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Civilian Wayne Bradshaw III

Name Wayne Howard Bradshaw III

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human / Betazoid
Age 65

Physical Appearance

Height 6'7"
Weight 215
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Ice blue
Physical Description Wayne is a tall man solidly built and hardened from years of leading hard men. He has a scare on his left thigh from a battle with the dominion, he lost his left arm during the klingon conflict and had it replaced with a bionic arm.


Spouse Amber - Deceased
Children Sons: Wayne IV, Daniel, William, Cody & Collin

Daughters: Tia, Darcy, Caroline, Mellisa & Nancy
Father Wayne Bradshaw II - Deceased
Mother Diann - Deceased
Brother(s) Harold, Frank, Collin Simon & James

Sister(s) Sarah, Rebecca, Stacie & Kim
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Wayne is considered a bit of a ladies man as evidenced by the number of hearts he has left in his past.
A lifetime of leading men into battle has given Wayne what some would call a distant personality, nothing could be farther from the truth.
He is outgoing and friendly however there are some things that are not discussed with him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Tactical planning, thinking on his feet, politics

Weaknesses: Short temper, stubborn
Ambitions To have the largest privately held company in the federation
Hobbies & Interests Cooking, fencing, holonovels, starship design, hunting, horseback riding, mountain climbing

Personal History Wayne Bradshaw III was born to Wayne II and Diann bradshaw on a clear and sunny day in may 2320 in Seattle Washington. Though he spent his early years on his parents estate south of Edinbourgh Scotland. As a young child he divided his time between school and the moors that made up a part of the family estate. He graduated from high school with honors in mathamatics, business, and English; He also left school with three letters in football, Polo, and basketball.

Within a month he had submitted his application to Starfleet acadamy and by mid summer he found that he had been accepted to start with the class of 2337. When he started in the acadamy he planned on going for engineering or security something that would give him a chance to learn more and to see some more of the federation. He ended up in security or at least that was what he thought he was going to do. However his instructors saw something in him that he did not see himself. He was proving to be a natural leader, though he was also tougher to teach then what the normal acadamy instructors were used to. Rather then see his talent go to waste in security where he would no doubt be unhappy they quietly shuffled him over to the marine officer training courses.

In these courses Wayne found himself and actually started enjoying his time at the acadamy. Even amoung the marine students he was proving to be a leader in the truest sense of the word. He would protect the younger students when needed and stand up to the older students when he thought that they were in the wrong. He graduated in the top 10 of his class with honors in tactics, and leadership courses. When he finished his time at the acadamy he ws approached by the head of the advanced Officer training school and offered the chance to farther hone his skills before joining the fleet.

Wayne did not know it at the time but there was a reason the school was called advanced. It was tougher in every aspect then the acadamy was but the officers it turned out were also some of the most promising officers in the corps. After a year at the ATS Wayne finished and was ready to take his place in the fleet. Little did he know just how much help the school would be for him over the course of his coming career.

His first assignment would set the course for the rest of his career. Assigned to the USS Freedom as the Company XO he was charged with the day to day running of the unit as well as it's training. He would make friends in this company that would stay with im throughout his entire career and beyond. When the Company commander was killed on a mission Wayne stepped in and took command of what was left of the company getting everyone including the dead and wounded out of the combat area. Rather then bring a new officer in it was decided to simply promote the young 1st Lt. to a captain and gave him command of the company. His total time of 6 years on the Freedom allowed him to grow and become the leader he was intended to be. I

It was with a heavy heart that now Captain Bradshaw left his unit and enrolled Ranger training school. He felt that he was lacking in one key aspect and had hoped that the school would help to correct that aspect. For two years he was hammered, tempered and molded into an elite soldier one who would be called on to do the toughest jobs that the corps could throw at him. It was during this short tour that he met his future wife Amber. It was a case of love at first sight and the couple were married by the time he finished up at the school. Though it would be hard they were both determined to make the relationship work regardless of what was thrown at them.

His first assignment after the school was to the USS Kingston as the company XO for a full company of Rangers. In the four years he was on the Kingston he was involved in several operations that were classified and he does not talk about what he did or even where he was. It was also while he served on the Kingston that Amber gave birth to his first two children, twins a boy and a girl Wayne IV and Tia. He had wanted to be there for their birth but well they both understood the life of a marine and they accepted it taking what time they could get to make the memories that they could make. However things were about to change drasticly for the family. As it worked out after 4 years in space with the Kingston and his company of rangers Wayne was promoted and transfered to a planet side base. Camp New Pendragon was a newer camp close to the frontier, however as a senior officer he was able to get his own quarters and have his family with him. For eleven years they were stationed at Camp New Pendragon. It was during this time that the bulk of their family was born.

