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Mandatory Medical Intervention - Lt Trellis

Posted on Thu May 17, 2018 @ 9:42pm by Civilian 'Key Holder' Dorian Gabriel & Lieutenant Si'Lar Trellis & Commander Amia Telamon M.D.

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD3 - 12:00 noon


Amia was tired but she had her orders. She had to send for all officers who hadn't booked in for their mandatory medicals and invite them along. She began and sent out a whole swathe of them right away.

She sent several and the next was to Lt Trellis. It was worded very sweetly and just gently offered him a selection of appointments that were free and would he like to pick one out?

Lieutenant Si'Lar Trellis sat alone in his quarters nursing a bottle of Reqarlian Ale when he received the communique from Sick Bay. He casually activated his nearby Padd and read the request. Evidently, the Doctor was making the rounds and it was Trellis' turn to be poked and prodded. He was off of duty and had no interest in actually getting dressed. Not to mention that he had been working on this particular bottle for the past hour and a quick shower certainly would not have hidden that fact.

"I'll pass..." He said to himself as he threw the padd aside and reached for his bottle again.

Amia noticed that her list of medicals was gradually getting ticked off and completed but she'd heard nothing from Trellis.

=^= Telamon to Lieutenant Trellis =^= she commed him eventually, anxious to get an appointment in the calendar for him at least.

=^= Do you have a moment to talk about an appointment for your medical? =^= she began. =^= I hope I haven't interrupted you at an awkward time? =^=

Si'Lar looked up from where he was laying on the couch as he continued to hear the piercing voice of Dr. Telamon over the comm unit. He knew that she was not going to stop bothering him. She would just continue to pester him until she finally sent a medical team directly to his quarters to drag him to the Sick Bay regardless.

"Ish'da sh'mutah!" Si'Lar cursed in his native language of Trill as he pulled himself to his feet and began to stagger towards his closet to change into more appropriate off-duty clothing. It was a significant task to navigate to the room while his head continued to spin as he tried to maintain his balance.

=^= This is Si'Lar, I....I'm on my way...=^= he said in a gruff tone indicating his considerably low level of willingness.

It took about 15 minutes for Si'Lar to finally walk unceremoniously into the Sick Bay. He squinted reflexively as it took his eyes several moments to adjust to the higher illumination setting of Sick Bay's lights.

"I'm here for my. . .unnecessary. . .physical..." he said to a nearby medic who happened to be walking by his general direction.

Unfortunately for Trellis, Amia just happened to be that passing medic. "Yellow ... engineering? Ops? Security? - Clearly a Lieutenant from the pips but no name yet? I'm going to take a guess that you're the mysterious Mister Trellis perhaps?" she took a stab at working out this was as he hadn't said yet.

"Yes, I am Si'Lar Trellis" the Trill said in an annoyed tone. "I was told that I would have to come here." He said. "How long do you expect this to last?" He asked.

"We can do a routine medical check up in 12.75 minutes, if all is unremarkable from the point of results and answers to standard questions." Amia replied with precision. "More with every uncooperative prevarication." She added pointedly, her arm outstretched towards a biobed indicating that the quicker he required this to be, the better he'd be advised to behave. She was already aware from her proximity, that he had a hint of alcohol in his scent, probably from his breath. This might be going to be a problematical appointment if she wasn't mistaken.

"Fine" he said tersely as he made his way over to the biobed and sat. He never did enjoy sitting in medical bays. He had learned as a child that only two types of people were in hospitals: The sick and the dying.

Amia sensed his discomfort so she just got on with the tests as quickly and calmly as she could. She didn't like some of the readings though. She had just known this wasn't going to go easily.

He looked around the room, listening to the various beeps and alerts that came from the consoles around him. He did not do too well in Science and Medical while in the Academy, so to him all of these devices were mysterious to him.

Amia frowned as the results began to roll up the monitor behind the patient's head. She realised what she was doing and smoothed her expression carefully but some of the readings were worrying.

"Did you never want to take on a symbiont?" she asked in conversation. "I assume you've never had one. I understand they do help with balance and filtering and so on."

Si'Lar bristled at the question. It never failed to send a jolt through him anytime someone brought up the issue of him carrying a symbiont.

"There were complications, no..." He said tersely. He had no desire to rehash his rejection from the Symbiont Commission and the resulting embarrassment he experienced within his family at being summarily dismissed.

"My balance is perfectly fine." He shot back defensively.

"I apologise for asking Lieutenant, it's just that I have detected an imbalance in your pancreatic functions and I am going to need to medicate for that to put you back in sync. Being married to a joined Trill I'm accustomed to being told how good that process is for both parties' health and balance so I wondered if you might not have considered it yet and it might be an option for you for the future. I'm sorry to hear there were complications, I know not all Trills are compatible for implantation and if you're not able medically to do that, then it's off the table as an option for improving your health."

She noticed some irregularities in his heart rate and rhythm at that moment and was distracted.

"Do you suffer from breathlessness at all, Lieutenant?" she asked.

"What does that have to do with my check-up? I'm perfectly fine. I haven't had any episodes where i couldn't breathe." He said.

