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An Intelligent Transition - Part 1

Posted on Mon Nov 27, 2017 @ 1:27am by Commander Maritza Soran & Lieutenant Mikaela Locke

Mission: Rumours
Location: Station Commander's Office
Timeline: MD 08 - 0715 hrs.


Mikaela Locke strode hurriedly through operations, stifling a yawn as she did so. She wasn't due to be on duty in ops for another forty-five minutes, but had received an urgent message, asking her to report to the station commander's office.

She paused outside the door and, suddenly very self-concious of the hasty attempt that she had made in doing her hair, took a second to run her hands through it and tidy it up, at least a little. Content that it was better than it was - if far from perfect - she reached out and pressed the chime.

The commander's office. Maritza couldn't really believe she was here. There was so much to do. Starting with the admin. She'd summoned the rest of the senior staff to a meeting later, but right now, it made more sense to do with this issue now. "Come in!" she said, suspecting who was about to walk through her door.

The door slid open and Locke entered. "You asked to see me Capt..?" She both cut off mid-sentence and stopped walking, when she realised that she wasn't face to face with Captain t'Vaurek, as she had expected.

"My apologies, Commander," she continued quickly, "I had assumed I would be meeting with the captain?"

Soran shook her head, "This is embargoed information Ms Locke: Captain t'Vaurek and Commander Aldrex have moved on. A coincidence its at the same time, but its inconvenient. I am the commanding officer now."

Mikaela was surprised by the news - not that Soran had been promoted to the position, of course. In her dealings with the commander, Mikaela had found her to be intelligent, efficient and relatable - all qualities she admired greatly. However, the news that both t'Vaurek and Aldrex had both moved on was more of a concern to her, since she had had no idea that it was coming. Of course, there was no real reason why she should be aware of the affairs of the station's most senior staff, expect for the fact that she was an intelligence officer. She hated not knowing things as much as she hated surprises.

"Then I believe congratulations are in order," she offered, not allowing the surprise to register on her face.

"Thank you." Soran said. "And the sentiment is mutual." She placed one of the slender padds used to transfer Starfleet Orders on her desk and pushed it over to where Locke remained standing. "These arrived thirty minutes ago, effective immediately. This goes with them." She put a small black box, no longer than her little finger, on top of the padd. "Congratulations. Lieutenant Commander Locke."

Mikaela allowed herself a smile. When she saw the XO post on Starbase Vanguard was vacant she had spoken to Captain t'Vaurek and, on her suggestion, submitted her candidacy. Since she hadn't heard anything, she had assumed the position had been otherwise filled. The PaDD and the hollow black pip in front of her suggested otherwise.

"Thank you, sir," she said. "Although," she quickly added, checking her enthusiasm, "I am sorry to be leaving you at such a time of upheaval. I'm sure this is the last thing you needed."

"The time is not of my choosing." Maritza agreed. "But that's Starfleet. Do you have any recommendations for an interim head of department until OPM get around to finding me a new one?"

Mikaela thought for a moment. This would be the ideal opportunity to recommend Jason Fisher to a department head post, but as she did she paused to reflect on how she would be leaving him again. She had no right to ask him to follow her... but maybe? She put that thought aside. It was selfish to ask and he would suit the role well. He had intelligence and security training... But even as she was building the argument as to why she should recommend him, another name popped into her head. Perhaps there was opportunity for her and Fisher to be together after all...

"It's a bit left-field," she replied, "But Andrus Grax is on the station right now. Do you know him?"

She shook her head.

"He's a former Starfleet captain," Locke explained, "Used to command the Falcon and then Starbase 249. Officially, he's resigned his commission, but he's been working with Starfleet Intelligence as a consultant and field agent for the last couple of years. He's an old friend and I asked if he would come and help me out. If I may speak freely?"

"Go ahead."

"He may not be the 'by-the-book' choice," Locke continued, "or even the logical choice - but he's sure as hell the smart choice. There's no one better."

Maritza thought about. Another position empty, or she could have at least someone who knew their way around the station and should be up to date with the political situation. The OPM may not let it stand as permanent, but it would work for the moment.

"Alright. Brief him, and tell him to report to me at..." She consulted her diary. It was already bursting at the seams, "Ten-thirty hours."

"Consider it done," Mikaela responded with a nod. She extended her hand to her new, and now former, commanding officer. "If I may, Commander," she began earnestly, "It was a pleasure serving with you."

Maritza nodded her acknowledgement, "Congratulations on your promotion Ms. Locke, I wish you all the best in you new commission."

Mikaela smiled, nodded once, turned on her heel and left Soran to her rapidly-building to-do list.


Lieutenant Commander Mikaela Locke
Former Senior Intelligence Officer

Commander Maritza Soran
Commanding Officer


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