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Captain Isha t'Vaurek

Name Isha t'Vaurek

Position Retired CO

Rank Captain

William Riker XO of the Year Anniversary Sim of the Year Creativity Award 8 Years Service 8 Years Service

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan
Age 82

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 110lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Isha e-Khellian-Ramnau t’Illialhlae (now know simply as Isha t'vaurek) wears the characteristic dark hair of her race long, paired with set of rather penetrating green eyes - the cause, a rare recessive genetic trait which causes a mild form of a condition akin to albinism. At 5'8" her 110lbs is stretched across her frame making her appear rather too thin to be entirely healthy.

As Romulans age considerably slower than humans and have a signicantly longer natural lifespan Isha appears to be in her mid to late thirties though she is actually 82 terran years old.


Spouse Nveid i-Ihhliae tr’Illialhlae.(Deceased)
Children By Nveid: Hexce (Deceased) Fveirrolh (Executed) Aidoann (now Head of the Illialhlae).

By Rh'Vaurek: Eviess ir-Pradai t’Vaurek (F) Argelian ir-Pradai tr’Vaurek (M)
Father Senator S’Tev i-Leinarrh tr’Khellian
Mother Llaiir e-Ramnau t’Khellian (hru’hfirh)
Brother(s) Taev i-Ramnau tr’Khellian (Deceased)
Sister(s) Latta-Jhu e-Ramnau t’Khellian (erei’Hfirh Deceased)
Other Family In addition to the immediate family Isha is part of two Great Houses each having a complicated structure of extended families that occupy an estate (the Illialhlae) and a compound (Khellian) near Ra’tleihfi, the capital city of the Empire and an ancient estate at Ramnau (Khellian). These complexes house several nuclear families that form the upper ranks of the houses as well as servants and adopted members. In addition to that several lesser houses located around the twin planets claim allegiance to these Great Houses.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Isha rarely reacts without thinking, preferring instead to consider her options before committing herself. Constantly analysing her environment and the words of others Isha is sometimes considered to be overly critical but it is her firm belief that to understand a person's world, one must understand what is happening, why it is happening and what the motivations and intentions of others are.
Strengths & Weaknesses Beneath this, Isha has a very volatile temper and is prone to extreme and sudden mood swings. Combined with an excess of paranoia this leaves her vulnerable to impulsive and sometimes self-destructive action as well as manipulation from those who know how to read the signs.

Perhaps her greatest strength is the serene persona she has built, behind which she hides this weakness; it is not unbreakable but few have the need or resources to remove the almost regal mask of dignity she customarily wears when in contact with all but her closest family.
Ambitions Isha’s ultimate ambition was to unite the Great Houses of Illialhlae and Khellian as one through her daughter, Aidoann. Over time this ambition has changed. After the loss in action of Rh'Vaurek Raedhoel and the premature birth of their twins Isha successfully petitioned the Senate and founded the Lesser House of Vaurek with its hearthold at Pradai, a burgeoning colony city in the Cariel system. At the same time she gave up all claim to the Houses of Khellian and Illialhlae and relies on her own (not insubstantial) wealth and power base centered around the Cariel system. With her daughter by Nveid established as the Hru'hfirh of the Illialhlae and a successor found for her mother Isha's only care is for her new twins, and for those who have followed her and the Lesser House of Vaurek. Her loyalty to those people, her people far surpasses that of her loyalty to the Empire (this is a fact not known to anyone but Isha herself, and will not be known even to her until that loyalty is tested and she has to decide between the security of the Vaurek, and service to the wider Empire).
Hobbies & Interests Isha has had the luxury of leisure time and has been keen to indulge her passion for art and history. Her collections include early Vulcan musical instruments and an extensive range of early Cardassian artefacts including a rare Hebitian Kotra set.
Isha has also received instruction in the use of the kaleh and the Vrelnec, a skill that she is careful to underplay. Some very fine examples of these bladed weapons adorn a stand in her office.

Languages: Rihannsu, Federation Standard, Vulcan.

Personal History Born into the upper ranks of the House of Khellian, Isha has enjoyed a privileged upbringing. Since her early years she has moved in diplomatic circles learning to negotiate the complex hierarchy of Romulan society.

Along with the other children of the Khelliana Isha received education from the Hfihar’Afweirha (House Tutor) at the family compound near the capital city of Ra’tleihfi but she often spent time at the main seat of the Khelliana at Ramnau where she gained more practical experience of the principles of mnhei’sahe.