Amia tried to breathe more slowly herself. He was being very defensive and prickly and she needed to try a different tack to get any helpful information. "I'm sorry, I worded that badly. I didn't mean times when you couldn't breathe at all. I just noticed that your heart rate is showing some arrhythmia. It may mean nothing serious but it's my job to check it out and make sure it doesn't threaten you. If there is any improvement I can do, then I need to see what's going on. I wondered if you had felt a bit puffed out now and then lately?" she tried again, still scanning.

He shook his head at the aggravating question. "No" he said annoyed. "I have not".

"Good." she said, breathing in again and returning to what she could see. At least the scans were being helpful and not getting annoyed.

"I believe you need a few sessions of repair, Lieutenant. I need to do some work on your heart's electricals which should only take an hour, I could do it tomorrow when your shift is over and the regeneration of your pancreas will need about five sessions, but they'll only be 30 minutes each so you could run those after your shifts over the next week, once we have your heart all sorted. Then by next week we should have you back up to full working fitness. You might like to slow down with the real alcohol too. If you don't switch to synthahol, at least 50/50 with the hard stuff, I'll have to have you back to regenerate your liver as well and that will take a lot longer." she explained in a monotone, careful not to make any of it sound in any way provocative or patronizing, at least that was her intention. She had considered prescribing something to calm some of his ill humour.

"What I do in my personal time is none of your concern!" He said defensively. "I've passed my recent Physical Fitness examinations, there are not physical ailments or deficiencies that I'm suffering from!" He continued. "This is obviously a waste of time," He said as he began to get up from the biobed.

"It's a waste of my time Lieutenant." Amia said, keeping her tone level.

"You came here intoxicated which is very disrespectful when you know I am going to have to do an assessment on your physical well-being. You have several serious problems, heart arrhythmia, a pancreatic imbalance and an attitude that belongs on a pirate frigate not a Federation starbase. I cannot pass you fit for duty with all these problems and if anyone did so in the past, then I must look into whether or not they did so with all the facts or if they were negligent. None of that needs to concern you but if you decide to leave and terminate this evaluation, you are an intelligent man, you can imagine how that will go when my report goes in." she told him and waited to see how he wanted to play this.

Trellis was incensed. What he did on his own time was exactly his business. She had no right to dictate to him how he should live with nothing more than a handful of scans.

"Do whatever the hell you want. I'm not going to waste any more of my time." He said defiantly as he turned and began to walk towards the exit foyer.

"You're not going back on duty until I fix that pancreatic imbalance - which will only take an hour - and more importantly until I perform a cardio-ablation - which will take an afternoon or a morning, whichever you choose to pick. You can refuse all treatment but your risks increase the longer you leave it and you'll get very bored not being signed off as fit to work." Amia said loudly, speaking to his back before he could get out of the main bays.

"What's an afternoon in the face of the alternatives, Lieutenant? And think how much better you'll feel afterwards?" she added, imagining that he had slowed, perhaps he had, from behind him, it was hard to see exactly.

Si'Lar stopped as he got to the outer edge of the foyer. He knew the Doctor was well within her rights and abilities as Chief Medical Officer to restrict him from duty. If he was taken off duty, then it would just draw more attention to a situation that he wanted to be left alone. He turned back and around and faced her.

"Fine, let's just go ahead and get this over with." He said as he walked back into the examination area.

"If you would please get back onto the biobed?" she said "i'll be right back. I have to set up." she explained and fetched some items, put them into the appropriate slots in the scanner and raised the med-arch over him. She set up the pancreas balancing procedure first and told him it would take about 45 minutes during which he would have to remain on the bed. She offered him earphones and a vizor that he could use to watch virtual entertainment or listen to music of his choice if he wanted to, helping him pass the time.

"This is a painless procedure, it is just boring." she explained.

Within the hour she was back, checking the readings and nodding with satisfaction. "There that worked very well" she said. "I hope you'll feel the effects of that improvement in a few days. Now the ablation is a little more serious and I think it would be in your interests to let me put you out for this. It gives two advantages, one that you won't be aware of any of the procedure and two that you will wake up and it will all be over. How do you feel about that?" she asked.

"I feel as if I don't really have a choice?" The Trill stated mirthlessly. He had already resigned himself to having to be poked and prodded by the overeager Doctor in order to remain on Active Duty-status. He figured any other tests she wanted to run would just go a lot smoother if he just surrendered. "Begin when ready." he said in a clipped tone.

"Thank you" she said, politely agreeing, glad to have finally got him to allow this and not wishing to do anything that might make him change his mind.

She put a hypospray to his neck and he was asleep in moments. She did both procedures and was able to make a success of them both, which gave her great pleasure as she had no joy in the idea that she might have to tell him she would need to take a second go at either of them. Fortunately they both went according to plan and were over and done with in just a couple of hours. She gave him another hypospray to wake him up again and was at his bedside with a drink of cool water for him to wet his mouth and throat as he began to recover.

"You will need to spend a few minutes getting your balance and bearings Lieutenant but your procedures both went well." Amia explained. "Here is your datarod with a copy of the details of what was done, all of which is now on your medical jacket and formally submitted. You are fit for duty and I hope you will feel better for your afternoon's investment."

She helped him sit up and gave him a smile. She then popped the datarod into his left hand and the drink of water into his right. "I advise that you take your time getting up, for your own comfort and recovery." she said but stepped back so that she wasn't standing over him any more.

She left him to show himself out in his own time.

A JP Between:

Cmdr Amia Telamon - CMO

Si'Lar Trellis
Security Investigation Officer


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