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Commander Caden Aldrex

Name Caden Aldrex

Position Executive Officer: Head of Station Operations

Rank Commander

Good Conduct Medal Sim of the Year Merit of Time Served

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill (Joined)
Age 30 (Symbiont:434)

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 180
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall, athletic build with spotted skin.


Spouse Lt. Commander Amia Telamon
Children None
Father Torvin Telamon
Mother Nilani Telamon
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Janel (age 10) and Kellinor (age 7)
Other Family Lt. Saria Rex is a cousin.

Personality & Traits

General Overview A highly motivated and brilliant young officer. While on duty he always conducts himself with a steady, professional demeanor. The addition of the Aldrex symbiont has made him a bit more witty and irreverent. Cade, as he prefers to be called, is a good friend to those that know him, positive and always ready with a joke or quip.
Strengths & Weaknesses Calm and able to keep his wits about him under conditions of great stress. Has an innate inquisitiveness that always makes for a good quality in a Starfleet officer.

As a young officer his exuberance and temper often got the better of him, especially when he was around alcohol. Symbiosis has helped level him out a bit in that regard but to be safe he keeps himself sober now.
Ambitions Hopes to command his own ship someday. His previous CO Admiral Hurin encouraged him to take advantage of the opportunities that would get him to that goal and he has followed that advice.
Hobbies & Interests Flying, swimming, Parrises Squares

Personal History Caden Telamon was born on Trillius Prime to parents who were both university professors. Taking after his parents, he was brilliant from a young age and could usually be found with his face buried in some book. His parents worried for him, however, and forced him to participate in extracurricular activities so he wouldn't become socially awkward. As a teenager he spent his off time working as an assistant loadmaster on a commercial space tug in the Trill system. It was there that he first became interested in spaceflight.

As a young man Caden also submitted his name to the Trill Symbiosis Commission. At the time he didn't seriously believe that he would be selected for joining with all the other worthy candidates in the running. However, because his parents were respected university professors the Symbiosis Commission was interested in him and kept an eye on his development.

Caden tried without success to get into Starfleet Academy at age 17. It was a very competitive year with a lot of applicants, and he barely missed the cut. The admissions board encouraged him to try again, though, and he entered with the following year's class.

At the Academy he studied Probability Mechanics and Exoanthropology. He was also an active member of the swimming and flight demonstration teams. In his senior year he was disciplined, along with 47 other cadets, for engaging in a massive brawl with cadets from the Imperial Romulan Military School during a Parrises Squares tournament on Rigel IV. It's not clear what happened. Both groups were seated in the viewing stands. Words were exchanged. Then words became shoves, and shoves became punches. When it was all over dozens of people were sent to the infirmary. The Academy Superintendent wrote a letter of apology to the Romulan Embassy, and Caden and his classmates each received 100 demerits and suspension of off-campus privileges for the remainder of the academic year. Nevertheless, he graduated with honors at the end of the year and reported to the USS Endurance under the command of Captain Alandra Torun.

About halfway during his tour of duty on the Endurance the Symbiosis Commission contacted Cade and asked him to return to Trill to undergo his selection procedure. The elderly Trill Foreign Minister, Jori Aldrex, had contracted a terminal illness and had requested Cade as a possible candidate to succeed her as Aldrex's host. Cade took a leave of absence and went home to spend seven months serving under the supervision of a field docent.

As a sidenote the symbiont Aldrex was born in the Caves of Mak'Ala on the Trill homeworld 434 years ago (approximate Earth year 1957). For its first twenty years of life it was cared for by the Guardians and prepared for joining by the Trill Symbiosis Commission. Its first host was Elren, an astronomer. Over the next four centuries Aldrex would share his life with eight more hosts, accumulating all their experiences, memories, and wisdom along the way.

In 2386 Caden Telamon passed his initiation and became Aldrex's tenth host.

After a short period of adjustment to his new life Caden Aldrex returned to the Endurance. The ship was in the midst of a deep-space exploration mission. As helmsman Caden had a front row seat to all the action on the bridge, and was frequently included on away teams. It was a successful cruise for the Endurance. Over a hundred new races were greeted, new worlds were catalogued, and a new network of subspace communications arrays was set up for future use. Aldrex also received a commendation for his contributions to the mission.

When the Endurance retured to Sector 001, Aldrex was assigned to shore duty. He reported to Starbase 1164 to serve as aide-de-camp to Admiral Sharon Paul. It was all desk work and nothing else. He performed his duties commendably, but missed space. He got back to it as soon as he could find an open slot.

That open slot was the IKS Shakra, a Klingon cruiser designated as a duty post for Starfleet exchange officers. It was an interesting tour, to put it mildly. The first couple of weeks aboard were rough, as the Klingon crew poked, prodded, and initiated the new Trill officer in their own Klingon way. Aldrex got into a few fights and acquired a scar on his right forearm courtesy of a Klingon ceremonial dagger. Eventually, however, he earned his place and became a valued member of the crew. The commanding officer of the Shakra, Captain Kul, made him an honorary member of his house at the end of his tour.

Near the end of his exchange tour Cade heard about an open slot on the USS Illustrious under the command of Rear Admiral James Hurin. He put in for the position and was accepted. He found his tour of duty on Hurin's crew to be very rewarding, sharing many adventures with them. During this time he also met the woman who would become his wife, Lt. Cmdr. Amia Soren, the Chief Medical Officer. When Amia was offered a new posting on DS5 he looked for an open position there so he could join her.
Service Record 2380-2384: Cadet, Starfleet Academy. Major in Probability Mechanics with minor in Exo-Anthropology. Active in Academy dive/swim team, Parrises Squares team and Nova Flight Demonstration team.

2384-2386: Commissioned as Ensign. Helm Officer, USS Endurance. Commanding Officer Alandra Torun frequently included him in away teams and made him Gamma Shift officer-of-the-watch to broaden his knowledge and skills.

2386-2388: Promoted to Lt. (JG). Aide-De-Camp to Admiral Sharon Paul, Starbase 1164. Oversaw the Admiral's schedule, managed her staff, and had a hand in planning Fleet operations under the Admiral's command.

2388-2389: Exchange Officer, IKS Shakra. Once he had proven his worth he was allowed to serve in the ship's science and tactical departments. Concluded his tour of duty with a commendation from the ship's CO, Captain Kul.

2389-2391: Helm Officer, USS Illustrious. Promoted to Lieutenant and then Lt. Cmdr. Subsequently joined Admiral Hurin when he took command of the USS Nimitz. Was temporarily reassigned to the USS Prevail (NX-96700) in late 2390 to serve as senior flight test officer. Admiral Hurin regarded him highly and encouraged him to advance his career to the highest levels.

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