part 1) - Rianni flies a fighter to rescue Klia and Yolanthe and runs into SAMs.

MD10 2000 Set Your Sails for Home (Part 2) - Klia kills Torm. Rianni has them beamed up to the Diana's Arrow.

MD10 2000 Set Your Sails for Home (Part 3)- Rianni uses her fighter's warp core to seal a subspace tear. Diana's Arrow escapes.

MD10 2030 One step forward, two steps back - Part 2 - Draxx visits the ruins of Torm's estate, steals some files, and 'liberates' Squink.

MD10 2030 Patchwork - Yolanthe's and Klia's injuries are treated by a delightful doctor nicknamed "Superbitch."

MD10 2200 Liam and Mort's Big Night Out - Liam and Sir Mortimer entertain Ambassador Qinee at the Lotus Lounge.

MD11 0230 Albedo - A burlesque dancer named Charis is murdered on the Promenade by something unseen.

MD11 0300 Responding Force - A security team begins investigating the murder and detects a bio-electric field around the body.

MD11 0800 The End of the Beginning - Yolanthe and Klia do some catching up while they recover.

MD11 1100 May the Prophets Welcome You - Liam pays an official visit to Ambassador Krell Antos.

MD11 1130 Lodging a Formal Complaint - Turvan protests the construction of a Bajoran temple on embassy row.

MD11 1130 Silent Witness - Amia conducts an autopsy of the murder victim while Caleb Ryan observes.

MD11 1300 In the Middle of Next Week - Maritza Soran wakes up with an entire week missing from her memory.

MD11 1400 Do We Not Worship the Same Gods - Kivan Ta'Gas finds himself drawn to the Bajoran temple but resists exploring his mother's faith for now.

MD11 1500 For the Night is Dark and Full of Terrors - In session with Noelle, Liam talks about his dreams, his brother, the Purification Society, and other subjects.

MD11 1500 Tholian Arrival - The Tholian delegation arrives but is in no hurry to dock at the station.

MD11 1530 Divided Loyalties - Rhe'la broods over how to make a home for her nomadic people on Pangaea.

MD11 1550 Spiritual Advice - Rhe'la seeks advice from Krell Antos.

MD11 1630 Diplomacy 101 - Rhe'la talks to Liam about her idea. He agrees to help but makes no promises.

MD11 1730 Necessary Evil - Maritza attends a counseling session with Noelle, who heavily restricts her duty clearance.

MD11 1830 The Set-Up - Cade convinces Sigrun to go out with Liam once

MD11 1830 Tastier Prey - Security Crewman Zervos is killed by the same entity that killed Charis.

MD11 1900 Æfvadh? - Ambassador D'Aerrol pays a courtesy visit to Isha that quickly turns antagonistic.

MD11 1900 Dinner Date (Part 1) - Liam meets Thereen Tera for a date at the Bajoran Gardens.

MD11 2000 Dinner Date (Part 2) - The date goes well, but Tera warns Liam that being seen with her might be bad for his rep.

MD11 2030 Field Repairs - Rhe'la marvels at a jury-rigged repair job deep within the station's plasma system.

MD11 2100 Human & Romulan Interests - Melvyn Raddon calls D'Aerrol to negotiate and discuss common interests and cooperation.

MD11 2100 Dinner Date (Part 3) - Liam goes to Tera's place for tea and…stuff.

MD11 2200 Whiskey Is Not The Only Strong Spirit - Krell Antos converses with Bajoran barkeep Rosh Pelin, invites him to temple.

MD12 0050 A Sight for Sore Eyes - Rianni visits with Klia and they make plans for when they get back to the station.

MD12 0300 Differing Views - Trellis has a confrontation with Dorian Gabriel on the Promenade.

MD12 0800 Welcome to the Team - Annora Tessaro has a get-to-know-you chat with Caleb Ryan.

MD12 0900 A Terran Inquisition - Tessaro and Malik visit Raymond Raddon to ask what he knows about abuse of non-human species on the station.

