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Lieutenant Si'Lar Trellis

Name Si'Lar Trellis

Position Undercover Operations Co-ordinator

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill (unjoined)
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 185
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color Purple
Physical Description Si'Lar's physical profile is reminiscent of typical Trill males that have not spent their lives working inside of dark symbiont caverns. His hair is cut to meet Starfleet regulations. His broad shoulders sit atop his well-toned frame. While others of his age focus more on developing a physically dominating frame, particularly those in the field of Security, Si'Lar fitness regiment has led to a more toned appearance.


Spouse Divorced
Children None
Father Si'Man Trellis
Mother Reel'a Trellis
Brother(s) Alanor
Sister(s) Ya'lentha
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview
Strengths & Weaknesses Throughout school Trellis always maintained high marks in all of his subjects. He consistently demonstrated a talent for conceptual thinking and intuitive knowledge of military tactics. His interest in early Trill military history led to his application and acceptance into Starfleet in its Security Officer tract.

As a result of being the youngest child of very accomplished children, Trellis has always felt the need to "impress others". Unfortunately, this chronic desire has brought him into conflict with superiors throughout his time in Starfleet Academy and even as a commissioned officer.
Ambitions Si'Lar has always envisioned himself becoming a Starfleet Captain or a Senior member of the Trill Home Guard like his father, Vice Primar Si'Mar Trellis.
Hobbies & Interests

Personal History Si'Lar was born and raised in the city of Mak'ala on the Trill homeworld. His father served within the Trill Protectorate, a traditional paramilitary organization that maintained security for the Trill Homeworld. Eventually, Si'Lar's father rose to the rank of Vice Primar over the entire Trill Home Guard.

Like most Trill in positions of leadership, Si'Lar wished to become a joined Trill. Only a small percentage of Trills were became joined with symbionts. Hosts do not become joined until their early to mid 20s to give the host time to develop and mature. They have to be old enough to make an informed decision about whether they really want to be joined. Five thousand candidates qualify for the Trill initiate training program each year, but only 300 symbionts are available on average. Trill initiates undergo training with a field docent. All joined Trill serve as a Field Docent at one time or another. A bad recommendation from their field docent can end an initiate's hopes of receiving a symbiont.

Unfortunately, Si'Lar had passed all academic and preliminary evaluations; however he failed the receive a sufficient recommendation from his Field Docent. The failure devastated Si'Lar. He had worked his entire young life to qualify for the Initiate. The failure to be joined caused him to question his own competence as an adult and whether he would be capable of doing anything else of value.

As a result of Si'Lar's high academic scores, he was accepted into Starfleet Academy without any hindrance. While most in the Federation were not intimately aware of Trill society nor the stigma of being rejected for a symbiont, Si'Lar always felt a need to out-perform all of his classmates and prove himself "worthy" of being an officer. Such a determination led him to the top of his class; however, it did not make him many friends within his cohort.
Service Record 2372 - 2376: Starfleet Academy
2376 - 2381: Assigned to USS Victory as Assistant Security Officer
2381 - 2384: Transferred to Starbase 84 as Security Investigation Officer
2388 - 2390: Assigned to Deep Space 9 as Assistant Security Chief.
2390-2392: Served as Acting Chief of Security following the removal of Lieutenant Commander Dorian Gabriel as Chief of Security.
Present: Re-assigned to Undercover Security Operations and Security Investigations.

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Security Clearance
Duty Shift Gamma

Personal Data [Admin Use Only]

Quarters 1738
Office Secondary Security