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Ensign Kivan Ta'Gas

Name Kivan Si'Zor Ta'Gas

Position Engineering Officer

Second Position Engineering Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species 1/2 Cardassian - 1/2 Bajoran
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 194
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Kivan’s physical profile is reminiscent of his mixed Cardassian/Bajoran heritage. His hair is obsidian black and traditionally slicked back without any additional design. His broad shoulders sit atop his well-toned frame. Where many Cardassian's of his age focus more on developing a physically dominating frame, Kivan's Bajoran genetic makeup caused his body to favor a more toned appearance. Moreover, despite possessing Cardassian-dominant physical features, he still prefers a much more temperate climate compared to the arid environments of Cardassian locations.


Spouse none
Mother Kivan Sh'rah
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kivan's has never been certain of his position in the universe due to his mixed Cardassian/Bajoran heritage. His upbringing has left him with many scars, more psychological than physical. He is confident, and can easily become overconfident as long as he doesn't take a moment to reorient himself to his environment.

Kivan possesses a quick temper, and at times has lashed out at even the slightest provocation. He has taken mediation lessons to control this.
Strengths & Weaknesses Like most Cardassians, Kivan does not possess an abundance of caution in his mental and physical capabilities. His lack of humility is earned due to his consistently high scores on academic exams throughout preparatory school and Starfleet Academy. Over the years Kivan has developed an exceptional sense of spacial-recognition, making him an adept pilot in addition to his fascination with mechanical systems.
Ambitions Kivan has grown up watching the once-proud people's culture degrade. His earliest memories was watching his orphanage on Cardassia Prime burning to the ground at the hands of Dominion reprisal troops. His ambition has grown from a desire to see Cardassia rise again, but as a unifying power in the quadrant, not as mere "conquerors".
Hobbies & Interests His interest have included studying ancient Cardassian history, particuarly of the Hebitian culture. In his spare time he can be found exercising both physically and mentally through Vulcan mediation.

Personal History Kivan never truly knew his family's history due to his mother's premature death and his father's complete absence from his life. From what he has been able to piece together he was born in the Kendra Province on the planet of Bajor during the brutal Cardassian Occupation. When Kivan was first born, he closely resembled other Bajoran children; however, as he grew older it became apparent that he was half Cardassian, much to the disgust of the Cardassian handlers of the labor camp where his mother resided.

Kivan and his mother, Kivan Sh'rah, were transferred to the Hutet Labor Camp on Cardassian IV where they remained beyond the end of the Occupation despite Cardassian's claims to have released all prisoners. The conditions on Cardassian IV were much more demanding and brutal than Sh'rah was accustomed due on her home planet of Bajor. She prayed that her child would not have to face the same hardships; however, the Cardassian guards at the camp showed little concern for her child despite his emerging Cardassian appearance. The conditions of the camp were such that over 30% of the labor population contracted a fatal degenerative disease, including Sh'rah herself. At the age of 3, Kivan Ta'Gas found himself an orphan on a foreign planet, left to the mercy of his fellow prisoners.

It was only a few months later that Major Kira Nerys and Chief Miles O'Brien executed the complicated rescue operation of Li Nalas and several others from the planet. The subsequent political fallout forced the Cardassian Government to release the remaining prisoners. As a result of his mother's death and the lack of any viable father, Kivan was placed in the custody of a Cardassian orphanage in the city of C'vat on Cardassia Prime.

Kivan spent a significant portion of his childhood as a ward of the Cardassian state due to Cardassian cultural refusal to embrace orphans, even if they were there own. However, Kivan's life would be forever shaped by the eruption of the Dominon War and its tragic affects on Cardassia. One of Kivan's earliest memories was watching Jem'Hadar troops laying siege to the cit of C'vat and burning virtually every building to the ground in revenge for Cardassia's betrayal. Kivan was one of several children to escape the carnage in tact just in time to be rescued by the recently victorious Starfleet forces.

With no family left alive and Cardassia in ruins, Federation officials determined that the best place for Kivan to reside would be back on Bajoran around those that would be more accepting of his circumstances. The young Cardassian spent his formative years on Bajor learning to live in a society that saw him as an outsider. However, he found comfort in school and excelled in the area of physics and engineering.

Upon turning 18, Kivan realized that if he wanted to make something of his life, then he would have to venture away from Bajor and begin to find his own place in the galaxy. He realized that the only option for him was to join Starfleet.
Service Record 2384 - 2388 Starfleet Academy

2388 - 2391 Commissioned and assigned to the USS Stealth Phoenix as Assistant Engineer

2391 - Present Transferred to Deep Space Five as Assistant Chief Engineer

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