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Captain Ricardo (Rico) Montoya - CO USS Phoenix

Name Ricardo (Rico) Montoya - CO USS Phoenix

Position Guest

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human / Deltan
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 2"
Weight 220
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Lucid Green
Physical Description “Tall, Dark, & Handsome” has been used more than once to describe Rico. His looks alone have gotten him double takes on more than one occasion, but with the added allure from his Deltan heritage he is adored by women. Something that has gotten him in hot water, in both a good way as well as bad, several times.

Muscular and extremely fit


Spouse Heather Fisher-Montoya
Father Martin Montoya - Human
Mother Liana Montoya - Deltan
Sister(s) Karmen Montoya
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Easy mannered, and understanding, he is ready to give most anyone the benefit of the doubt. However he has no problem holding people to task when the time calls for it.

During his off hours you will typically find him enjoying the both the physical and mental pleasures of life…be that the warmth of the sun on his skin or the relaxation of mediation.

Being only half Deltan he was not required to take the oath of celibacy. However he has found himself being warned to behave himself…more than once.

Speaks Standard, Spanish, Deltan, & passable Romulan
Strengths & Weaknesses + His disarming manner, empathic abilities, physical strength, generosity

- His generosity has been taken advantage of from time to time
Ambitions To live life to the fullest. If that leads to command so be it, but he usually enjoys pushing other to achieve and reach their goals.
Hobbies & Interests Astronomy, Stellar Phenomena, and ‘other’ celestial bodies

Running, Weight Training, Swimming

Enjoys: Riding, Climbing, Surfing, Hiking, Skiing, Dancing, and Candle lit Dinners

Practices: Bujinkan, Kung Fu, & Tai Chi Chuan

Personal History Rico learned at a young age how to defend himself. His father said that he would need those skills, and he was right. All during his school years, as soon a girls got into the mix, he had had to defend himself from time to time. Mainly due to unfounded jealousy, but then again he did take advantage of his pheromones from time to time during High School.

On one such occasion he, and several of his friends had taken a trip to the Alps to do some skiing. Like a typical teenager, he was young and dumb and ended up breaking his leg. While at the clinic his natural ‘allure’ attracted the attention of a few nurses.

On hearing of the incidents his parents were furious and his mother took him to Delta later that year. The trip opened his eyes to the damage that he could cause to himself and other if he wasn’t careful.

Highly intelligent, he easily earned an appointment to Starfleet Academy. At the time he didn’t want the responsibility so he decided to enlist, a decision he came to regret. Luckily he was able to transfer his obligation and entered the Academy.

During his time at the Academy he met a beautiful El-Aurian named Sarina and they did everything together. At first he wasn’t sure if she liked him because of his pheromones or not and he even challenged her on it. But in typical El-Aurian fashion she stunned him with re response and they became even closer.

While on a break on summer he took Sarina to El Capitan to do a little climbing. Unfortunately due to an equipment failure they both fell from the mountainside. Sarina died at the scene an Rico suffered severe injuries. Blaming himself for her death it was some time before he was climbing again.
Service Record Upon graduation from the Academy Rico was assigned to the 14th Fleet and the USS Tempest as a Science officer from 2378X to 2380.

Rico’s next posting was aboard the galaxy class USS Scylax from 2380 to 2384. His time on the Scylax was far from boring and once again his pheromones were to blame. While transporting some new, experimental compound Rico became exposed and the exposure altered bio-chemistry. The exposure boosted his phenomenal output to approximately 10 times normal levels. At first there wasn’t a problem but as his pheromone level increase so did the ‘attentions’ of others. Initially only the XO seemed immune, being half Deltan herself, but as things got worse he soon found himself on the run. During the worst of it Rico found himself using Jefferies tubes and site to site transports to avoid and evade the women on the Scylax. Before a treatment was devised Rico had been isolated in his quarters and forced to use a bio-containment suit when he had to venture to sickbay. The damage to his body was irreparable so he has to take regular injections to keep his pheromones at the their proper levels.

Not long after nearly turning the Scylax into a love boat, the ship was diverted to assist in the emergency evacuation of a research station. The station, outside Federation space, was expected to be attacked by hostile forces looking to capture advanced technology.

In order to expedite the evacuation Rico came up with a way to tie the transporter targeting scanners into the long range sensors via the main deflector array. By jacketing the targeting beam they managed to boost the distance at which the ship was able to get a transporter lock.

