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Ensign Kaliko Mahelona

Name Kaliko Mahelona

Position Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 170lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Kaliko is of Polynesian and European decent. She is tall for a woman and on the slim side. She has an intricate butterfly and flower tattoo on her left side from her hip to her breast, it twists around to her back and comes over her left shoulder.


Spouse Kai Mahelona
Father Ahne Palakiko
Mother Lillianna Palakiko
Other Family The Chief

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kaliko is strong but normally quiet and reserved. She tends to do activities that she can pursue on her own. Even on a dig site she tends to keep to herself unless someone else speaks to her. Her emotions sometimes overwhelm her, especially if she is thinking of Kai.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kaliko is a perfectionist when it comes to her work. She is quite thorough. Perhaps even a bit too thorough some might say. Yet this quality is one of many that make her reliable on any given occasion. It also gives her a unique tendency to look for answers in places others might have overlooked. Because she tries to see things from every angle possible, she is able to often eliminate the impossible leaving the answer to be whatever remains.

Island life has a habit of relaxing people. Growing up on an island has a habit of making a person never rush into things. It all gets done. No need to hurry and make a mistake. That is the philosophy Kaliko has been both blessed and cursed to inherit. She rarely messes up, but she also will not be the type of person who gets something done in half the time she says it will get done. Whatever time she deems it will be complete is when it will be complete. No earlier and no later. This can be frustrating for people she works with.
Ambitions Kaliko wants to become a famous Archeologist. To make a discovery that immortalizes her name in the history books as one of the greats. It may take time, but her perseverance toward that goal is one of the many things that lead people to believe that someday she may actually achieve it.

She wants to find out what has happened to her husband. The official reports stats that the ship vaporized on impact but no trace of the ship has been found.
Hobbies & Interests Growing up on a tropical island had its perks. Many of these became hobbies that Kaliko still enjoys today. Whether it is sitting on a beach reading, surfing in the ocean or even hula dancing, she still has a need to live the island life when the opportunity arises.

However, that is not the extent of her interests and hobbies by any means. Kaliko is a bit of a bookworm. From the latest news on archeological finds and scientific discoveries to folklore and legends of other cultures, she devours books like a ravenous wolf. Her guilty pleasure comes from reading Anne of Green Gables and the works of Jane Austen. The latter two she often plays out as the lead character in holodecks when she has the free time.

History and traditions are very important to her. As such she has gathered a small collection of artifacts from her life both before becoming an archeologist and to the present. A collection she hopes will continue to grow as she works toward her goal of becoming a renowned archeologist.

Personal History
Kaliko was born and raised on the island on Oahu on Earth. Her parents ran a resort that catered to people from all across the quadrant who were looking for a little rest and relaxation. Life seemed so simple in those days. Sure the Dominion War had begun, but Kaliko was so young and Earth itself so pleasant that the war seemed almost like a dream for as far away as it was. Even the Breen attack on San Francisco left only the smallest memory for her. She could remember the sadness and fear the adults all had, but for her it was almost surreal. Like a bad dream made reality and yet like a bad dream having no direct effect on her.

Growing up was a happy enough experience. She aided her parents in the day to day running of the resort while spending her free time either on the beach, in the ocean, or with her head in a book. She listened to the tales that the visitors would tell of their own homes and cultures and found herself marveling at how different things were away from the tiny island she lived on. Despite those stories, no one inspired her more than the man she called Chief. He was a macadamia farmer by day and the leader of a Luau by night. He would regal Kaliko with stories about her own home and the traditions that were so important to hold onto and remember. Stories of King Kamehameha uniting all the islands of Hawaii. Stories of brave souls traveling the oceans to settle on the great land created by Pele. He was kind and warm with the type of smile that no one could dislike. He was the one who set her on her path to studying archaeology and Anthropology.

During her teen years Kaliko continued to help around the resort while reading more and more books everyday. At night she would dance the hula in the Luau. While she enjoyed the movement and dancing as it seemed to free her of her psychological confines and let her express her feelings through dance, Kaliko often felt uncomfortable being in front of so many spectators. It was nerve racking and yet every night she would go out and do it again. Eventually she fell in love with one of the fire dancers. A young man by the name of Kai Mahelona. Kai was nothing like Kaliko. He was fearless and outgoing. His personality was strong and exciting. Everything Kaliko felt she was not. It was his confidence in her that helped her get over her fear of performing in front of people and learn to enjoy what she did. Granted their relationship was rough at first. She thought he was nothing more than a clown with good dance moves and nice body, but with determination Kai eventually won Kaliko over by showing her that not everyone is who they appear to be at first glance. Sometimes you had to look a little harder. Dig a little deeper. See things from a different perspective. Once you did that, you might find that what you are looking for was there all along. That was one of the first things that Kaliko learned from the man who would eventually become the love of her life.

For the next two years life was good. She lived in paradise on a world that was paradise and had fallen in love. Her studies had given her a chance at enrolling in a prestigious university where she hoped to begin studying archaeology allowing her to follow her childhood dream, but that dream was shattered when Kai announced that he would be enrolling in Starfleet. Kaliko felt crushed. Not because he would be far away. At least not in the beginning he wouldn't. He would only be in San Francisco, but once he graduated he would likely be off somewhere in deep space. The distance seemed like it would kill her and yet, Kaliko did not want to let go of him. The day Kai departed Kaliko found herself lost and reverted back into the shy quiet girl she had been before she met him.