In 2366 Wayne was tagged for an assignment that would be a huge feather in anyones cap. A posh stationing on earth as the personal aide to one of the twelve most powerful men in the marines. Field Marshal Karl Wolf was in need of an aide and apparently wayne's name was at the top of a very short list. THe family packed up and moved back to earth to take up the assignment. For three years now Col. Bradshaw worked under the field marshal and learned what it ment to command a massive unit such a corps in the marine corp. It was not nearly as posh as he had been led to beleave but it was still a very easy assignment.

With the backing of Field Marshal Wolf Wayne was able to move up in the marines easier then he would have normally had. In no time at all Wayne was in command of the 1st Regiment. It was at this time that he sent a call out to his old friends from his first command and soon enough he had made the first regiment into his own group. Officers and NCO's he knew and trusted were in key positions within the regiment and it soon was converted from a support unit to a full combat unit, one that would go on to win several battles and take away many high awards for valor and courage under fire.

It was with the record from the 1st that Wayne got his next promotion to Brigadier General and command of the 5th Brigade. Using some contacts and a little political dealing Wayne was able to fold the first Regiment into the 5th Brigade thus keeping his friends close and his power base solidifed. Though now that he was a general he could no longer go out into the field as much, and was stuck doing more paperwork. He managed to get out and lead his men in a few important battles though which managed to keep him in the public eye and thus in the eye of starfleet. It might not have been the nicest thing to do but he had to admit that he liked the game.

By playing politics and with his ability to read people Wayne managed to get one last promotion to the rank of Major General. He was given command of the 1st Division and for three years he led the division with an iron hand and a soft voice. It was with a heavy heart then that in 2380 after the death of his mother and father that wayne resigned his commission in the marines and entered the private sector to head the family business. What he did not know was that several of his oficers would follow him. They had all hitched their horse to Wayne and would follow him regardless of were it led.

On his final day in command of the division he did something that he seldom ever did. he ordered the entire unit assembled and addressed them. His message was as uplifting as it was heartfelt. That coupled with a round of promotions before he left made everyone feel much better. With a heavy heart General Bradshaw left Camp Pendragon the old way. Rather then simply walking to the transporter pad and beaming to his home and new life he would walk down the bases main road and out the front gate. He had not expected what had happened on that day though and it would be forever remembered in his heart. Three hundred yards from the gate he found a image that was not what he was expecting. Lining the road on both sides were officers and NCO's in full dress uniforms complete with sabers. As he entered the line each man came to attention and saluted him chrisply as he had tought them over the years that they had served togather. He was met at gate by his relief a Major General that he himself had promoted to do just this job. He saluted and then shook the mans hand and acepted the gift that was offered to him a pair of Identical decorated sabers and a brace of pistols. It was not what would be considered a normal parting gift but each man their knew what the sabers and pistols met to the old soldier. Wayne squared his shoulders turned back to the assembled men and saluted them before turning on his heel and walking out of the gate and directly into a civilian job that would be just as daunting as any he had done in the core.

The very next day wayne walked into the offices of Bradshaw Intergalactic Incorporated and took over where his father left off. With him came some of his own children who would be filling differant roles within the company. Wayne IV would take over all security operations for the company, Daniel with his understanding of finance would take over the accounting side of the company, Collin would head up the R and D department, and Cody would as the youngest be picking up the various other things until such time as he had a handle on the business.

In short order what had started out as a small shipping company with 5 ships became something much more. The company enlarged to a fleet of 30 ships, 2 ship yards, 5 Dilithium mines, a 2000 man private military, and three large casino's. Those were the visible aspects of the company.

Less known but prehaps more leathal was the weapons development program that was launched under the R and D department. Not only did they design new weapons systems but new fighters and other military craft as well. All in all the first 5 years of the companies operation under Wayne Bradshaw III were a period of growth and of concern for some of their competitors.

Now in 2385 and with the companies new headquarters located on DS5 and what would hopefully be the start of a working friendship between the company and the fleet.
Service Record 2337 - 2341 Starfleet acadamy
2341 - 2342 2nd Lt. Advanced marine Officer training
2343 - 2346 1st Lt. baker company XO USS Freedom
2346 - 2349 Captain Baker Company CO USS Freedom
2349 - 2351 Ranger training
2351 - 2355 Captain 1st Ranger company XO USS Kingston
2355 - 2360 Major 1st Ranger company CO/ 2nd Ranger battalion XO Camp New Pendragon
2360 - 2363 Major 2nd Ranger Battalion CO Camp New Pendragon
2363 - 2366 Lt. Col. 2nd Ranger battalion CO/ 1st Regiment XO Camp New Pendragon
2366 - 2369 Col. aide to field marshal Karl Wolf
2369 - 2374 Col. 1st regiment CO
2374 - 2377 Brigadier General 5th Brigade CO
2377 - 2380 Major General 1st Division CO
2380 - pres President and CEO Bradshaw Enterprises

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