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Service Citation

Awarded to a member of the crew who has served with the ship for at least 6 months. This award is non-cumulative.

Category: In character
Awarded: 6 times

Lieutenant JG Alanna Wells
Sun Jun 3, 2018 @ 6:49pm
For a wonderful 6 months with great contributions
Commander Caleb Ryan
Sun Feb 4, 2018 @ 3:15am
Matts coming up to 3 years of service. He has consistently provided interesting characters, NPC's and is always willing to help you out or involve you in interesting and exciting subplots. I look forward to many more years of writing with him!
Lieutenant JG Annora Tessaro
Fri Oct 6, 2017 @ 2:30am
For 6 months service on DS5. Well Done!
Lieutenant Liam Reynolds
Fri Oct 6, 2017 @ 2:30am
A long overdue 6 months service citation
Commander Caleb Ryan
Fri Oct 6, 2017 @ 2:29am
A long overdue recognition of 6 months served
Civilian 'Arrival' Krell Antos
Fri Oct 6, 2017 @ 2:29am
For 6 months on board DS5