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Lieutenant JG Zayna Malik

Name Zayna Malik

Position Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 1.75m
Weight 70Kg
Hair Color White
Eye Color Green (Cybernetic)
Physical Description Short white hair, bright green cybernetic eyes rest in a strongly angular face of a woman born blind and with a spine that could not support herself. Named an ornament believed to be never fully capable to stand on her own, yet thanks to a complex external spine structure and sheer power of will she stands strong and her eyes see far more than anyone else could even dream off. The adoring angel became a fighter and one sooner feared than loved.

The external spine runs over her back with support elements above, below and on the side of the chest and below on the hips. Generally hidden beneath clothing though it shows through the uniforms, of duty her outfit choices show it more clearly.


Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview A fighter to the core, nothing in life came easy and everything has been hard fought for she cannot stand those who just ride a wave to the top without putting in the blood sweat and tears. She is however not a raw brute, violence and force are merely some of the tools in her box and she only uses them as they are needed.

What truly makes her who she is however is the raw determination she has, not situation cannot be overcome even if all hope seems to be lost she keeps not hope, but a simple believe in that the solution is always there. Hope is for those unwilling or unable to overcome something on their own she states often enough.
Strengths & Weaknesses Her life depends on her artificial spine without it her real one will simply collapse leaving her paralyzed if not death instantly. It can only be removed safely for service if she lies down flat and is completely locked down and unable to move. Because the unit needs to keep her real spine within certain limits it lacks the flexibility of the real thing which might be able to take a bit more abuse and bend without breaking. As a result the force has to go somewhere else in her body which can cause damage otherwise not sustained.

Her eyes are a marvel of engineering, capable of incredible detail in any sort of light and picking up waves invisible to the normal eye. The downside is that it is a lot of information to process which results in a near permanent headache until someone can figure out a means to stop them.

There will however always be the one thing that lingers in her mind, gaining respect from those who should have given it to her from day 1 and not having received this means she will often take risks above what should be normal in order to earn it at least from those whom she respects herself.

Due her condition she did not experience much of the free and careless social live in her teen years and to this day she remains a bit stiff and awkward in social situations even though she does enjoy them once she can break through this layer.
Ambitions She wants to look her parents in the eyes and see that they are proud of her and respect the woman she became instead of remaining a stain on the family name.
Hobbies & Interests She is always training, mentally and physically. It can be anything from a session in the gym to a tactical scenario on the holodeck or a game of chess in the lounge.

There is however a hobby she does not speak about unless asked, she is a master engraver and there is little she owns which can be engraved and is not, even her combadge is home to some old Earth runes.

Personal History Born on Alpha centauri from an affluent family she came to the world early, blind and as good as made no difference spineless, the fact she survived birth was a miracle on it’s own. However to her parents she was a stain, not perfect as the family legacy demanded, they took care of her as was needed and ensured her needs were met, but they did not give her the love a child desires and so she grew up in a silent and ever dark world. Her caretakers became her family and from their stories she learned the world and from those stories she grew the strength needed to overcome the limitation of nature itself. She demanded vision when she was 5 years old and it was granted to her during some highly complex surgery she would for the first time be able to see and she would see in a way no story had ever described to her.

A metal support was made for her back to allow her to move abouts on her own strength, though it severely limited her movement, still she saw it as a wish granted and by the age of 7 she would go to school for the first time instead of being home schooled. Still she was not allowed to run or take part in sports, her spine could be put under load. She looked into ways to cure her spine, but no doctor has the means to safely do something about it. So as the years grew on she moved away from the medical field and looked at engineering to bring her the solution. She used her smarts and many hours spent on studies to get to talk to some people she believed could help until she finally came across Lucious Icran. A designed of many of the best prosthetic limbs he was willing to take up the challenge to design an external spine for Zayna that would take away her current limitations.

Such challenges are not done overnight and Zayna kept at her studies nearing the end of those and approaching adulthood she had come a long way from a motionless and blind child. On the day of her graduation she receives the the final piece of the puzzle to make her as normal she can be. Lucious finally managed to craft the simplicity out of complexity for her spine. With this piece in place she can finally work out and do sports which is the very thing she did for the next year of her live to build up muscle and to train on how to use them.

A year later, now 19 years old she signs up for starfleet academy for if she can make it out there, she surely can proof to her family that she is no stain on their name. However getting into the academy is no easy job and she only barely manages to scrape by and get her pass to Earth and a new future. Away from home she blossoms slightly, she goes out with other cadets in the evening and she learns to live life to the fullest, if not a bit too much to the fullest. Still despite a few setbacks and troubles she keeps going, not top of the class material, but good enough to become a worthwhile officer in the fleet. Graduating an ensign she is shipped off as a security officer to Deep Space 7.

Security assignments to big stations are pretty much a police job nothing glamorous in it, but no shame in it either and hence it fitted perfectly well with the background of Zayna. Assigned to the lounge decks on the graveyard shift she and 3 others were the only security officers to keep the nightclub traffic in line and keep a fun atmosphere. As the months grew by she became a well known face known to be fair and turn a blind eye after a slap on the wrist for a first time minor offense. At the same time she was swift and brutal with those who truly sought to cause trouble and she had little respect to those who rolled up drunk and would without much ceremony toss them in the brig to sleep it off. After 2 years she got her first promotion in rank and also duty assignment now in charge of customs during the beta shift she got to put her abilities to read people to use best she could. A mix of scanning IDs and boarding ships to check for contraband the work was clearly a step up though she did miss the comradery of her first assignment. Of course dealing with customs also meant dealing with the criminal elements and while most were smart enough to either hide well enough or just surrender when their contraband was found some took to violence in desperation, in one case nearly leading to the death of a young ensign under her command. A moment which made the reality of the job sink in.

After 3 years on the job she was offered a spot onboard a prometheus class vessel the USS Valkyrie. While the work would be a bit more dull on a ship it was a promotion in status mainly and she took it. Onboard the Valkyrie she learned that she would be wearing a couple of hats as the situation demanded. Her customs background put her in the investigations team and her personal training in tactical scenarios also put her in the tactical seat specially during multi vector assault mode times. The times action was needed however were limited and she started to regret taking a seat onboard a ship, to someone in her position there was simply not enough going on and after lasting for 4 years she filed for a transfer hoping to get an assignment where she could actually do something.
Service Record 2378-2382 [Cadet] Starfleet Academy
2382-2387 [Ensgin-Lt. Jg.] [Security Officer] Deep Space 7
2387-2391 [Lieutenant Jg.] [Security Investigation Officer and Tactical Officer] USS Valkyrie
2391-current [Lieutenant Jg.] [Security Officer] Deep Space 5

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