MD12 1000 The Summit (Part 1) - The various powers gather to discuss Pangaea. The atmosphere of comity quickly dissolves.

MD12 1000 The Summit (Part 2) - More debate. Liam concludes the proceedings by announcing his plan to take them to Pagaea.

MD12 1030 One vs. One - Liam and Maekhav D'Aerrol have a brief conversation after the summit.

MD12 1100 Before You Pull the Trigger - Sir Mortimer has a drink with the Klingon Ambassador as he tries to head off an armed confrontation.

MD12 1620 Blue & Gold - Annora Tessaro reports to Amia for a checkup.

MD12 1800 My Head Hurts! - Liam visits Amia in sickbay to follow up on a tumor she had removed from his brain a couple of years before.

MD12 2100 A Field Trip? - Liam consults with Cade to plan a visit to Pangaea for the ambassadors

MD12 2100 Dirty Deals, Not Dirt Cheap - Arms dealer Caila D'Liin concludes a business transaction with Cardassian patriot T'shar Dokarr.

MD12 2115 Security Detail - Liam visits Caleb Ryan to request a security detail for the Pangaea trip.

MD12 2140 A Second Pair of Eyes - Liam asks Noelle to go on the away team to Pangaea

MD13 0800 Salt in an Open Wound - Isha gets a threatening message from Dorian Gabriel

MD13 0920 The Summit Day 2 - prior to take off - Liam discusses the Pangaea itinerary with Amia, Noelle, and Sir Mortimer.

MD13 1100 The summit - Planetside Part 1 - The diplomatic away team arrives on Pangaea.

MD13 1100 The summit - Planetside Part 2 - They set up camp. Rusalka appears, speaking of a Successor. Then Eviess appears.

MD13 1100 Roasting Marshmallows (Part 1) - Eviess is still among them but doesn't say much. Liam and Noelle discuss their thoughts on her.

MD13 1100 Roasting Marshmallows (Part 2) - A storm hits and the group takes refuge in a cave. In a blink they are all transported deeper underground.

MD13 1130 Creepy Crawlies (Part 1) - A Guardian sends Liam, Annora, Voskene, and others through a tunnel and to another world.

MD13 1130 Sticks and Stones (Part 1) - A Guardian sends Amia, Noelle, Qinee, and others to an entirely different world

MD13 1130 Deals and Compromises (Part 1) - Turvan, Malik, Toq Qua'lon, and others find themselves on a planet where they are instantly made prisoners.

MD13 1145 Creepy Crawlies (Part 2) - Liam and company find themselves on a planet where intelligent insects hunt and eat primitive humanoids.

MD13 1145 Sticks and Stones (Part 2) - Amia, Noelle, and company find themselves on a planet ravaged by war. Amia tries to help and is assaulted.

MD13 1215 Creepy Crawlies (Part 3) - The insectoids of the F'Aulan Imperium send Liam's group back after wounding one of them.

MD15 1100 Quickie Divorce - D'Liin and his people board the Diana's Arrow. Rianni is badly injured in the ensuing fight. D'Liin is killed.

MD15 1117 This Can't Be Happening - Rianni's prospects for survival look grim.

MD15 1120 Dead or Alive… - Rianni meets a friend from long ago while Klia asks her not to die.

MD15 1800 A promise is a promise ... - Draxx's cohorts visit the Box of Delights to drop off Yolanthe's share of the latinum.

MD16 0130 Late Night Visitors - Klia and Gregori Monteros talk and keep vigil at Rianni's bedside.

MD16 0240 Survivor's Vendetta - Xiona, a survivor of Torm's shattered organization, plans revenge against Col. Carlov.

MD16 1100 Cold Cases - Yolanthe brings Klia to Caleb Ryan for a statement. He offers to put her up at his place temporarily.

MD16 1500 Sisarukset? - Draxx checks into a hotel to lay low. Finds out Orson may be his brother.

MD16 1800 Home Sweet Home - Yolanthe returns to the Box of Delights and catches up on some of the things she missed.

MD16 1900 Job Interview - Zoe comes to Yolanthe looking for work.'


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