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More New Blood!

Posted on Sun Jan 18, 2015 @ 7:29pm by Captain Isha t'Vaurek

Please extend a warm DS5 welcome to our new influx of characters! It must be word of mouth that is attracting them which is a great reflection on the work you're all doing here!

Keep it up!

Introducing ...

Lieutenant Commander Caleb Ryan - Chief of Security
Lieutenant Kyle "Loki" Carter - 327th SFG Commander
Captain Tam "Demon" Haican - 327th Bravo Assault Wing Commander

And returning to DS5 ...

Lieutenant Saria Rex - Chief Science Officer

All experienced players! I hope they like what we do here and decide to stay!

If anyone is lost for ideas please contact me, Bert or Notty and we'll find a way to get you writing.


On behalf of your local, friendly Command Team


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