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Lieutenant Liam Reynolds

Name Liam Owen Reynolds

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Captains Personal Merit Non-Player Character Award Merit of Time Served Service Citation Scheherezade Award Gold Service Merit Rose Award Captains Personal Merit Plot Development Citation Crews Choice Award Rose Award

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Half Betazoid
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2'
Weight 180lbs
Hair Color Short, light brown
Eye Color Green with dark black betazoid iris
Physical Description Liam looks very human, most people are not aware he is part Betazoid and can read emotions and engage in some telepathy with other species. He is rather thin and gaunt at present normally being slightly overweight.


Children Possibly!
Father Edward Reynolds - deceased
Mother Lorena Reynolds
Brother(s) Andrew John Reynolds (non identical twin) - Captain of the USS Merlin
Declan (Half brother) currently residing in a mental health institute on Earth
Sister(s) Hannah Louise Reynolds
Other Family Step father - Taakom Otrei of the 17th House
Stepsisters - Teena and Kestra

Personality & Traits

General Overview Liam is tends to be very level headed most of the time. He was rather a rebel as a teenager and that side of him, although it doesn't get often likes to get out every now and again.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
+Good communicator
+Focused and disciplined
+Lifelong learner - Liam is always trying to learn new things and better himself

-Can act impulsively at times.
-Comfort eats when stressed
-Can be too sensitive sometimes especially when his Betazed abilities kick in
Ambitions Professional - To be a good counselor/Diplomatic office at the best of his ability and help people.

Personal - Learn piano, write a book, one day have a family
Hobbies & Interests Liam has been playing piano for 5 years.
He is trying to embrace exercise and stay fight
Some Klingon martial arts when he can embrace exercise

Personal History Liam was born to his Betazed mother and Human father in Yorkshire, England. He and his brother Andrew lived there until they were 12 and their parents decided to move to Betazed for their mother to take a job and spend more time with their Betazed grandparents. Liam did not embrace the Betazed culture at first; it took him time to settle down and embrace the culture and peoples gifts. Andrew took to it like a duck out of water. Interestingly out of this it was Liam who went into counseling. Both brothers dreamed of going to the stars and both enrolled in Star fleet.

Upon joining his new role as Chief Counselor, Liam has had a shock in that he discovered his father's affair many years ago and the fact he has a secret half brother Declan. Declan seemly hates Liam and is currently showing some concerning behaviour.

Also Liam started a relationship with the chief Engineer Haku. It is challenging in that she has some trust issues but developed into something deeper. However due to many reasons the two split up. They drifted back together many times on and off, Liam never quite being able to part with her and each other always having their backs.

Haku rescued Liam when members of a mirror universe kidnapped him, tortured and tested on him to try create abilities Liam in this universe did not have. Liam made a major faux parr upon Haku getting him back to this universe. Whether their paths will cross again, and Liam still be in one piece after it remains to be seem!

Afterward Liam took a hiatus from Starfleet and returned to Betazed where he did some healing to get over the experiences and began working in a more diplomatic role planetside.

When his mother attempted to make an arranged marriage between sacred houses, Liam refused and left for Starfleet once more. Looking up his old friend Cade, he found and applied for a chief diplomatic position onboard DS5.
Service Record Liam participated in a 6 month Klingon/Star fleet exchange program with a view of trying to find a way to make his profession more acceptable in their eyes and get this culture to see his service as a good one, immediately after leaving the academy. It was quite an eye opener. He knows a little Klingon and did engage in some Bat’leth training and came away with and interest in martial arts

He worked on board the USS Halo as a junior Counselor and worked his way up to Lieutenant.

USS Republic - Junior Counselor

USS Nmitz - Chief Counselor

Betazed government - Diplomat

DS5 - Diplomat

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