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Civilian 'Key Holder' Yolanthe Ibalin

Name Yolanthe Ibalin

Position Proprietor, the Box of Delights

Rank Civilian 'Key Holder'

Plot Development Citation Plot Development Citation Silver Star Friendship Ribbon Civilian Commendation Medal Crews Choice Award Scheherezade Award Friendship Ribbon Civilian Commendation Medal

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bokkai
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 160lbs
Hair Color Varies
Eye Color White
Physical Description At a statuesque height, Yolanthe towers over most of the population, and she's not above rubbing it in with heeled boots on top. Whilst almost human in shape and proportion, Yolanthe will never pass as human, since her skin changes colour with every shift in emotion. Normally a velvety violet, with hair a rich purple and indigo, her skin moves with her moods, through an enormous spectrum of hues and tones that indicate every emotion. She normally limits her wardrobe to loose fitting shirts and trousers in black or white; anything else results in an eye-watering clash between clothing and skin tone.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown (bokkai don't track paternity)
Mother Jalena
Brother(s) None (yet)
Sister(s) 12 and counting
Other Family Many many aunts, nieces, cousins, one Uncle (her Mother's youngest sibling)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Friendly, gregarious, and broad minded to a fault, but having been raised in a society where men are rare and precious, tends to have a chivalrous, almost chauvanistic streak, towards almost any man who isn't obviously a hardened warrior.
Strengths & Weaknesses Her emotional state is very obvious; once you know how to read her colours, you know how she feels about everything, making it hard to for her to lie or cheat. It has made her quite direct, though some might say shameless. This natural trait of her species can be seen a both strength and a weakness, depending on the observers point of view.

She also loves her bar & lounge, The Box of Delights, and desires only the best for her business, which she belives can only be achieved by investing in the happiness of her patrons, after all happy customers means repeat customers, more customers and best of all, profitable customers.

She also has one curious talent which has come in very handy in tough times. She can predict the outcome of any fight before it's even close to over. From Earth boxing, through Klingon Bat'leth and Romulan martial arts, it doesn't make a difference - if two people are fighting, she knows where to put the money. She often jokes that if that skill could be applied to other games of chance she wouldn't need to work at all. Unfortunately her luck with cards isn't quite so uncanny.

Her last weakness is that while she has many talents, her species relies on colour changing as part of their communication. Combined with how different the Bokkai culture is as a result of the massive gender imbalance she is a truly terrible judge of character.
Ambitions Currently, to make the Box of Delights the most popular entertainment venue on the station, and to become an indispensable part of station life. Eventually though she plans to retire rich and pampered somewhere luxurious
Hobbies & Interests When not propping up the bar, she spends a lot of time alone in the holosuites at her salon, what she does in there remains a mystery, as the doors are always locked. Learning how to order beer in different languages (54 and counting)

Personal History The Bokkai of Cherulan 5 suffer from a unique genetic twist that has rendered their male birth rate very low, 1 in 20, just enough to maintain a viable population despite the best efforts of modern medicine, as a result, men folk are a very precious shared resource, and women remain the dominant gender to an even more extreme extent than is seen in the history of many other species. The duty and pressure on young women to breed means that few leave world before their menopause. Men are not permitted to leave at all.

But Yolanthe is quick to claim that the endless rounds of compulsory mating with an ever changing harem was not for her, and struck out into the galaxy to experience a life beyond. For a while she drifted aimlessly from various freighters and passenger ships, picking up a motley collection of only vaguely useful skills - ordering beer in multiple languages, mixing the perfect martini, how to rig the the gravity plates into a makeshift trampoline

In this time she met a man called Draylin Tal, a man she knew as skinny string bean who'se fat she pulled from the fire on several occasions. In reality he was a high-functioning sociopath who worked as an assasin, highly placed amongst the Orion Syndicate. He found her amusing, and for a long time his paternal interest in her kept the Syndicate off her back

As she drifted, she began to discover that she liked running a bar. On her last tour, a luxury passenger liner, she met up with Klia. Yolanthe was running the cocktail lounge and Klia, a gifted Orion holo-tech, was in charge of programming the holosuites next door.

Both women came from races where the role of women and men in their societies was grossly misunderstood by the rest of the galaxy and through that they they found a natural kinship. During the final weeks of their contracts, they both began to realise they were done with being someone else's minion, and decided to go into business with each other. Realising they had a level of exoticism to capitalize on, they formed the plan for their own mini pleasure palace, the Box of Delights.

It was a short lived partnership. Not long after succesfully launching the Box of Delights, Klia was murdered by Draylin Tal, as a lesson in learning to trust, punishing Yolanthe for not following his advice and ending her relationship with the Cardassian Ambassador on the station, Tharek Getal.

She doesn't really talk much about her home. All she has disclosed so far is that she grew up in a jungle.
Service Record 2386 - Deck hand and general crew on several small merchant ships
2386 - Purser on the tramp freighter John Hopkins
2387 - Bar tender on passenger liner Jerynn's Folly
2388 - Lounge Manager, Pride of Betazed
2389 - Owner, The Box of Delights, Deep Space Nine

Starfleet Id [Admin Use Only]

Serial Number
Security Clearance
Duty Shift

Personal Data [Admin Use Only]

Quarters Deck 174
Office The Box of Delights, Promenade