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Lieutenant Saria Rex

Name Saria Rex

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Plot Development Citation

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill (Joined)
Age 28 (symbiont: 1258)

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 10”
Weight 143 lbs.
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Saria Rex is a joined Trill and stands about 5'10" tall. She has long, blonde hair in a ponytail, blue eyes, and has her pants tucked into her boots rather than over them, giving her a sleek stature. She has various implants on her face, arms/hands and legs due to an accident on the USS Lakota, where she served several years.


Father Toril Merida
Mother Bryna Merida
Sister(s) Tabora Merida
Other Family Lt. Co. Caden Aldrex (cousin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Saria Rex is a joined Trill who usually prefers logic over irrationality, but is kind and warm nevertheless. Her ancient symbiont gives her access to information from hundreds of years in the past, but is troubled by them at the same time. She'd rather supress some of the things her symbiont has witnessed in the past. Saria is also curious of new things and likes to take them apart to study them.
Strengths & Weaknesses Saria is skilled with history due to her symbiont, but her memories can be clouded sometimes. One of her past hosts was an excellent marksman and Saria possesses the same skill, more or less.

Saria is, however, uncomfortable when being confronted with her symbiont's past and does not like counselors either.
Ambitions Saria hopes to ascend higher into the ranks as a Science Officer, while she is not sure about crewing her own ship one day. She hopes to learn many more skills, and refine those of her symbiont's past hosts, and to see many places and events. She is not sure about having a family either, but would possible enjoy having someone around her.
Hobbies & Interests Saria is particulary interested in Science, with an emphasis on Astronomy and Astrophysics. Off-duty, she enjoys spending her time on the promenade of DS5 and solving her Rubik's cubes.

She also enjoys tasting new food, learning new languages, and possibly meet new species.

Personal History Saria Rex (née Merida) was born on Trill, like her parents. Her father is a member of the UFP advisory board, and her mother is a specialist at the Symbiosis Comission on Trill. She has only one sister, Tabora Merida, who was born two years after Saria's birth. Saria was already a learning Trill at very young age, and liked to explore the different areas in and around her house, together with her sister.
Saria's father has to move to Earth when Saria was 6 years of age, but Saria stayed with her mother on Trill. Therefore, Saria had little contact with her father.

Saria went to the primary school from the age of 4 till 12, and then enrolled into the high school in the capital city of Trill, Leran Manev. She was fascinated by the Earth language of English, and started courses for the language at her school. Along language, she developed interests for science, history, arts, and music, and was known to spend hours at the library, supplementing herself with the information she wanted to know. At the age of 18, she applied for Starfleet Academy. She found her temporary move to Earth both exciting and creepy, having been bound to her homeplanet in her younger years. She became adapted to life on Earth soon enough, and scored relatively well at most of her tests and exams. She took courses in Sciences, and did some extra courses in Engineering. She graduated in Astronomy and Exobiology at the age of 22.

Her first assignment was the USS Lakota, the ship notable for participating in Admiral Leyton's attempted coup d'état in 2372, where she moved to in her late 22's, becoming a Science Officer aboard. At the age of 23, she recieved the ancient Rex-symbiont, partially due to her mother being in the Symbiosis Comission. The Lakota was assigned to the region around the Federation-Cardassian DMZ, where she conducted research of The Badlands and the fertile colonies in the DMZ.
When the Lakota was patrolling one time, the ship was engaged by forces of the True Way, a Cardassian terrorist organisation, and got hit severely. The Lakota sustained some heavy damage and casualities but still able to make it to a starbase. Saria almost lost her life in the attack, but recieved implants, on the inside and the outside of her body to help the healing process. After the Lakota was repaired, she continued to serve, until she was assigned to Deep Space 5.

Notable previous hosts

-Toril Rex
The first host of the Rex symbiont. He was born in the Earth year 1137 A.D., and a great philosopher in his society.

-Gana Rex
One of the first Trills to make contact with the Federation in 2310.

-Lorent Rex
The diplomat that negotiated the Federation-Cardassian peace treaty in 2319 with Gul Marok.

-Anaia Rex
Captain of the U.S.S. Freebird that crashed on Tau Volantis III in a shuttle, together with Commander Veronica Sterling in 2355. There was a civil war raging on the planet at the time, and Rex and Sterling sided with the authoritarian Seperatists while the Rex symbiont had lost balance, and the host took over. They were found by a Starfleet rescue team after 10 months. Anaia had killed hundreds of people of opposing factions in the meantime, with Veronica Sterling at her side. Both were arrested and the Rex symbiont was seperated from Anaia. Anaia had probably committed suicide by self-destructing the shuttle she was transported on to her court trial, killing 4 Starfleet officers and probably herself, but this remains unknown. This became known as the Tau Volantis III Incident.

-Taya Rex
The second-last Rex host, formerly married to Gul Tekor Madra but killed in action.
Service Record -Starfleet Academy (Science, years 18 - 22)
-USS Lakota (Science Officer, years 22 - 26)
-Deep Space 5 (Assistant Science Officer, years 26 - 27)
-Deep Space 5 (Chief Science Officer, years 27 - present)

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