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Civilian Tianys Dalav’ni

Name Tianys Lyeia’cil Dalav’ni

Position Proprietor

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Rowa'ni
Age 99

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 130
Hair Color Deep rose red, worn long
Eye Color Green
Physical Description As a Rowa’ni, Tianys has the typical green skin and petal-like brightly colored hair of her race. From the Vulcanoid subtype of Rowa’ni, she has the typical pointed ears, though much of her features actually come from Romulan genetics in her House. She has a voluptuous body with plenty of soft, enticing curves and an innocent, angelic, youthful appearance despite her age since Rowa’ni rarely show much aging until they approach 150-200. Model: Kate Upton


Spouse None
Children Chani (daughter, 89), Lornt (son, 79), Pern (son, 69), Gars (son, 59), Kuzuwi (son, 49), Lalut (son, 39), Vestasina (daughter, 29), Sulahon (son, 19), Eldine (daughter, 9, still in pod)
Father Unknown
Mother Lyeia Deless’cil Dalav’ni
Brother(s) Numerous
Sister(s) Numerous
Other Family Numerous

Personality & Traits

General Overview Outwardly gregarious, flirtatious, and carefree, Tianys is cunning and manipulative. She keeps her speciesist views to herself.
Strengths & Weaknesses Cunning

Ambitions Enrich her House and her family. She is at the age where she needs to start contemplating a lifemate, and that means calculating political advantage for her House among the Rowa’ni and possibly angling for a Submatriarch position in her House.
Hobbies & Interests Wealth and the things it can buy.
Adept with natural medicine, drugs (narcotics, intoxicants, soporifics, hallucinogens), and poisons
And, of course, sex (she is Rowa’ni, after all)

Personal History For details on the Rowa’ni go here

House Dalav’ni was a minor House among the Rowa’ni. Much of their roaming territory lay in Romulan space where they were constantly harassed. As one of the Vulcanoid subspecies of Rowa’ni, one would expect them to be open and accepting and allied with the Mira’ni faction, but because of their experiences with the Romulans the House recently shifted loyalty to the more purist and speciesist Afri’ni faction. Needless to say, the Black Orchids, a fanatical and vengeful religio-political sect among the Rowa’ni, find a fertile home in House Dalav’ni.

This shift was the policy of the current Matriarch and Tianys’ mother Lyeia. As a result of good alliances with other Houses, House absorption and consolidation, over the last hundred years Lyeia has managed to make House Dalav’ni a mid-level House with considerable influence.

Another policy shift in the House dealt with the Romulans. Lyeia shifted House Dalav’ni’s territory to straddle the Federation-Romulan border and the Neutral Zone. Instead of running, House Dalav’ni started to hit back. Using the border as a shield, they started hitting Romulan shipping interests and House activities have moved from the typical Rowa’ni scavenging, entertainment, and con artist jobs to piracy and smuggling. As a result, House Dalav’ni is one of the best armed Houses outside of House Mira’wi and House Afri’ni.

Tianys served as her mother’s faithful agent in these changes to advance the fortunes of the House. It was much better than begging for scraps from the Romulans or the Federation. As a child, she learned the requisite engineering skills that all Rowa’ni learned to keep their House ships afloat. Unlike most Rowa’ni Houses, Dalav’ni also emphasizes military ability, and so she spent her next decade in the military caste. Finally, as the daughter of the Matriarch, she graduated to the clerical caste where she studied botany.

Tianys currently serves as matron of the Lotus Lounge, a hostess club and intoxicant lounge. The business serves as a front for her other, less legal, activities. She launders latinum and credits for the Black Orchids and provides safe haven for members of the organization. Other than growing and selling a few minor drugs, Tianys keeps her hands relatively clean. She is more of a facilitator than an offender, knowing her position on Deep Space 5 and the borderlands is of strategic importance to her House.
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