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Missing Persons Report

Posted on Mon Feb 5, 2018 @ 6:55pm by Ensign Jessica Mayhew & Civilian 'Key Holder' Yolanthe Ibalin

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Main Security
Timeline: Backpost; Rumours MD 12 1200


Yolanthe stepped inside the public entrance to Main Security with some trepidation. The last time she was here she'd broken Trellis's nose and been phasered by half the security officers on duty. Now, however, she wasn't feeling the side effects of mass hallucinations or the strain of grief for her badly injured lover. This time she had something far more worrying. She moved to the reception desk. "I'd like to report a missing person, please."

Jessica looked up from the desk and smiled. “Missing person?” she asked. “How long has it been?” She picked up a padd. “And who is it?”

"Ahjess Denn, one of my dabo boys," Yolanthe replied. "He didn't show up for his shift last night, and his roommate hasn't seen him either."

“Oh, the one with the tight butt?” Jessica asked. Then she blushed. “Ehm...not that I...noticed or anything…” She scrambled for a padd. “Come to the conference room and I can take your report,” she said, standing up to lead the much taller female to one of the interview rooms.

The Bokkai flushed a rose pink. "That's a shame. He's not much of a dabo boy if you're not looking at him. He practically sews himself into those pants every night to make sure everyone notices." She hesitated. She hoped nothing had happened to him, and the pink faded into a pale green.

Jessica smiled. “I will admit to losing more than winning at his table,” she said. Luckily that was discretionary money. Starfleet took care of her actual living expenses.

“Can I get you anything, Ms. Ibalin?” Jessica offered, gesturing for the Bokkai to take a seat. Her species wasn’t very common, especially in this part of the galaxy, so Jessica hadn’t learned to read her skin changes. She thought they would make unfortunate underworld figures with such a tell about them. Jessica wondered how well she played poker.

"Just water, slice of lemon, thank you." Yolanthe sat down in the proffered chair. Her colors were turning slightly peach. She hated being in Security. She never came for anything good.

“Be right back, then,” Jessica said, leaving and returning from the replicator a moment later with the cold water and lemon, setting it down in front of Yolanthe.

Taking a seat across the table, Jessica picked up the padd. “When was the last time you saw him?” she asked Yolanthe. “And where?”

"Two nights ago. He finished his shift and left. His roommate says he had picked someone up and had asked her to stay out for the night. When Jessica got home, there was no sign he'd been home, and he didn't come into work last night."

“Okay. Did Jessica have a description of this girl he picked up?” Ensign Mayhew asked, jotting down notes on the padd. “Or know where they went after they left the club?”

"Only she was dark haired. And pale skinned." Yolanthe shook her head, which, along with the rest of her, went a sand colour, frustrated at not being able to say more. "Knowing Ahjess, she was probably humanoid and close to his age. Beyond that, no. No idea where they went."

“Do you have any security footage we could look at?” Jessica asked. She knew that some establishments, like the Lotus Lounge, eschewed such things for the sake of patron privacy. “I’ll pull the Promenade footage from that day, too, see if I can track his movements. But the more footage we have, the better chance we have of getting a facial rec of the woman so we can ask her some questions.”

Yolanthe gave the woman an indulgent smile. "You know I don't have cameras inside my establishment. What happens in The Box stays in The Box."

Jessica returned the smile. “Of course. And here we are again, stuck in the same situation, because of that fact,” she commented. “You and the bloody Lotus,” she muttered, marking down more notes on her padd. Though the Lotus had even managed to get the camera turned off in the small offshoot corridor from the Promenade outside the establishment.

“Anything else you can think of to tell me?” Jessica asked. “Does Ahjess have a habit of disappearing with women? What do you know of his habits? Where does he like to go? Who does he like to hang out with? His friends?”

"He's very sociable. Leaves with one of his punters, or goes dancing most nights. He shares quarters with another croupier, Jessica. They often go on the pull together, on their days off. Though as far as I know, they don't sleep with each other."

“Okay, so no jealousy issues, then?” Jessica asked, making a notation. “He wasn’t seeing anyone regularly? This woman he went off with Jessica didn’t recognize? Not a regular customer, then?”

"Not that I'm aware of. Jessica said she might have been in before. But you have to understand that we get a lot of people in and out, it doesn't mean a lot."

Jessica nodded. “Okay, if there’s nothing else, I’ll process this and get someone on looking through the security feeds outside the Box, see if we can’t track his movements.”

"How long will that take?" Yolanthe looked doubtful. There must be hours of footage, hours that might make the difference between Ahjess' safety and a tragedy.

Jessica looked chagrined. “Honestly, a couple days,” she admitted. “But it all depends on when we find whatever happened to him and if facial recognition gets a good match. That can cut it down. We’ll need a good holophoto or something of him,” she told Yolanthe. “I don’t want to get your hopes up too much.”

"I'll see what I can find. Jessica might have some." Yolanthe stood up, fluctuating between pale green and dirty mustard. "I'll get her to send it over." It would be down to her to find him, she could see. Except DS5 was only a metaphorical jungle, not a real one like her home.

Jessica stood up and got the door for Yolanthe. “We’ll do our best, but it’s been a couple days since he went missing. And on a space station, sometimes people just decide it’s time to...move on,” she said. “This isn’t really anyone’s home, and lots of people are running from things. I’ll keep you informed what I find,” she promised, walking Yolanthe out.

But Yolabthe had been around oneskins long enough now to recognise that tone of voice. They weren't very hopeful. The Bokkai was going to have to do something more on her own initiative.


Yolanthe Ibalin
The Box of Delights

Ensign Jessican Mayhew
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NPC Caleb Ryan


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