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Posted on Thu Jan 25, 2018 @ 1:52pm by Commander Maritza Soran & Lieutenant Liam Reynolds

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Captains ready room
Timeline: MD2 0900


Liam never particularly enjoyed having to pay a visit to Soran one on one but evidently his attempts to fulfill the woman's order to do the command exam and develop himself further had gone a wry. So now he had to try chase things up. Squaring his shoulders, he pressed the chime to the door of her ready room.

"Enter," came the familiar crisp cool voice, its owner opening the door. Maritza looked up from her desk, and raised an eyebrow. "Mr Reynolds? I thought you'd be in Counselling. Is there an issue?"

"Not with counselling Maam," Liam said simply. "I requested permission from Captain t'Vaurek a while back to be able to attempt the Bridge officers test and well, she left the station and it wasn't dealt with. Cade, Commander Aldrex," he corrected himself, "also seems to have not had the chance before his departure to okay the request. So there is a request floating around somewhere from me asking permission. I need to ask you to okay it."

Maritza raised both eyebrows. She hadn't pegged him as a bridge officer. But if he wanted to better himself, she wasn't going to stand in his way. "One moment." She searched through the back log of files and requests that were still held over from t'Vaurek incarceration and subsequent removal. It was smaller than it had been. "This isn't a quick or easy course," she warned, finding the request. "Are you sure you want to do it?"

"Quite sure ma'am," Liam responded. It figured she'd have no faith in him. Well Liam Reynolds survived a 4 year psychiatry doctorate, the mirror universe and too date his "mother". He would show her he thought.

Martiza scanned the application. It seemed in order. "It looks like it comes with an oral exam as well as the simulation. And I have to administer both. You have thirty days to complete the prep and take the assessments. Contact my yeoman when you're ready. I suggest that you enlist the assistance of Mr Ryan to prepare."

"Yes ma'am," Liam nodded. He was aware of the oral exam. He wasn't overly happy that Soran was having to conduct it like but he'd deal with it at the time. "Thank you."

Soran filled in the details and appended her clearance. For all his temperament and judgement issues, Reynolds file indicated an intelligent man. If he demonstrated good memory and could figure out the right answers, if if he didn't agree with them, his performance would be more than adequate. "I expect you to pass first time Mr Reynolds."

That was hardly fair Liam mused however he responded, "I will do my best Ma'am. Did you pass first time?"

"Yes." Maritza had studied like her life depended on it for that exam. She wasn't going to do anything less pass first time. She couldn't have afforded it. She'd failed too much already by that point.

Asking that question had brought about a strange emotional response from the blond woman in front of him, Liam mused. "Permission to be dismissed Ma'am, I best be hitting the books."

"Granted," she gave a curt nod. "Good luck, Mr Reynolds."

Liam nodded. "Thank you."


Lieutenant Liam Reynolds
Chief Counselor

Commander Maritza Soran


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