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Psych (Part 2)

Posted on Fri Feb 16, 2018 @ 7:53pm by Commander Caleb Ryan & Lieutenant Liam Reynolds

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Counseling
Timeline: MD 2 1600


Finally Caleb took a long drink and looked hard at Liam. “Can Ah trust ya, Reynolds?” he asked bluntly. “Ah mean really trust ya, with the most important things in mah life?” His dark eyes were deadly serious.

Finally! Liam thought. He nodded before assuring the chief, "I already know about your daughter being joined underage, Chief. She sensed the same as Cade. I figured it out after the first couple of times I was in her presence, and I've kept my mouth shut. Even tried to protect her in that whole Ferengi debacle. I was worried if it got to trial it might come out."

He carried on as the Chief looked somewhat dumbfounded in front of him. "I spoke with Noelle, as I knew it would be bound by confidentiality as I didn't know initially whether I should have done anything with that knowledge, but we came to the agreement that me letting you know I knew, especially when Noelle was helping, providing a sounding board for Zandy when she needed it. It wasn't worth upsetting or worrying you in any way. Your secret is safe with me. I can even take over from Noelle if Zandy needs to talk. In fact, I think that would be beneficial, but not wanting to worry you..." Liam paused for a moment as the thought just hit him. "Our new science officer, she’s half Betazoid too. If I can sense it, she might cotton on too, and Zandy is working down there, isn't she?"

Caleb scowled, glaring at Liam a bit. “Damn Betazeds,” he muttered. “Yes, she is,” he said, pushing a hand through his hair in worry. “What should Ah do? Forbid her ta intern with Science?” He shook his head. “Ah do think it would be good for Zandy ta have someone ta talk to about all this. She certainly ain’t talkin’ ta me,” he admitted. “An’ Ah cain’t just tell anyone else. Ya think Ah can trust this new science chief?” he asked Liam with concern.

"I have no idea. I'm sorry. I know as much about her as you do. She seems decent, hopefully," Liam said. "Just in the meantime tell Zandy to be careful. Limit exposure and try to stay calm. Bigger emotions, they kind of jump out at us. We don't tend to have to go looking," Liam told him. Nobody ever seemed to get that, he mused. When they found out you had Betazed DNA, they just assumed you went snooping all the time. Even the chief’s comment on "Damm Betazeds" was annoying to hear. Liam pushed it away.

"By the way, Chief, I don't think I have had a chance to congratulate you. How do you feel about your promotion to XO? Excited?" he asked.

Caleb rubbed his forehead. “Unexpected,” he admitted. “Ah’m not sure how Ah feel yet.” He gave a wry smile. “It is a good career move. Comin’ ta DS5 as a security chief was a...demotion,” he admitted. “There’s just a lot more problems on the station than Ah necessarily dealt with when Ah was XO of Leto Colony.” He gave a chuckle. “Another challenge, an’ Ah always did like a challenge.”

"I'm sure you will rise to the occasion," Liam said. "I have every faith in you."

Caleb gave Liam a wry smile. “Thanks,” he said.

He slapped his knees and pushed himself up to stand. “Ah guess that about covers it, Reynolds,” he said. “Ah’ll tell Zandy ta set up an appointment with ya so ya’ll can talk an’ what not.” He seemed a bit grateful to have this off his shoulders. “Thanks fer yer time.”

"Hang on, I haven't passed you yet." Liam grinned at the sudden drop of the new XO's face. "Only kidding. I can't see any major issues. Well, not with your job anyway. Consider your psych evolution green."

Caleb gave a wry smile. “Had me goin’ there for a sec, Reynolds,” he said. “But thanks. Ah think mah daughter’s in good hands.”


Commander Caleb Ryan
Executive Officer

Liuetenant Liam Reynolds
Chief Counselor


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