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Civilian Hydel Turvan

Name Hydel Turvan

Position Cardassian Ambassador

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Cardassian
Age 54

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3
Weight 204
Hair Color Ebony
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Turvan stands at 6'3 with a solid physical build. Two thick vertical neck ridges recede back to the crown of the head and an inverted tear-shaped ridge in the center of the forehead. The ridge is thickest immediately above the eyes, protecting his eyes and making them look especially deep-set. He possesses a scar across his chest which was inflicted during a battle on Beloti Prime during the Federation-Cardassian War. (The First Federation War)


Spouse Falshon Turvan
Father Gul Rho'Var Turvan (Deceased)
Mother Dee'rallas
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Turvan is a silent contemplating individual. He plans his words carefully so as to speak with precision and certainty. Non-Cardassians might describe him as arrogant and opinionated. However, he believes in the important of order and stability, and that nothing, not even life itself, should be placed above the good of Cardassia.
Strengths & Weaknesses Turvan's education began like most Cardassian children wherein he was taught mental discipline from a very early age. Turvan believes very strongly in the credo "Education is power... joy is vulnerability."

- Turvan has spent his career as a loyal subject not just to Cardassia, but to the Cardassian Military. His tactical and leadership skills have been honed in countless military campaigns.

- Weaknesses: He's Cardassian, what weaknesses?
Ambitions To witness once again the glorious resurrection of the Cardassian Empire.
Hobbies & Interests

Personal History Turvan was born in 2341 in the Takian province near LaKarian City. He was raised in a proud Cardassian family that descended from long-line of loyal soldiers to the empire. His Great-Great-Great-Grandfather was one of the first men to serve as the Chief Archon of the Cardassian Supreme Tribunal with a perfect winning record. This was during the time that the Cardassian Guard was managing to restructure the fractured Cardassian people from a starved and broken people, into the powerful Empire that was revered by all powers within the Alpha Quadrant.

He entered the Cardassian Military Academy in 2356 and focused his studies in Engineering and Operations. He graduated at the top of his class in 2361 and was given a post on a Keldon-class Warship within the Beloti sector. It was here that Turvan experienced battle for the first time as Cardassian fought against the Federation's attempt to annex their rightfully claimed colonies within the sector. Glin Turvan's heroric deeds were demonstrated when he led a charge of troops to capture and secure a Starfleet installation. Turvan's merciful nature was commended by Central Command, when he allowed the Starfleet soldiers to assist in various labor-intensive activities during their detainment until the Federation was able to properly bargain for their exchange.

In 2367, hostilities between the Federation and Cardassia had ended with the signing of the treaty which established the Demilitarized Zone. By now, Turvan had obtained the rank of Gul and was responsible for the establishment of several outposts within the region. Order and stability was once again needed as Cardassian civilians became the victims of Federation extremist within the DMZ known as the Maquis. Turvan, along with various other vessels within the 5th and 6th Order were transferred to the sector to protect Cardassians interests from the Federation-supported aggressors.

In 2370, Turvan was onboard the Warship Vetar during his fateful encounter with the Maquis vessel Val'Jean commanded by Chakotay. Initially, the Vetar believed that it had destroyed the Maquis vessel as it retreated into the badlands, but years later, reports surfaced that the small vessel had actually survived the encounter. Much to the chagin of the the Vetar's commander.

Throughout the early years of the 2370's, Turvan commanded the Warship Gultan during Cardassia's campaign to repel the Klingon invasion from their Empire. He remained loyal to the efforts of Gul Dukat, even after it was discovered that he had fathered a half-breed Bajoran child and returned her to Cardassia. Turvan never judged the man's loyalty to the empire and gladly fought along side him as he continued to wage a war against the Klingons, despite the cowardice of the Detapa Council. However, in 2373, Dukat's surprise treaty with the Dominion brought even more concern to Turvan than joy.

Turvan naturally relished the fear that was struck into the heart of Cardassia's enemies by the new treaty, however he feared that such an ally might prove to become difficult to control. Turvan's assumptions were correct was the Dominion began to subjugate Cardassians within their own homelands. Turvan was one of the first Cardassian Officers to enforce a strict "No-Jem'Hadar" policy on his vessel, demanding that only loyal soldiers of the empire serve on his vessel.

Turvan fought valiantly for the Empire during the Alpha Quadrant War (The Second Federation War) in various engagement against the Federation Alliance, including the First Battle of Deep Space 9, The Second Battle of Chin'Toka, and the Battle of Cardassia. Although, Turvan did not believe in outright rebellion against Cardassia, he did sympathize with Damar's cause and provided sensor information to the Damar's troops whenever discreetly possible.

Tragedy struck Turvan's family when they were visiting Lakarian City when the Dominion chose to turn its aggression on the Cardassian people. Upon receiving the news, Turvan was one of the first Gul's to turn their vessels against their so-called "allies" and begin to cut down the Dominion invaders with extreme prejudice.

Since the end of the Alpha Quadrant War, Turvan has been active in Cardassia's rebuilding process. He remains loyal to Cardassia, but believes that the newly established democratic government under Garak is too soft and is not leading their people in the right direction towards former glory. He believes that the next War to be fought will be from within the Alpha Quadrant as a major power decides to take advantage of the vulnerable Federation and Klingon Empires and strike.
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