However we they dropped from warp the station was already under attack and the Scylax was clearly outnumbered. Under orders to prevent Federation technology from falling into the wrong hands they had limited choices and the Captain request options from those on the bridge.

Having already been brainstorming the transporter systems and linking it to other systems Ltjg. Rico stepped up. "Captain, have the station set its self-destruct sequence."

The senior officers on the bridge all stood and turned to looked at the junior officer that had suggested such a cold option.

"Captain, as you know, I've already been working with the transporter and sensor systems, I can get everyone off the station, protect the ship, and give us enough time to escape the blast. We save the people and keep our technology out of the wrong hands."

With the help of Ens. Bodri Creek, Rico programmed the computer to automatically drop the shield grid that faced the station and reinforcing other shield grids. By using every transporter on the Scylax and some tight maneuvering by the helm, not only was every soul evacuated but key research was able to be salvage before the station was destroy.

For their efforts both Bodri and Rico received the Starfleet Commendation.

The next year went by without incident, but in 2384 the Scylax encountered a cargo vessel adrift in space. An investigation of the ship found the entire crew dead of unknown causes. Tracing the ships path back to an unexplored planet the Scylax found what they believed to be a smuggling base...but everyone found there was dead as well.

Soon after their arrival the crew of the Scylax began to fall ill and their were several deaths. Lt. Breen, a medical officer, the found that the deaths were cause by the depletion of neural chemicals in the brain, but couldn't figure out why. Together with Rico they discovered that portions of the victim were out of phase. This discovery allowed them to track down the culprit - a bi-phasic parasite.

While at SB 273 for decontamination Rico was recruited by Starfleet Intelligence and given classified orders.

While preparing to leave the ship the CMO, Dr. Jeremiah Chase, sent him a copy of his report on the incident. In that report he not only credited him with its discovery but he named the parasite after him and Ensign Breen.

The Montoya-Breen Biphasic Parasite.

Not exactly the way he wanted to be remembered, but he appreciated it none the less.

Two years later, 2386, Rico was admitted to a Star Fleet rehabilitation center with a crushed knee, fractured skull, and for treatment of Amnesia. Upon his recover he transferred to the Nineth Fleet, received a temporary assignment to the USS Freedom and was promoted to Lt. Commander.

Following his short stint as the Freedoms Chief of Operations Rico was assigned to the Cartaris Bio-Containment Team in the Panorian system.

In 2387 all hell broke loose when Romulus was destroy. As the Federation moved to aid their former enemy, resources and personnel were being stretched thin. Because of this Rico was sent to help aid the Romulan people. The Federation helped establish several refugee camps, both in Romuan space and within the Federation.

Lt. Commander Montoya assigned to the Station 63 on Rator III (Romulan Space) as the Federation liaison and second in command serving under a Romulan administrator.

In 2390, Rico was rotated out and sent to Earth for debrief by Starfleet intelligence. After his debrief he took advantage of being back on Earth, taking leave and spending time with his family. At the end of his leave he returned to San Francisco to await his next assignment.

After two months of relaxation, climbing, and camping Rico returned to the real world and was summoned to SFHQ. Upon arrival he found that he had been selected as XO for the USS Atlantic, a Century Class star ship that was preparing for it's maiden voyage.

While serving aboard the Atlantic Rico threw his hat into the ring and volunteered for the 70 year mission to be taken by the USS Achilles and its escort vessels...and was selected as XO of the USS Berlin.

Shortly after arriving at DS9 the Captain of the Berlin, Ezekiel Benjamin, had to back out of the mission and as a result Rico was awarded his first command.

In 2393 during the first leg of his epic journey with the Achilles, they encounter a dimensional anomaly and they encountered their counter part from the Terran Empire. Though they were successful in defeating the Terran's and sealing the breach...bureaucracy still ruled the day and their mission was cancelled.

Commodore Da'nal was furious, but the situation gave him an opportunity he could not ignore and he resigned his commission and returned to the Empire to rule over his House and be with his children.

Rico, promoted to Captain as a parting gesture by the Commodore, had been ordered to SB 47 for further debriefing on the Terran incident. Removed from his short command, he took an extended leave following his prolonged debriefing as he awaited his fate and hopefully a new command.

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