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BACKPOST: Aftermath (Part 3)

Posted on Thu Feb 8, 2018 @ 2:53am by Lieutenant Liam Reynolds & Commander Caleb Ryan

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Gino's
Timeline: RUMOURS MD 8 2100


Caleb slid the chair in under Lamia as she sat, waving Charlene over to clear Liam’s setting. The blonde gave Caleb a wink as she did so.

“Anything Ah can get ya’ll?” Charlene asked Lamia and Caleb.

“Just bring the bottle fer the lady,” Caleb said, nodding to Lamia’s wine. “An’ a whiskey neat fer me.”

"My daddy always used to drink whiskey neat," she chuckled, settling into her chair. "So southern gentleman. There I was, all alone at the bar, thinking you looked damn attractive, and suddenly you send me a drink over, and now I find out your southern too. Lucky me."

Caleb inwardly winced at her daddy reference. Was he old enough to be that? He hoped not. Or daddy issues. Button it, Caleb. You’ll ruin this by overthinking.

Caleb flashed Lamia a handsome smile. “Better’n southern,” he said. “Texan, born an’ bred, all the way back ta Sam Houston.”

"Tell me more," the red head purred, pulling herself closer to the Texan, brushing her leg against his. "Did a lot of your line govern?"

Caleb couldn’t say he minded her getting closer. She was quite attractive. “Not exactly governed,” he said. “We’re simple folk. Long line a Texas Rangers, though,” he said. “Plenty a no-good outlaws, too, though.” He chuckled. “Eventually a long line of Starfleeters. Mah dad’s retired now an’ he an’ mom run a ranch, raisin’ cattle an’ horses.”

Caleb sipped his whiskey. “An’ where are you from, Lamia?” he asked her, gazing into her beautiful eyes.

"I'm a city girl, New York," she told him, "but I'm descended from the Irish, hence the red hair. I can trace my family to coming over on the Titanic. My parents were lucky enough to be rescued when it tragically crashed into the iceberg. Nana still has the boarding pass.

"Cheers, by the way. Thank you for the wine." She smiled, clinking her glass to his. "Is the steak as good as the wine?" she asked. "I get the feeling you would be an authority."

“Mah pleasure,” Caleb said. “An’ Gino’s the finest cook on the station. That was a might mean steak,” he said heartily. “That’s a fascinatin’ family history,” he said, putting his arm around the back of her chair and leaning in a bit closer, engaged by the attractive redhead. “Ya live on the station now, or jus’ passin’ through?”

"I'm not sure yet," she said settling into her arm. "I needed a change, ended up on a transport here. It seems a nice place. You tell me, is it worth staying?"

Caleb arched an eyebrow. “Well, it’s the edge a nowhere, ma’am,” he said with a chuckle. “But Ah s’pose it ain’t the worst place in the world ta be. Can think of many places worse. What kinda change ya lookin’ for? What do ya do? Got a job lined up?”

"I have no idea. I design and make clothes," she told him. "And no I have no job prospects. I do, however, have some lovely formal wear designs that you would look very handsome in. Perhaps we could go out dancing some time and I make you a tuxedo. I have a stunning cocktail dress I haven't had a chance to test the waters with the public yet too." She winked at him.

Caleb smiled. “Ah’m afraid Ah ain’t much of a dancer,” Caleb admitted. “Old injury.” He rubbed his leg, but she was sitting close enough that his hand wandered over to her leg. “Cain’t say Ah know much about fashion, though. Ah know there’s a few open shop locations on the Promenade, though, if you were wantin’ ta set up heah.”

"We will have to dance slow then." Lamia gave him a sultry look. "Wouldn't that be something? Little old me with my own shop? I suppose you get enough traffic in and out that it would be quite profitable." She certainly didn't stop his hand wandering over her leg.

“Things are pickin’ up heah, with that new planet out there,” Caleb agreed. He rubbed her leg gently, though not moving his hand too high above her knee, not being inappropriate.

"Have you been down?" she asked, curiosity sparkling in her eyes. "Is it beautiful? Maybe I should look at trying to become one of the colonists. A new home."

“Very beautiful,” Caleb admitted. “Practically untouched wilderness. There’s a few ruins of ancient civilization, though most have been reclaimed by forest. There’s this beautiful old castle, like somethin’ out of the old Earth fairy tales.” He sipped his drink. “Unfortunately Ah’m not sure when we’ll be openin’ things up for civilians,” he admitted. “A lot of security concerns to iron out, not ta mention the diplomatic ones.”

"Then I guess for now I will just see where the wind takes me." She grinned. Taking a sip of her drink, she leaned in closer. "So, cowboy, what are your plans after this? Care to show a lady round this here station and where she might find a bed for the night?" She grinned.

Caleb blushed and smiled. “Ah’d love ta,” he said. “But Ah’ve got a daughter…” He didn’t want to be taking strange women home.

A floral scent tickled their nostrils, sending their blood rushing a bit. Caleb looked up to see one of the station Rowa’ni talking with Gino, her alluring scent and the diaphanous gown that was nearly sheer and flowed and accentuated her generous curves drawing the attention of many patrons. He was very familiar with the arousal wafting through the room, having worked with the aliens before.

“Ah might know a place,” Caleb said. Part of him was kicking himself. Tianys would likely lord it over him if he got a room a the Lotus Lounge.

Lamia noticed the presence of the alien too. "I bet you do." Whoever it was, whatever it was pumping out, was intoxicating. She decided to throw caution to the wind. "Lead on."

Tossing back the last of his whiskey -- he’d likely had a bit too much tonight -- Caleb stood and held out his hand to help Lamia up. Tonight was the first night out of that damn Lisseppian holding cell. Caleb intended to enjoy his freedom.


Commander Caleb Ryan
Chief of Security

NPC Caleb Ryan

NPC Liam Reynolds


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