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Lieutenant Benj Amoran

Name Benj Amoran

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran/Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 168lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Benj has Bajoran ridges at the top of his nose which are less prominent than those of his father, softened by the genes of his human mother. He has dark hair, dark eyes and a dark complexion and could be considered good looking although he is too modest to see it in himself.


Spouse ex-wife : Amoran Beth – Divorced
Children none
Father Amoran, Lars
Mother Amoran Amy (nee Kent)
Brother(s) Nonw
Sister(s) None
Other Family Maternal Grandfather - Captain Mark Kent - Retired
Maternal Grandmother - Professor of Medicine - Starfleet Academy – Professor Maria Kent MD - Retired
Paternal Grandfather - Deceased - Bajoran Minister of Internal Affairs from 2374-6
Paternal Grandmother - Bajoran Minister's Wife and Home Maker

Personality & Traits

General Overview Benj cares deeply and can be emotional but has become well practised at hiding this. He retains his sense of fun underneath his established social ‘defence shields’ but he is slow to trust.
Born with a happy disposition, Benj is an optimist by nature. His cup is half-full not half-empty.
Strengths & Weaknesses Benj is not only a natural musician but also a natural healer. His entry into the Starfleet Medical Academy was on the cards from early in his life. He never waivered in what he wanted to do. His weakness is his lack of self-confidence but he covers it well by using his sense of humour to deflect scrutiny pleasantly.
Ambitions Benj would like to progress as a doctor, his heart was always set on becoming a Chief Medical Officer on a busy Starbase eventually.
Hobbies & Interests Keen on sports, Benj works out in the gym and is a proficient equestrian. He loves walking or rather hiking across many exotic and interesting landscapes in the holodecks but ideally prefers exploring on any planets that offer R & R during a tour of duty. He is happiest in a tent under the stars which he is equally avid about, having been a keen Astronomer from childhood. He was encouraged in his interest in the night sky by his father who was also passionate about astronomy (which he minored in at the Academy).
Benj is an able and naturally talented musician and will often be found practicing a new instrument or writing or listening to music.

Personal History Born in 2352 in the Federation Colony on Mars, Benj was the only child of Amoran Lars and his wife Amy. His father was an Astrophysicist and his mother a Counsellor. Both were Starfleet Officers and their postings were short and eventful, taking them from one ship, base or planet to another in relatively quick succession.

Benj counted once for a school project, that he had gone to 6 different schools by the time he was 12yrs old. In the end, including the Starfleet Medical Academy, he eventually clocked up 10 educational establishments and 9 homes/residences.

When Benj was 22 he graduated the Starfleet Medical Academy. Specialising (or Majoring) in genetics, he qualified with Distinction and was proudly married to his Academy sweetheart, Beth. Sadly within 6months he came off duty early and discovered his wife was having an affair with the CSO which left him with a messy divorce and a transfer to another ship.

Heartbroken the young medic failed with several further relationships for various reasons and eventually he decided to stop trying and focus on his career instead.
Service Record On graduation from the Academy aged 22, Ensign Amoran was offered a posting on the USS Panther in 2374, which continued his studies and started him in a practical situation Sickbay. Benj made his way up through the department, transferring to the USS Inspiration in ’75 when he found himself facing divorce.

Unable to settle he transferred again in ‘76 to Starbase 155 and worked hard to achieve a promotion to Lt. (jg). In ’79 he was offered a position of Assistant Chief Medical Officer to the USS Glory and would have stayed but when the ship was destroyed on a mission with the loss of several hundred crew he was returned to Starfleet HQ on Earth, Amoran went through some fairly intense counselling and retraining, along with many of his former fellow crew but decided to take a VERY remote posting when the time to be redeployed was finally announced. DS5 was one of the most remote postings he could find and he took it with an enthusiasm that he had not shown for much at all since the destruction of the Glory.

Comments were added to his Psych-eval but he was not prevented from pursuing whatever it was that appealed on this new path.

Awards: Benj was awarded the Tolley Citation for his research and for four Papers submitted to Starfleet Medical based on his investigations and continuing work in the field of Genetics.

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