For the next year Kaliko found herself torn between following her own dream or following the man she loved. It wasn't like Starfleet Academy didn't have a good Science department. It just didn't have the kind of archaeology programs some of the other universities on Earth had. Kaliko's mood became dour and despite the support of her parents no matter which choice she made, the young woman couldn't decide. At least not until the Chief gave her a few words of wisdom over a cup of shaved ice. He told her, “No one can decide your future for you. That is for you to decide. You can follow your head or follow your heart. Either way I have no doubt you will find happiness if you want it.” The words brought a smile to the young woman's face and gave her the confidence to make the choice she had been debating for so long. With her mind made up, Kaliko enrolled at Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Academy wasn't exactly what Kaliko had expected it to be. For one thing it was rather strict. Especially when it came to dress codes. For another, it had a surprisingly good archaeology and anthropology department. Sure she ended up taking some some science classes she didn't really want to take to give her a little more rounded education than she might have gotten elsewhere, but that extra knowledge also came with the advantage of knowing things like how certain geological makeup can help determine certain events that may or may not have had an effect upon a find. It was all about how one looked at things. Either she could be disappointed with having to learn things she wasn't really going to use anyway or she could be happy about learning more and look for the bright side when it came to finding a way to use that knowledge. Kaliko chose the latter. Even if she had been frustrated or disappointed Kai was there to cheer her up. At least for the first three years. That wasn't to say that their relationship didn't have a few bumps, but in the end they realized that they were meant for one another.

As graduation approached for Kai, he presented Kaliko with a gift that she has cherished her entire life. A promise of marriage and a ring to go along with it. He may have been heading out on his first mission, but he had no intention of leaving her behind. At least not in the philosophical sense. While light years might come between them, their love would one day bring them back together. That was the promise. One that would take a little longer than planned given Kaliko's future. Upon graduating, Kaliko was assigned a posting aboard the USS Oslo. A Norway-class ship set to transport guests to Bajoran space to help with a symposium of the Federation Archaeology Council. The highlight of the event was to be a tour of the ancient lost city of B'hala which had been discovered nearly thirteen years earlier. While Kaliko was merely involved from a tertiary standpoint, it was an amazing opportunity for the young scientist to actually meet the finest minds in her chosen field, even if it was only by way of serving them drinks or helping to keep things organized and running smoothly. Overall, the experience only reinforced the notion that she chose the correct field of study for herself.

Kaliko remained on the USS Oslo for two years, serving as both a Science officer and a specialist in Archaeology, Anthropology, and Ancient Civilizations. While nothing of particular note happened to her from a life changing standpoint, Kaliko did manage to gain the confidence she needed in her line of work. Life aboard a starship was not easy for her. For all of the excitement that came from traveling around the galaxy, there was a lot of longing for her fiancee, Kai. The two kept in touch over this time and continued to hope and pray for a time when they would be able to get assigned together somewhere.

Eventually that somewhere finally came around. In 2390 Kaliko was assigned as the Archaeology and Anthropology specialist aboard the Intrepid Class USS Rosetta. Even better, Kai was assigned as a helmsman for the ship. The two lovers had finally been reunited against all odds. It didn't take long for the pair to seal their vows with one another. While the ship was doing scientific research on the Helaspont Nebula, Captain Talok proceeded over the ceremony. He was the logical choice after all, given he commanded the vessel. Plus it was thanks to him that Kaliko and Kai were reunited. The captain always claimed that the reason he brought both of them onboard was because they were the logical choices for their given positions, but Kai always suspected that deep down Talon was a bit of a sentimental given the time they had spent together on their last posting.

Life was good aboard the USS Rosetta. Kaliko was living her dream life. In essence the only thing left for her was to find that first major lost civilization and her dreams would have all come true. Well that and have a baby. The concerns she had over joining starfleet had completely disappeared by this time in her life. As their second anniversary approached Kai had been sent on a short pickup mission of diplomat who was coming aboard to catch a ride to the Hanoran system while the ship cataloged some gaseous anomalies. Kaliko was in her quarters preparing for the evening ahead when Captain Talok arrived with the bad news. Kai's shuttle had went down over Hanoran III. The wreckage little clue as to what had happened and no bodies were ever found. For the time being they were classified as vaporized when the shuttle exploded during impact with the surface of the planet.

Kaliko was crushed. Her whole life came crashing down around her as the tragedy dug into her soul and festered a darkness within her that threatened of overwhelm her. She lashed out in defiance hoping beyond all logical explanation that Kai was still alive somewhere out there. For weeks she was put on medical leave until she could come to terms with her grief, but it wasn't that easy. Sure she could say the things that the counselors wanted to hear, but that didn't change how she really felt. She blamed Talok for sending Kai on the mission. She blamed Kai for going on the mission. Most of all she blamed herself for not being with him at the end.

Talok realized that Kaliko would not be able to recover by staying on the Rosetta and initiated a number of moves that he felt would help the young girl move past her grief and regain some of the joy and light that she had once been. The captain relieved Kaliko of duty and sent her to Earth to find some support amongst her family. Once Kaliko was gone, he began to speak with Starfleet Command about finding a new assignment for her. Why he took such a personal interest in Kaliko was never explained and Kaliko may never really know what the motivations were, but in the end a new position was found for the girl after nearly five months of recovery on Earth. This time it wasn't a starship. This time it was a starbase. A place where Kaliko could get a fresh start without the reminders of all that she had lost. A place where she could once more pursue her dreams. A place known as... Deep Space 5.
Service Record 2384: Starfleet Academy

2388: Assigned to USS Oslo as a Science Officer

2390: Assigned to USS Rosetta as Archaeologist and Anthropology science officer

2392: Assigned to Deep Space 5 as Archaeologist and Anthropology science officer

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