Isha underwent Serona when she was twenty but her five years of compulsory military service did not fit the common mould. Rather than being a period of servitude and menial tasks Isha’s education continued on the bridge of the ship commanded by her mother, the hru’hfirh of the House of Khellian. Though Isha was not the heir, her life path was already chosen and for her to walk it she was required to be comfortable with command and as she was not destined to attend the War College and enter the fleet it was up to her House to provide that experience.

Following her military service Isha returned to Ra’tleihfi where she was given responsibility for the family compound. On her 25th Birthday she underwent the right of citizenship and was given the rank of llaugh within the House of Khellian with a great celebration to mark both the right of passage and her confirmed status as Representative. The next ten years were spent amid the whirl of Ra’tleihfi society; responsibility for running the family estate at Ramnau was added to Isha’s duties as well as the legal representation of the House before the Senate.

In her 35th year Isha was married to Nveid i-Ihhliae tr’Illialhlae. Being joined to the hru’hfirh, or Head of one of Romulus’ Great Houses elevated Isha’s status significantly and though the union was foremost a shrewd dynastic alliance strengthening ties between two Great Houses, she developed a genuine affection and admiration for the much older man, not least because of his ability to tolerate her moods without anger and because he put the entire politcal future of his House in his wife's hands.

Marrying the head of a Great House and technically leaving the one of her birth Isha took her husband’s name and devoted herself to providing strength and unity for the diverse retinue of family and hangers on from the base of the Illialhlae estate near Ra’tleihfi. The House traditions were very different, but with the assistance of her new brother in law Nniol, who she had met prior to her marriage in her business at the Senate, she found her way around. For more than thirty years Isha worked tirelessly applying the same attention and devotion to the development of the Illialhlae as she had to the Khelliana. Her efforts were rewarded with the loyalty and devotion of most of the family and a new feeling of unity that infused the House of Illialhlae and propelled it to become one of the foremost among the Rihannsu.

Like all the great houses when the Empire was dragged into the Dominion war the Illialhlae raised their people and their ships to support the war effort. Nveid led the five ships provided by the House while Isha co-ordinated efforts from Ra’tleihfi and their prospects seemed glorious; the Federation and the Klingons would be weakened and the Empire would reap the rewards when the changeling threat was eliminated.

The second battle of Chin’toka that crippled the ambitions of the Empire took the lives of both the head of the house and the heir and whilst this was a great loss for the house it was a personal tragedy for Isha. Her eldest son and her husband were lost when the warbird under Nveid’s direct command was destroyed. For a long time Isha claimed that her husband was still alive, a belief that changed unexpectedly when she brought an accusation of murder and conspiracy against her brother in law. The case was eventually thrown out and whilst Isha was still reeling in fury at the inaction on of the Sennate, Nniol countered with an attempt to have the Senate delare Isha's status as the Head of the House void. He acted too soon, however, far from being distracted Isha struck back directing her anger at the Senate towards Nniol in a further lawsuit. The edict was upheld and Isha kept hold of the rights and title that her husband had ceded to her, her postition strengthened and ratified by the ruling.

Over the years the couple had added three children to the ranks of the House of Illialhlae, Hexce the heir of the House was killed in the second battle of Chin’toka at which point the title of eri’hfirh passed to their second son, Fveirrolh (recently executed for treason). Aidoann was the youngest and only daughter of the couple.

Losses during the Dominion war also caused adjustment the ranks of the Khelliana; her older sister and brother also lost their lives and the mantle of erei’Hfirh came to Isha alongside that of hru’hfirh of the Illialhlae which she will carry until her daughter comes of age.

Unable, or unwilling to reconcile her loss Isha appealed to the Continuing Committee who granted her leave to spend time in her own pursuits. The Continuing Committee assigned day to day responsibility for the House to Nniol, during those periods when Isha was absent however, although she rules in absentia Isha is aware of her duties and keeps tight reign over the house.

For many years when she travelled outside the Romulan Empire Isha e-Khellian i-Ramnau t’Illialhlae was known simply as Isha t’Khellian, a well respected freelance investigative reporter. Partly a guise and partly a real calling, this unlikely career sprouted from Isha’s belief that Nveid her husband had been murdered by Nveid. Her investigations as she follows his trail have lead her to uncover many stories - from the quirky to the scandalous and her submissions are welcomed by most major news agencies. Fully independent, Isha’s position has also proved useful to the Romulan government from time to time. It was in this guise she arrived at Deep Space Five and became friends with the CMO Chelsea Adams, a friendship which continues to this day.

Soon afterwards Isha revealed that she had in fact been sent with the authorisation of the Continuing Committee to replace the incumbent Ambassador T'Maec Liun. This she did and in the same period renewed a long dead relationship with Rh'Vaurek Raedheol, finally appointing him as her Chief of Staff when she eventually took office in the consulate.

