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Ensign Korudos th'Razh

Name Korudos th'Razh

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5
Weight 214 lbs
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Korudos stands at six feet five inches tall with slicked back silver hair is normally kept short and clean and his black eyes are often considered deep like onyx when described by his friends. The mid thirties Andorian tries his very best to stay in shape through rock climbing, a hobby he has loved for many years, as well as the practice of Kharakom.

Hidden by his duty uniform or off duty clothing Korudos has a large scar that travels the length of his right shoulder; an old wound from a climbing accident on Andoria as a child.


Spouse Krotus ch'Karrith/Mako sh'Vannis/Shola zh'Rhun
Children Shras ch'Karrith and Variazh th'Karrith
Father Tolin ch'Razh/Ashrer th'Vhaarith
Mother Dr. Tara sh'Chen/Evrytti zh'Tikket
Brother(s) Thirishar th'Razh
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Open minded and always curious, Korudos is an explorer at heart albeit a quite one at times. Always ready to step forth into the unknown or search for answers when none seem possible he comes off at times a driven and determined man seeking knowledge amongst the unknown.
Strengths & Weaknesses Disciplined and quick on his feet and with his mind, Korudos is a dependable and loyal Stafleet officer who never needs to be second guessed on decisions. While his species can be known for their temper and heated passion at times, th'Razh is an example of an officer who tries to reach beyond and allows his words to speak first before actions. On an academic side Korodus is well rounded in the sciences however he excels in his major which was Exobiology as well as astronomy and exoarcheology.

On the flip side however, Korudos' has a stoic nature which can sometimes make him difficult to work with because you never know exactly what he is thinking until he speaks. But most who have worked with him also know better than to worry about his outside demeanor because when needed Korudos has always stepped up and made his thoughts and feelings very apparent.
Ambitions To eventually move into the command chain and be apart of an exploration team in the Gamma Quadrant.
Hobbies & Interests Despite being a rather intelligent man devoted to the sciences, Korudos is also a lover of history and the political science behind intergalactic conflict. He has always been known amongst his fellow crew for his collection of ancient alien weapons, his quarters can sometimes be described as almost like a mini museum filled with the weapons and other alien artifacts. Korudos also enjoy running mountain climbing programs in the holodeck and practicing Kharakom

Personal History Korudos was born on Andoria Prime to a very prominent and powerful military family on April 11, 2360. Korudos’ seed father Tolin ch'Razh, was a Force Commander in the Andorian Military and had been serving them for over 25 years. Thus Korudos was brought up in a very strict and moderated household where it was expected that he follow in the footsteps of his father. However, growing up he had different ideas and from the age of 8 would consistently go off exploring the mountains that covered the planet often leaving his parents worried and his father more so upset.

As Korudos grew older though and saw the disappointment in his father’s eyes he could not continue to bare it much longer and decided one summer when he was 16 to go and spend the time with his Father in the military. That summer and for the next year Korudos learned all that it took to be an officer in the Andorian military just by shadowing his father’s steps. It was also during this time that he met a young female officer name Shola and began to try and court her. Little did he know that another male officer had already begun attempting to court Shola and thus resulted in the fellow male officer challenging Korudos to Ushaan. Korudos remained calm and focused through the match even after suffering a large cut to his left forearm and eventually was able to slice off both antennas from his challenger. Given the chance to take his life Korudos did not and instead left at the end of the week for home.

Once home Korudos secluded himself into the solitude of his bedroom for over a week as he contemplated what it was that he really wanted to do with his life. He focused on his childhood and his dreams and every time he closed his eyes the memories of climbing the Andorian Ice Mountains and wanting to learn about everything that made it up, the memories becoming vivid pictures in his head again. A few days after the week had past Korudos went off to a local bar where he ran into a childhood friend; Skron ch'Brak. Skron had left a year earlier for Starfleet Academy on Earth and immediately the two began to talk. After Korudos told him all that had happened and how he just longed to be away from his father's grip and lead the life of an explorer like he did in the mountains Skron suggested he send in his application for Starfleet Academy. Korudos thanked him and after spending a few more hours drinking and catching up, he left for home.

After spending the whole night contemplating the slap in the face a move like this might make to his father but also keeping in mind his father viewed him as a coward already for not killing his fellow Andorian Korudos decided it was time to live his own dreams. He sent in his application for Starfleet Academy and was accepted. The day he received his communiqué letting him know of his acceptance was a happy day for Korudos and he chose to tell his brother (an art major at the prestigious Andorian Art Institute) his shen mother. Both were pleased that he was going to do something for himself and enjoy it, however his seed father was not. After a long argument that night Korudos packed his bags and the next day he left Andoria for Earth; his father swearing him off, disowning him, and threatening him that they would never speak again.

At the age of twenty eight Korudos was reached out to by Shola, and she begged for Korudos to put his past behind him and return to Andor to perform his duty to his people and to those he had bonded with before leaving Andor. The group was considered nearing well past their prime for the Shelthreth, and with a declining population Korudos realized he had a moral obligation, even if it took him nearly six months to come to the decision. Starfleet however had assigned the Tecumesh to a deep space patrol of the Beta Quadrant and would not agree to the leave request forcing the Andorian science officer to resign, something his Captain and the staff regretted. Ten months later a pair of twins were born to the bond mates, Shras ch'Karrith and Variazh th'Karrith. For the next three years Korudos remained on Andor, helping to raise the children alongside their seed father and Shola. Their shen mother was a diplomatic attache who traveled quite often and was not often around.

But in early 2392 Korudos began to also feel the tug at his heart to return to space, to Starfleet. With a letter of recommendation from the Captain of the Tecumesh as well as the Yellowstone Korudos was reinstated as an Ensign and assigned immediately to Deep Space Five where a need for a Chief Science Officer had arisen.
Service Record 2378 – Enters Starfleet Academy
2381- Serves one year aboard the USS Al Mahdi
2382 – Graduates Starfleet Academy (7th in class)
2382 – USS Yellowstone – Ensign; Exobiology Officer

2384 – Promoted to Lieutenant JG
2385 – Named Gamma Shift Bridge Science Officer
2387- Participates in away mission on Arloff IX, given citation of merit

2390 – USS Tecumesh - Promoted to Lieutenant; Assistant Chief Science Officer
2390 - Resigns commission and returns to Andor to complete the Shelthreth with his Bondmates

2392 - Reinstated in Starfleet, assigned rank of Ensign
2392 - Deep Space Five - Assigned as Chief Science Officer

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