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Commander Amia Telamon

Name Amia Telamon M.D.

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Commander

Purple Heart

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Ba'Ku
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 128
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Amia is 30 yrs old and has long red-auburn hair, green eyes and has a small coloured henna art in a celtic pattern in the shape of a dragon’s wings set on either side of her spine in the small of her back, with it’s head to the left and it’s tail to the right.


Spouse Caden (Telamon) Aldrex
Children none
Father Unknown Starfleet Officer
Mother Rayenne Soren
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None declared

Personality & Traits

General Overview Born with a happy disposition, Amia changed radically when her mother died just after her 16th birthday from a ‘curable’ disease. She became resentful and felt betrayed by her community’s belief that rejects advanced technology and which resulted in there being insufficient advanced medical care to save her mother. Even now, some 12 yrs on, she can still be cynical and withdrawn. She cares deeply, can be emotional but is well practised at hiding this. She retains her childlike sense of fun somewhere underneath her established social ‘defence shields’ but she is slow to trust.
Strengths & Weaknesses Amia, being of partial Ba’ku origin is able to slow time to a very short ‘freeze-frame’ situation that she can hold for a few seconds only. She uses it to preserve life and keep the peace and it has helped her to achieve her current level of rank and success in Security.

Having been brought up on the Ba’ku homeworld, Amia needs some metaphasic radiation balancing in order to survive out of her natural habitat without becoming ill. Being half human means that the amount of radiation she needs is very low, but when she first left Ba’ku in search of her father, she presented at a Federation station in a state of near collapse, suffering from symptoms that were diagnosed and treated, and now she wears a low-grade metaphasic-radiation-emitter on her person which keeps her system balanced and healthy. If the technology advances she has been shown plans of an implant that will replace this, subject to its full and successful development in the near future.
Ambitions Amia was impressed by the Federation when her life was saved and also knew that her missing father had been a Starfleet Officer, so it seemed natural to her to enlist into the Academy. She would dearly love to find her father but knows too little about him to hope that she actually will. She has made Starfleet her life, having no other ties.
Hobbies & Interests Hoverball
Parris' squares
Hiking and Climbing
Amia speaks Ba'Ku, Son'a and Federation Standard.

Personal History Amia was born on Ba’ku in 2353 to Rayenne Soren, a Ba’ku woman who fell in love with a Terran Federation Officer stationed briefly on the Ba’ku Homeworld as a diplomatic envoy. When he left, it was too soon to know that he was leaving Rayenne pregnant and although he had promised to keep in contact, she never heard from him again. Unaware whether her lover had simply abandoned her, or if he had been killed or detained somewhere, Rayenne never gave up on his return and told her daughter many affectionate tales of her father and his ‘Federation’ creating something of hero-worship in the little girl.

Rayenne took ill with an infection soon after Amia’s 16th birthday, and due to the community’s beliefs that rejected all advanced technology, she died. Feeling betrayed and bereaved by the beliefs of the community she had grown up in, Amia smuggled aboard a supply vessel and left the Homeworld in a rather naive search of a better life and to also look for her father if he was ‘out there’ somewhere.

She found Starfleet and its Doctors at the first stop the supply vessel made, which was opportune as she was in trouble without the metaphasic radiation of her home planet, but diagnosed, cured and fitted with a low-pulse limited-field emitter, she recovered and insisted she was 19 and old enough to enlist.

When she arrived on Earth it was discovered that she was not as old as she claimed to be, but due to her violent objection to being returned to Ba’ku and as it was confirmed that her story was true of having a mother who had recently died and a Starfleet father who had impregnated her mother and then abandoned her, Admiral Stephens, in charge of Amia’s case, judged that an exception could be made. Amia was made a ward of the Federation and required to finish her schooling for 2 years before being given free choice to enrol at the Academy course when she was 18.

After some time aboard the USS Illustrious which then was refitted and renamed the USS Nimitz, Amia met and fell in love with a Starfleet Officer of her own, much in the image that she imagined her father must have been like, although she never knew him, like any little girl, she had listened to her mother's stories about him and formed her own impression of what he must (to her mind) have been like.

Amia's love interest was a Pilot and Helmsman when she met him and he was all she believed an officer and a gentleman should be. After a beautiful romance the couple married and moved together to DS5 to start a new life as husband and wife. Amia could not have been more overjoyed.
Service Record On graduation from the Academy aged 22, Ensign Soren was offered a posting on the USS Partheon in 2377, beginning as a Junior Medical Officer and made her way up through the department, transferring to the USS Inspiration in ’79. Working hard to achieve a promotion to Lt. (jg), she was appointed Assistant Chief Medical Officer in 2380.

Her current application for Chief Medical Officer on the USS Illustrious is born out of her desire to prevent other people like her mother dying un-necessarily. She has dedicated her whole life to her career in Medicine ever since she found herself totally alone and alienated at the age of 16. She considers Starfleet and her mentor, Admiral Paul Stephens, to be her only ‘family’.

2390 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, 3rd Officer

2390 -Transferred to USS Nimitz after decommissioning of USS Illustrious

Amia married Joined Trill Lt Cmdr Caden Aldrex in 2390 when she has took on his family name of Telamon and having recently been given orders from Starfleet to transfer to DS5, he too has found a new job as Executive Officer on the Station.

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