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Lieutenant JG Andrus Grax

Name Andrus Grax

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid / Human
Age 47

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 167 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Not physically imposing, but very fit and deceptively strong. Grax's brown often has a 'messy' look to it, often accompanied by stylised facial hair. Due to his half-human heritage, Grax's pupils are not the black generally seen in Betazoids. Enjoys variety and will often wear uniform variants, just because he can.


Father Unknown
Mother Azuma Grax
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Grax's experiences have forced him to survive and thus to adopt that mentality. He backs himself to make the right decisions and, as a result, often comes across as cocky and brash.
Strengths & Weaknesses Over the years, Grax has established himself as an excellent strategist, solid in hand-to-hand combat and a good diplomat. Supremely confident in his own abilities, occasionally Grax can believe that he is 'untouchable' and his overconfidence will place him in danger. Grax inherited his mother's empathic abilities and is not above using them to serve his own purposes. Even without his empathic abilities, however, he is a good judge of character and has a keen eye for talent. He is a recovering alcoholic and has developed an addiction to caffeine to compensate.
Ambitions To makes amends for a number of his past mistakes by making his Starfleet career the best that it can be. One day, he hopes to reach the rank of Admiral, citing that sometimes Starfleet's brass are only the 'squeaky clean' ones and that someone with his background could bring a lot of experience to the role.
Hobbies & Interests Practicing various forms of martial arts; tinkering with technology and weapons; listening to jazz; reading biographies and planetary history.

Langauges Spoken: Federation Standard; Betazoid; Klingon; Vulcan; Romulan; Andorian; Earth-French

Personal History Born to a Betazoid single mother, Grax never knew his father. His mother was not a strong parent and by the age of twelve, Grax had fallen in with the 'wrong' crowd. By the time he was sixteen he had spent a period in a young offender's institution. As soon as he got out, he stole a ship and left Betazed.

He spent a significant period of his life as a drinker, a gambler, a mercenary and a general low-life. He moved from one job to the next, until he was recruited by a Tal Shiar agent. Not feeling any loyalty to the Federation, he accepted the job. However, he soon discovered how deep he had gotten himself and, when assigned to assassinate a senior Federation Ambassador, what was left of his conscience pricked and he chose not to go through with the kill.

When he failed to complete the mission, he was 'burned' by the Romulans, twice escaping attempts on his life. Eventually he faked his own death and spent the next few years on the run, descending in to a deep depression and drinking more and more heavily. Eventually he got in to a drunken bar fight on Cestus III and was arrested by Federation security forces.

Willing to do just about anything to save his skin, he volunteered the limited amount of information that he had on the Romulans to the Federation authorities. His confession piqued the interest of Starfleet Intelligence who realised that, having spent his life with the underbelly of Federation society, he might prove useful to Starfleet. On the basis of his previous experience, Grax was accepted on to an academy short-course, on the recommendation of Admiral Stane.

His academy career was a chequered one, receiving several reprimands, primarily for drinking on duty and disobeying a senior officer. However, his skills made him a useful asset and so his indiscretions were tolerated. Upon completion of his short-course, he was granted the rank of Lieutenant (j.g.), and primarily served as an intelligence operative and mission advisor to Obsidian Fleet.

In early 2387, Grax served as mission advisor and temporary XO aboard the USS Shelby. Impressed with his command potential, the Shelby's captain wrote a glowing report and, when the refit of the USS Falcon was completed later that year, Grax's name was put forward as a potential commanding officer. Initially the suggestion was met with scepticism from both the Admiralty and Grax himself, but eventually both parties agreed that it was a suitable way forward, and a useful addition to the fleet.

Things did not go smoothly, however. Grax's first mission in command of the Falcon led to the loss of several crew members and the destruction of a dormant civilisation known as the Na'Cha. Following this, Grax tendered his resignation to Starfleet Command. However, his resignation was refused as the Falconwas assigned to escort a Cardassian Ambassador across Federation space. During that voyage more lives were lost as the captain's friend and academy sponsor Admiral Stane hijacked the ship in a failed attempt to start a war with the Cardassian Union.

to be completed...
Service Record September 2380:
Entered Starfleet Academy - Undertook short-course training

July 2382:
Graduated Starfleet Academy - commissioned as Lieutenant (j.g.)
Assigned as Intelligence Field Operative, Starfleet Intelligence

April 2384:
Promoted to Lieutenant

April 2386:
Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
Assigned as Mission Advisor to Obsidian Fleet Command

June 2387:
Assigned as Commanding Officer, USS Falcon

August 2387:
Promoted to Commander

September 2388:
Promoted to Captain

January 2390:
Assigned as Commanding Officer, Starbase 249

September 2390:
Resigned Starfleet Commission

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