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First Lieutenant Gordon Blue

Name Gordon Blue

Position 21st MEU Commanding Officer

Rank First Lieutenant

Meritorious Newcomer of the Month Award

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Orion
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 252lbs
Hair Color Black (Shaven)
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Gordon was double blessed in one way with a large frame from a Human father who is a sizable Marine with his mother being an Orion Slave Girl. A bonding that created a very large son with the build of a Rugby player, he had the seemingly armored trunk with bicepts and legs that could take abuse. His black hair is usually kept shaven as well as his face. His eyes are dark and piercing.

Blue is subtle in his expressions; he is more of a straight man for a comedy duo; he tried not to use his physical size and intimidation all the time. His attire is loose type clothing that he actually fills out quite readily. He could make a sweat suit seem tight unless he is careful.

Off duty he wears caro style pants and collaed knit shirts that give him a bit of stretch and still look good. He also favors sunglasses as an accessory.

His baritone voice can be either ple\asant or booming with intimidation factor.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Rex
Mother Neynas
Brother(s) n/a
Sister(s) n/a
Other Family n/a

Personality & Traits

General Overview Blue tends to keep a serious tone around his Marines, the fact he uses his heritage as a point to prove his viewpoint. He tends to take the higher road when it comes to his temperament; he is self assured in his physical stature.

He is of a high Intellect and of a Tactical Mind so he hide his ideas as he just casually seems to come up with plans on the fly. His training had a firm hold upon his emotions; he is a calm Commanding Officer who realizes he has to be an example to his troops. He is a determined leader who will not waste his 'people' as they all have value to him.

He is a protective persona at his base, he will make sure all the resources at his desposal are used to assure the safety of those under his assigned protection.

On a private note he is actually a more caring individual that his gruff exterior; while it is harder to get to know him once the trust is earned he is very loyal with one exception, he is a bit hot and cold about females. While he accepts they are Marines and even with their male counterparts according to regulations he does hide the guilt he feels when a female is injured or killed compared to aq male. He had been raised to protect women and has fought that since joining the Marines.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths/ Weakness

+ Strategic Mind
+ Tactical Training
+ Extremely loyal
+ Leadership skills

- Protective of females
- Can seem cold
- Seems Aloof
-Hard Case command style
Hobbies & Interests Is a Chef
Physical exerciser
Plays Earth Game Rugby
Storyteller of Legends
Xeno-Historical study.
Reads philosophy.
Rides old Earth Motorcycles.

Personal History Gordon was the result of a USO function that went a bit better than anticipated. His father Rex was the proud Father of a bouncing Baby Orion Boy.

Growing up on Earth was an experience for Gordon; he was constantly living down the nick name "Kermit' during his formative years. It did not abate his desire to use his Physical Prowess to his advantage and protect those that Gordon believed needed him as their Champion. While his father treated him with deep affection he did make sure that Gordon knew the consequences of his actions. He was taught the code of Honor and how his father felt were the skills of a man.

Going into middle and high school Gordon was a rather large kid for his age, the Orion blood was enough to give him some physical advantages. As a game to direct his physical energy he took up Rugby rather than the 'slower' option of football. Also he was among the higher levels of the Grade Point Average; his mother had taught him the Orion language with the firm rule he never allow the knowledge to be given to the Federation as a whole, it was a cherished language among her people.

When he was adolescence he discovered old Motorcycles, the old style 'off-road' riding style gave him another outlet until he discovered Girls. His physical prowess did make him more desired by the girls and despised by the boys outside his Rugby Team. Also the members of his Father's unit were like a second family to the boy, they treat him almost as one of their own and it was this relationship that cemented his desire to be a Marine.

During High School he studied hard to make the best entry into the Marines Corps; he was determined to be among the Few and the Proud. Graduating in the top 10% of his Graduating class.

Gordon joined the Marines with the desire to be among the Elite, he had a easier time with the Physical end of his training. He also sought to help other fulfill their goals be Being a Marine. He was so prepared in both mind and body that he earned a slot to take the test of the Force Recon.

Service Record The training of Recon ate away even at the advantages physically Gordon had from his Orion heritage; he did not have as much of an advantage as one would have thought. It is taxing upon the mind as well as the body, he passed enough to Earn his wings.

Being a new member of the Force Recon Gordon had learned he had a cryptic mind as well as tactical prowess; he could break codes and create algorithms to a high security level. He is quickly made the Communications Man of his Tactical Unit. Working with the team his skills matched with the natural leadership came out and he reached Lance Corporal on a speed course to advancement. While on a small planet operating an insertion that went bad Gordon managed to filter through the Jamming wavelength and got a recall signal for the team to beam out while under fire.

Becoming known as a Communications Guru quickly and very sought after. His insertion operations had quite a few commendations under his file sleeve for working communications under fire. Aboard the USS Tripoli on the Romulan Lines and Even some of the Cardassian Operations. While patrolling the Cardassian Space the Tripoli was attacked; the Sergeant Major was killed early in the actions of boarding; Gordon being the next Non-Commissioned Officer as a Gunnery Sergeant, he lead the Marines in repelling the boarders.

Boarding the USS Midway ; an Akira Class, he had earned his way to Sergeant Major as the go between from the Officers to the Enlisted. The fact he did well with utilizing the Marines to support the more 'Forward' Operations. Coming on the tail of the Dominion War Gordon learned thatthe Fall-out of 'rebuilding was much more difficult than those that fought to a degree. Creation is always harder and chasing down the Pirates had a tinge of mixed emotions as he was forced to fire upon one half of his heritage. During the operations it is observed that Gordon had no qualms about facing an enemy preying on innocent Merchant vessels by Pirates. He had a coldness to him as he had to keep that emotional control over himself. This is where he gained the "Game Face' for his future Command.

The USS Dakota became a front line vessel that would go with the Fleet Intelligence leads not fully corroborated but of high enough risk to bring other armed forces to scope out the problems. His communications skills shone through as he helped train those under his unit command; with some 'firm' suggestions he accepted the Jump to Warrant Officer at the beginning of his two tours and ending as a Chief Warrant Officer. Until the Battle for Planet 1473, the Insertion force met hostile forces on a planet that was not yet on any charts officially. A civil action sparked and spread throughout the planet. The Force Recon had been landed as rumors of 'Klingon Advisers' were helping this along. The more friendly forces were victorious and largely due to his small unit's actions and establishing the communications lines earned him the rank jump.

Being an Ensign he took over as the Communications Officer for the Marines Unit of Deep Space Twelve. The Station hd been nearest the Pirate Hunting Grounds; mostly through intercepting the chatter between the Pirate factions Gordon was helpful in the planning of 'counter insertion' operations to deter the Pirate operations. , Earning him the Rank of Lt. JG until he was transferred to a more active Marine Station.

The Establishing of a Romulan Faction's Planet that has been open to an alliance allowed the Marines to establish a Base of Operations. With there being many 'hit and Run Operations Gordon showed his leadership when the Company Lieutenant was killed in action. HE was given a field promotion for the remainder of his time as CO of a Platoon.

Another Refit Akira needed a Captain as the First Officer of the entire Ship's Marine unit with both the Troops and Pilots. Gordon used the fighters to probe and intercept Chatter between questionable forces that Earned him intel needed to aid in the planning from a Tactical Area. The Intel Officer gave the information for the Force Recon Forces to verify and not engage without orders. Gordon became a proponent of insertions; observation and be Forward observer should the ship become an assault Force. Throughout these operations Gordon learned how to work the varied operations to a point that the Major left the Force Recon came under his control.

When the Marine Commanding Officer billet opened on DS5 Gordon put in an application and was accepted.

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