During an attack on the station lead by the brother of Isha's late husband Isha was abducted and rescued and her husband's brother captured. She requested the assistance of the Federation in taking her to ch'Rihan for a tribunal that would establish her own guilt or innocence in the attack which was disavowed by the Senate but conducted in the name of Isha's own House. The USS Freeedom under the command of the Klingon Da'nal of the House of Varal was appointed, a difficult choice as his own Klingon House was involved in a prolonged feud with Isha's.

They made it to ch'RIhan alive and the tribunal went ahead, the conspirators, Senator Rhiu ir-Ainleth, her brother H’daen ir-Ainleth and his wife the great lady Arrhae i-Nn'Verih t’Rehu, Fveirrolh tr’Illialhlae - Isha’s son. Though the tribunal had met behind closed doors the traitors had been executed publicly, each given first the opportunity to state his regret before being offered a sword. But and each had remained resolutely silent, accepting no wrongdoing and each refused to take his own life, forcing waiting members of the praetorian guard to do it.

Isha had been granted permission to deal with Nniol tr'Illialhlae, her husband's brother herself. Her choice of weapon was unique - Nniol had long ago acquired Da'nal's brother and kept him as a slave and in return for an end of the feud Isha returned him to Da'nal and allowed the Klingons to execute Nniol on her behalf. Afterwards the Klingon killed his brother in order to preserve hte myth that his brother had died in battle years previously, their tacit silence preserving the secret.

Isha returned to DS5 on her own ship which lies cloaked in one of DS5's docking bays finding erie'Khrein Raedheol reluctant to relinquish his role of acting ambassador. They remain at odds ...

The Unoffical History

The following is not general knowledge, if you think your character migtht know any of this you must first ask permission (, it is highly classified and sensitive information and stated here only because it has been mentioned in previous posts.

Prior to her marriage Isha is rumoured to have had more than one affair, the first with Nniol tr'Illialhlae who she knew through her work in the courts and Senate offices. It is thought that Nniol can be creditied with honing Isha's innate political skills and bringing her to a standard outstanding, even in the Romulan Empire. Though it is thought that Nniol had intentions of marrying Isha himself he is thought to have stepped aside when his brother became interested in her.

The second is rumoured to have been with Rh'vaurek Raedheol, then posing as a promising Galae officer in the service of Senator Pardek. It was in the arena that he caught the eye of one Isha t’Khellian – an expert sportsman, he competed against other officers in the games and emerged victorious. It was Isha who contrived to make his acquaintance, an act which led to a passionate eight month affair conducted largely in secret that ended bitterly iwhen Isha's mother found out gave her an ultimatum which forced Isha to into a dramatic break-up shortly before she made her marriage to Nveid tr’Illialhlae.

Though no real damage was done to his career Raedheol is rumoured to have blamed Isha for his change of circumstances and over the next ten years conducted a sustained campaign against her. It suited the purposes of Senator Latasalaem too who after her marriage had recruited Isha's services to help him gain a senate seat that was in the gift of her husband. Though Isha's husband kept her closely guarded Rh'vaurek eventually got to her. This again turned out to be according Latasalaem's plan, Isha had got out of control and he chose to use Rh'vaurek to bring her back into line, calling him away before Rh'vaurek could do her any serious damage.

Nniol suspected a pliot and Isha's complicity, but her husband refused to believe it and so she was spared any interrogation about what had happened in the days she was missing. It led to a rift between the brothers that lasted for years before Isha herself seeing the pain her husband endured forged a reconcilliation.

It was many years before Raedheol managed to get close to Isha again. On the day that happened a number of coincidences occured, Isha's Husband left on manouvres, Rh'vaurek breached estate security and found Isha in the garden, and as they were talking they were seen by Nniol. It was one thing for Nniol to stand aside for a beloved and respected brother, but seeing her in the company of a Tal'Shiar agent with a bad reputation he was incensed. It is at this point that Nniol drugged Isha and in the absence of his brother assumed control of Isha's person and concluding the worst about his brother's eldest son decided that at least one of her children would be of his brother's blood.

For her part, Isha in her drugged state, lacking free will and open to suggestion thought that it was her husband she was making love to, it was not until she finally began to break the dependancy that she found to her horror that it was Nniol. There was only one person she could blame, herself, as Nniol hd known she would and once her husband returned she kept silent, bearing Nniol's child as her husband's.

