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Commander Caleb Ryan

Name Caleb Morgan Ryan

Position Executive Officer: Head of Station Operations

Rank Commander

Meritorious Newcomer of the Month Award Non-Player Character Award Merit of Time Served Service Citation Good Conduct Medal Non-Player Character Award Captains Personal Merit Service Citation Long Service Award: 3 years

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 190 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Very tall and lanky, though solid and fit. Hair usually in a bit of disarray, often slightly unshaven. Not slovenly in appearance, but it's not a priority. Ruggedly handsome. Large scar down his left thigh.


Spouse Mika Naqiis (deceased)
Children Aleczandra Diawdra Naqiis (daughter, 16)
Father Barney Ryan
Mother Ada Ryan
Brother(s) Stuart Ryan
Sister(s) Lila Ryan
Other Family Yes, but none specified yet

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally solid and stoic in demeanor, he is not without a sense of humor. He can be charming, but sometimes doesn't bother. The recent loss of his wife has left him with an air of vulnerability in a normally strong man. His daughter often leaves him at a loss for how to deal with her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Caleb is very focused and goal-oriented. He is calm and unflappable in a crisis, able to make the quick, tough decisions. He is unfailingly loyal to those who earn his trust and respect.

Caleb is sometimes impatient. Recent events have left him second-guessing himself, especially where his daughter is concerned. He doesn't know how to connect with her. She tends to have him wrapped around her finger, though he is increasingly concerned about her.

Caleb tends to be a bit of a technophobe. While not unfamiliar with modern technology, nor really afraid of it, he'd prefer reading a real book to a PADD, or cooking to a replicator.

Caleb is sometimes plagued by an old injury from his near-death accident in which pain flares up in his thigh. Occasionally he will use a cane when this happens.
Ambitions His current ambitions are in flux. As a newly widowed single father, Caleb is mostly concerned with raising his daughter. He previously had the usual career goals of a typical Starfleet officer, but right now he wishes to settle into a more stable position and step off the career rat race for a while.
Hobbies & Interests Westerns, cowboys, riding horses, chess, reading, history (especially military history), American football

Personal History Birthday: September 12

Caleb was born and raised on an East Texas ranch. While a functioning ranch, it also served as a vacation destination for those wishing to experience the "Ancient West". His family was personally very low-tech. Like the typical teen, Caleb rebelled at the insular life of his family. As soon as he could, he applied to Starfleet Academy and was off to see the stars. Ironically, that was when he started to get the most homesick.

At the Academy he specialized in Security and Tactical. He was a typical Sec/Tac "jock", so it was rather surprising when he started dating a Science "geek", an attractive blonde Trill classmate named Mika Naqiis. Shortly before graduation, they had a quick wedding before he shipped off on his first assignment and she returned to Trill to be Joined. Their reunion was a bit rocky as he had to get used to the personality changes brought about by the symbiont, but he persevered and they fell in love again, having their only child Aleczandra.

During the Federation-Klingon and Dominion wars Caleb served as a security and tactical officer on Federation warships, the Amazon and the Dauntless. After the war, he followed more his wife's career interests and served on board science vessels until he was personally recruited by Captain Artemis Pierce to serve on the USS Nemesis.

In the first year of his service on the Nemesis, Caleb was instrumental in the capture of a notorious Ferengi arms dealer Daimon Dys. A few years later, during a family vacation on Risa, Caleb ran into Dys again. The Ferengi shot down their personal shuttle over a remote part of the planet. Caleb's wife Mika was killed and he and his daughter Aleczandra were injured. To save the Naqiis symbiont Caleb was forced to decide to transfer it to his unconscious daughter. He then salvaged what equipment he could and carried his daughter out before Dys tracked them down to finish the job.

Caleb took leave from Starfleet following the death of his wife, returning home to Texas and trying to help his daughter deal with the changes brought about by her unwanted Joining. The two have grown apart in their grief and Caleb decided to go back to Starfleet, taking a post that he thought would be less dangerous and beneficial to his daughter.
Service Record 2367 – Joins Starfleet Academy
2370 – Inducted into Red Squad
2371 – Graduates Starfleet Academy; begins serving on the USS Amazon as a security officer
2372 – Federation-Klingon War
2373 – Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade; Federation-Klingon War ends; Dominion War begins
2374 – Transfers to the USS Dauntless, tactical officer
2375 – Dominion War ends
2377 – Transfers to USS Hubble, a science vessel, as Assistant Chief of Sec/Tac
2382 – Transferred to USS Higgs as Chief of Sec/Tac, another science vessel
2385 – Transfers to USS Nemesis, an Intel ship, as Chief of Strategic Operations
2389 – Personal leave
2390 – Executive Officer on Leto Colony
2392 – Chief of Security, Deep Space 5

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