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Lieutenant JG Jason Fisher

Name Jason David Fisher

Position Retired NPC

Second Position Security Investigations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 0"
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Although not excessively tall, Fisher maintains a presence about him. Athletically built and generally unshaven. His dirty-blonde hair usually contains some highlights and has a 'messed-up' look to it. Fisher has a tattoo of an angel on his upper left bicep.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Captain Aaron Fisher (deceased)
Mother Lydia Fisher
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Lieutenant Commander Anna Fisher (Chief of Security, USS Falcon
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Fisher exudes confidence, which can often be mistaken for arrogance. A play-boy persona who seems not to have a care in the world. However behind the fa├žade is a hard working man, who cares deeply what others think of him. For his years, Fisher demonstrates a great deal of wisdom and maturity, particularly when dealing with delicate situations. He is a great listener and is often asked for advice from friends who may be having problems. He is a loyal and honest friend and is able to keep secrets. His knowledge of computers is well above average. Fisher is a staunch believer in doing a job properly and will go great lengths to be thorough. Paradoxically, Fisher's desire for perfection sometimes means he will work himself too hard and not allow himself an adequate amount of sleep. He also has a tendency to be lazy, often getting a computer to do tasks he is quite capable of processing himself. Although he will do a job well, he often needs a push to start the job in the first place.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Wise
+ Talented musician
+ Can ride a horse
+ Thorough
+ Slight empathic ability (inherited from maternal grandmother, who was a Betazoid.)

+/- Perfectionism

- Laziness
- False confidence
Ambitions To command a Starship and to marry - although he admits that they may well be the same thing.
Hobbies & Interests Fisher has a great love for music and can play a variety of instruments. He has a great love of Klingon culture and history and can use a bat'leth with great skill. He also enjoys tinkering with computers and collecting historical weapons.

Personal History Early Life.
Jason David Fisher was born to a Starfleet Officer and a housewife in a built up area of England, close to London - one of Earth's greatest cities. For most of his infant years his Father was unable to be involved in his upbringing, as he was away with work. Jason was raised almost exclusively by his mother, who in turn became extremely protective of him. As a result Jason was a shy child, not easily making friends, but seeking solace in the company of his mother. At age four his sister, Anna, was born and Jason was extremely protective of her. As he grew older Jason had conflicting emotions about his relationship with his father. While he felt bitter that his Father had not been around for much of his upbringing, he was fascinated by his father's stories of space travel. By age six he was determined to follow his father into Starfleet, much to his mother's dismay. His ambitions changed drastically later that year, when in 2367 he learned that his father had been killed in a confrontation with the Borg at Wolf 359. Jason was inconsolable and he became a virtual recluse. His feelings of bitterness towards his father (and Starfleet) returned, and he began to practice the piano obsessively.

He did well at secondary school, but always regretted not putting 100% in to his work. His musical practice, however, was consistent throughout. Aged 18, he attended the University of Plymouth. His 1st year roommate was a Klingon called Kahgen. These unlikely pair became fast friends and roomed together for their entire University life. Kahgen taught Fisher Klingon, and also introduced him to Klingon food and to blood wine. Fisher tried the drink once and promptly vomited. Most importantly, Kahgen reawakened a desire in Fisher to expand his experience beyond Earth. Following his graduation from Plymouth, and accepting that his father died doing a job that he loved with such passion, Fisher applied to Starfleet Academy in 2382.

Starfleet Career.
Jason's Academy career was successful if not distinguished and, he, among others, acknowledged that he could have been more successful if he had put his mind to it. Much of his distraction was caused by fellow cadet Mikaela Locke - the two of them engaging in a tumultuous on/off relationship for their entire academy life. Following his second year, he chose to major in intelligence, discovering that his understanding of musical theory actually enabled him to see patterns in data too.

Following his graduation, Fisher was assigned to the research and analysis department of Starfleet Intelligence, based in San Francisco. Again, his work was satisfactory, without being outstanding, this time primarily attributed to his frustration at being given an assignment on Earth when his motivation for joining Starfleet had been to explore the universe.

His wish was granted two years later, when he was posted aboard the USS Serenity as Chief Intelligence Officer. However, after a into his posting, disaster struck. Leading an away team to sabotage and reprogram a though-to-be abandoned automated warship, it was discovered that pirates had boarded the vessel first. During the away mission Jason was shot and, although beamed back, was pronounced dead upon his return to the Serenity. However, the Serenity's CMO thought quickly and placed the body in cryogenic stasis and upon return to Deep Space Five, Fisher was resuscitated and operated on. He left the theatre with an artificial heart and a surgically repaired left lung.

Following an extensive period of rehabilitation, Fisher cross-trained as a security investigation specialist and was assigned to the USS Ranger. His time on the Ranger was, however, short-lived. After just eight months, he had once again applied for a transfer, citing a 'discomfort' aboard the Ranger and a feeling like he did not 'fit in'. While Starfleet's counselors suggested to him that this was more to do with his own near-death experience as it was to do with anything or anyone on the Ranger, he opted to transfer anyway and, in January 2392, he was reassigned to Deep Space Five, a move which would bring an unexpected reunion with Mikaela Locke.
Service Record September 2382
Entered Starfleet Academy

June 2386
Graduated Star Academy: Commissioned as Ensign
Starfleet Intelligence: Research & Analysis - San Francisco, Earth

September 2388
Promoted to Lieutenant (j.g.)
Transferred to USS Serenity

September 2389
Extended Medical Leave of Absence

September 2390
Starfleet Academy - Security Cross-Training

May 2391
Transferred to USS Ranger
Senior Security Investigations Officer

January 2392
Transferred to Deep Space Five
Assistant Chief of Security and Senior Security Investigations Officer

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