After ten years in which their marriage began to fracture and Nveid began to rely on his brother once again the truth came out. Nniol revealed it and there was only one way she could counter it, she threw herself on her husband's mercy, an act that led to her interrogation by the Tal'Shiar in an attempt to get to the truth. Isha never altered her story despite of everything they tried and Nvied had no option but to accept that his wife had been telling the truth and his brother was lying. This time the rift between the brothers was cataclysmic and permanent.

But it was not over, they learned something about Isha, something that her mother had striven to hide from everyone. This is the point at which Isha became inducted into the Tal'Shiar as the particular tool of the Continuing Committee - she had a talent and they intended to use it to control the upper ranks, they, like everyone else did not count on her stubborn independance.

Despite everything Isha chose to forgive her husband when she was returned to him and once her hair had grown back she returned to the political arena transformed into something quite new.

It was not until she was on DS5 and just before she assumed the role of ambassador that Isha revealed to Rh'vaurek how involved with the workings of the Continuing Committee she was,, it was shortly afterwards that they briefly revived their affair,

In her time on Deep Space Five the relationship between Isha and Rh'Vaurek became more intense until eventually she became pregnant with twins. This was not an easy pregnancy, a vicious physical assault by the Cardassian Ambassador left it in question but she stabilised. After that, on hearing the news that Rh'Vaurel was lost in action Isha left DS5 without notice. After the loss in action of Rh'Vaurek Raedhoel and the premature birth of their twins (Eviess ir-Pradai t’Vaurek, adn this Argelian ir-Pradai tr’Vaurek) Isha successfully petitioned the Senate and founded the Lesser House of Vaurek with its hearthold at Pradai, a burgeoning colony city in thh Cariel system. At the same time she gave up all claim to the Houses of Khellian and Illialhlae and relies on her own (not insubstantial) wealth and power base centered around the Cariel system.

Cariel is a system of six planets including two M class worlds located about two weeks at warp five from DS5 it lies outside Romulan space. The colony, founded over thirty years earlier is well established and given as a gift to Isha by her husband. It has been the focus of her investment throughout her life and is protected by and supports an unofficial Tal'Shiar fleet under the personal command of the Director of the Special Ops Division of the Tal'Shiar, Khrein Aehkhifv Latasalaem.
Service Record 2327 - 2332: Like all Rihannsu, Isha served Serona (a compulsory five year term of military service), although unlike most she did it on the bridge of her mother's ship. There was never any question of Isha attending the War College, as her future in the courts and in the Senate had long been decided for her.

2332 - 2336: Llaugh (Representitive) Isha began to serve her mother's House at the Senate learning first hand the ropes of law and government.

2336 - 2342: Auethnen (Advisor) She quickly became the senior advisor of the House Khellian given full responsibilty for the estates and the legal representation of House members.

2342 - 2375: Auethnen After her marriage Isha tranferred her legal and political support to the House of her Husband where she assumed responsibility for the political rehabillitation of his House and took control of those occupying the Senate seats that were in her husband's gift before widening her influence throughout the voting bloc and through that across the Stelam Shiar.

2375 - 2385: After her husband's death (and the death of their eldest son) in the second battle of Chin'toka Isha found that he had made her his heir. This gave Isha the title of hru'Hfirh - the head of the House along with all rights and responsibilities entailed. Because the Great House Illialhlae provides a fleet of ships to the Galae which technically falls under the command of the hru'Hfirh of that House Isha also holds the honourary title of galae'Enriov, it is one that she rarely uses.

2378 - 2385: After her sister, the heir to her mother's House was killed in a skirmish Isha's mother, Llaiir e-Ramnau t’Khellian made Isha her heir, adding the title of erie'Hfirh to the House Khellian to her mantle.

2384-2385: Ambassador (Hru Laudh) to Deep Space Five.

2385: Isha leaves Deep Space Five without notice and goes into retirement. After the loss in action of Rh'Vaurek Raedhoel and the premature birth of their twins Isha successfully petitioned the Senate and founded the Lesser House of Vaurek with its hearthold at Pradai, a burgeoning colony city in teh Cariel system. At the same time she gave up all claim to the Houses of Khellian and Illialhlae and relies on her own (not insubstantial) wealth and power base centered around the Cariel system located about two weeks at warp five from DS5. Cariel is a system of six planets including two M class worlds. It lies outside Romulan space.

2389: After four years away Isha has returned to DS5 as Station Commander on request of Starfleet to participate in a pioneering Officer Exchange Program.

Starfleet Id [Admin Use Only]

Serial Number 123456789
Security Clearance Level 10
Duty Shift Alpha

Personal Data [Admin Use Only]

Quarters Deck 24-A-039
Office Ready Room. Deck 13, Main Ops