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New Mission! Rumours

Posted on Thu Sep 15, 2016 @ 4:40pm by Civilian 'Key Holder' Yolanthe Ibalin

Hey Everyone

Next week we will be starting the new mission, Rumours, where a trip through a fae portal has consequences for international relations, with starfleet staff on trial for war crimes.

The first post will involve an away team going through one of the fae portals, and we'd like everyone to be involved, We obviously want scientists and security, so if you don't have a character that would normally go on an away team, feel free to come up with an NPC from those departments.

The mission will take place about two weeks after the end of Interlude. Day 3 will be the final day of that mission, and we will be closing it for new posts.

Pangaea will have been opened for exploration and investigation after that, with the main settlement being the base cap established at the ruins of a huge building complex that has been named the Spiral Castle. (

The temple caves, the portal cavern complex and the smaller of the two main landmasses are declared off limits In Character. Anyone who wishes to explore these areas needs to consult the Command team OOC, so we can ensure that you meet all the right guardians.

More details on Pangaea can be found here:

We're also going to be continuing our experiments with how we manage sim time, and this time we're going the other way, and going to open several days at a time. The open days will be showing in the mission notes.

As always, if anyone has any ideas for plots or sub plots, please let the command team know, and watch your inboxes for our new all player JP early next week!

(Yolanthe/Martiza Soran)


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