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Lieutenant Ryan Milarno

Name Ryan Milarno

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species 3/4 Cardassian 1/4 Bajoran
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft
Weight 190Ibs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ryan stands at six foot tall, with a rugged physique. He had always kept fit but his dedication to his fitness increased when his change of career to security came about.

Ryan has strong, defined Cardassian features and a slight Bajoran feature of the ridges on his nose.


Spouse None
Children None
Father (Adoptive) Luke Milarno
Mother (Adoptive) Jessica Milarno
Brother(s) Liam Milarno - 40 years old
Sister(s) None
Other Family (Biological Father) Gul Lycet - Cardassian
(Biological Mother) Yula Ral -1/2 Bajoran 1/2 Cardassian

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ryan is a dedicated Starfleet officer and would put his life on the line when necessary. He's friendly but doesn't make friends easily. He suffers a deep resentment for his heritage and simply wants to know why. Ryan is also homosexual.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ryan can feel paranoid and sensitive about his looks. He can feel at times that everyone is staring at him but in fact it is all in his mind, something that he hasn't come to realise yet.
He's loyal, trustworthy and a best friend to anyone when he can let his guard down enough to let someone in.
Ambitions Ryan has had many ambitions throughout his life, he once thought he would always stay with medicine but he has since found a career in Starfleet security and wants to progress through the ranks and possibly maybe even one day be the head of Starfleet security, not an easy job to get too but he has the ambition and determination.
Hobbies & Interests Ryan likes to keep fit so he spends a lot of time in the gym or in the holodeck running sporting simulations or rock climbing - something he has always enjoyed.

He makes a point to keep up to date with all the latest news and politics.

He loves to listen to music, such an invention to take a person to another world inside their mind is pure perfection and something he enjoys regularly.

Personal History Ryan was born on February 1st 2358 to parents Gul Lycet and Yula Ral on Cardassia. His mother was half Bajoran, half Cardassian, something that was frowned upon but especially during the occupation.

Ryan was raised however on Earth, assuming the look of a human by genetic means from his birth parents, all unbeknown to him for the foreseeable. He was adopted by parents Luke and Jessica Milarno who had one other child, Liam who was two years older than Ryan, they would grow up as brothers knowing nothing different. He had a happy childhood, did very well at school and made a lot of friends. He used to be described as a hyper little hurricane, running around playing and at times destroying the house as he did. He was a happy child, loved.

As he grew up, he continued to do well at school which served him well when he applied to take the Starfleet Academy entrance exam. He wasn't sure which path he wanted to take career wise, all he wanted was to travel the stars.

When he started the academy he had chosen to pursue a career in medicine and was assigned to Starfleet medical to begin his four year long training. He not only learnt everything that he needed to career wise but he also gained an immense confidence in himself whether professionally or personally he was confident in anything he put his mind too.

Ryan served aboard many vessels working in varying roles within the medical department from a Technician to finally a senior Doctor and then to Chief Medical Officer aboard Deep Space Five, there he cured a deadly disease that was sweeping through the Bajoran population.

Whilst serving aboard the station his true heritage was revealed to him when his health began to deteriorate and his true Cardassian face and ever so slight Bajoran features began to make their appearance.

Ryan learned that his mother, like many other women were violated during the occupation which led to his birth. He doesn't know why he was given up, he simply knows why he was given the false appearance, so others weren't disgusted by a Cardassian and Bajoran hybrid, maybe that is also the reason he was given up, but he needs to hear the words for himself from his mother, he wishes for that day.

After leaving DS5, Ryan took some time out to gain some perspective, to work through his issues. He took himself off to Casperia, a prime vacation spot, the first few days were relaxing and gave him time to think. However a few days into his vacation he suddenly found himself walking into a violent and perfectly planned protest led by a xenophobic underground group of Casperians. He was quickly overcome and joined a small group of five people who had been bound and gagged and forced to their knees in the centre of a large circle, protected by the extremists outside of the Federation embassy.

Ryan was forced to watch as they beat the other hostages and endured his own torture; the sight of violence being inflicted on a woman knelt down beside him and the other innocent hostages made him angry and he fought with all of his might to untie himself, sadly to no avail. Ryan continued to watch for several more hours as violence was inflicted on others and he received yet more beatings. He felt angry, really angry. He wanted it to stop, he wanted to help. There was no need for it to happen and he felt useless against the protesters. A few hours slowly passed and he listened as negotiations began, he didn’t know if they were local authorities or starfleet dealing with the situation but he felt an immense feeling of gratitude that it had overwhelmed him; he had never experienced such a feeling.

That day, and those moments were a game changer, from then on he vowed to protect other people, no matter who they were just like he had been. That change came in the form of returning to Starfleet command to participate in the Starfleet security refresher course. Along with medicine, the only other courses he did attend at the academy was security and sciences. So it made some sense to him, to change the course of his life to something that was still somewhat familiar, but also new.

It was during his two year refresher course that Ryan came to the realisation that he was homosexual, a feeling he had always had deep down but he never allowed it to rise until he couldn't stop it any longer.

He never made a big deal out of it, and still doesn't. in the past he had been with women, now he was embracing this change and was attracted to men. The way he saw it, it didn't affect anybody but him.

After successfully passing the course he was fast tracked to the USS Vetra as their new Assistant Chief Security Officer, he fell into the role well and adjusted quickly. After serving aboard the Vetra for two years a relationship breakdown forced him to file for transfer out of there, choosing to go back to a place that always had stayed with him, mostly fond memories he had never forgotten, Deep Space Five.
Service Record USS Grace 2374-2376 - Lab Technician

USS Normandy 2376-2379 - Nurse

USS Pioneer 2379-2382 - Junior Doctor

USS Lumiere 2382-2386 - Senior Doctor

Deep Space Five 2386-2388 - Chief Medical Officer

Starfleet Command 2388-2390 - Starfleet Security Refresher Course

USS Vetra 2390-2392 - Assistant Chief Security Officer

Deep Space Five -Present Day- Chief Security Officer

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