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Snooping (Part III of IV)

Posted on Sat Jan 27, 2018 @ 9:41pm by Civilian 'Key Holder' Dorian Gabriel & Civilian 'Key Holder' Yolanthe Ibalin

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Starship Matthias - Detention Cell
Timeline: MD 4 0100

Previously in Snooping

There was a sharp bang from under the directional shell which channelled the majority of the blast down, exposing the conduits beneath, burning htrough them and melting them all into an indistinct lump. The lights went out, and a broad section of the forcefield made a buzzing sound, then went out. "Yes!" Twenty meters to freedom! Then he was going to ask Gev for a big fat bonus. He went to grab Paveen. He could still save her. "Sorry, mate." he muttered to Kreb, unable to look at the mutilated body.

As Morty began to turn around he was met with a forceful and deliberate blow from the butt of a phaser rifle.

And now the continuation

"Who are you and what the hell are you doing in here?" Dorian asked. The questions were rhetorical in reality. The former Security Chief looked around the area, before dropping his eyes back down onto Morty. They were in civilian attire, and from the horrible scene all around them, it was obvious that these were not professionals. He looked at the blood splattered near the door. Incompetence. . .utter and complete incompetence he thought to himself.

Morty had fallen back with the force of the blow, and got shakily to his feet, sizing up his opponent. Tall, solid, well armed. Not the best thing to see. "I'm the Easter Bunny, mate. I was leaving lots of little eggs for all the good boys and girls. But I don't think you'll be getting one."

"Oh...a damn comedian?" Dorian replied as he rammed his phaser rifle into Morty's solar-plex. "Grab the Cardassian." He called out to the other two Men that came with him. Dorian grabbed him by the shirt and slammed him against the nearest wall panel.

"Today is not a good day. . .for you." He said in a lowered tone. "I've been having a real bad day today, and I'm really not looking forward to having to clean up a bunch of dead aliens." He continued.

"Now, answer my damn question, or else I'll make my job even easier by just disintegrating both of you." he said.

Morty licked his lips. Reinforcements. Well this had all gone to shit. How had he missed that booby trap? Damn these guys were good. "And then what? You'll buy me ice cream and plait each other's hair. Nah mate. But tell you what. You can pay me. A nice big chunk of latinum, and I get to beam out with my girl there, and as I go, I tell you." He couldn't help but look at Paveen as his friend's body was lifted up. "But its a limited time offer."

Dorian had heard enough. He figured it would be best to just finish both of them now before Station Security arrived to ask any questions.

"No...I think we'll go with Option A." Dorian said as he raised his rifle.

"Dorian. . .stop. I want them brought back alive. . .both of them." Mr. Raddon's voice said in Dorian's comm unit.

Dorian paused for several moments. It was clear that Mr. Raddon was viewing the entire situation otherwise he would not have picked such an opportune time to interrupt him. Obviously the elder man had a different plan for dealing with these obvious thieves.

"All right. . .looks like we're going with Option C, actually." Dorian said as he lowered the rifle. "Reuben, transport the Cardassian to Medical Bay, take the comedian here to the Detainment Center." Dorian dispatched.

"Now, now, there's no need for that," Monty tried to keep jovial. It was better than a phaser to the head, but it would make it harder to get out, and was just as likely to lead to the same result. "Why not keep things between us? Gentlemanly like?."

"Oh, I'm sure you'd much prefer that," Dorian replied. "Since you're so interested in Raddon technology, we figure we'd give you an all-expense paid trip to our wonderful guest services." He replied as a small device was placed on the Cardassian and Monty's wrist.

"Garcia, stay behind and deal with 'fleet security when they arrive. Make sure they only know about the unfortunate one that was caught by the forcefield." He said. Garcia nodded as he placed a pressed several buttons on his padd. Immediately, Dorian, Monty, the Cardassian, and Reuben, who was kneeling next to the injured Cardassian's prone form were engulfed in a transportation beam.

Morty arrived in a cell less than ten seconds later. The force field was in place before he could jump to his feet. He looked to Gabriel. "Not exactly five star. I think I'm going to have to charge you more. I need to afford the upgrade."

It took Dorian several moments to re-adjust himself to the new surroundings. "Shut up, just shut the hell up!" He immediately shouted to Monty. "Look around you, this isn't a Starfleet holding cell, they don't even know that we have you or that Cardassian. So I suggest you use think carefully about the next smart-ass comment to come out of your mouth." Dorian said with a stone-walled expression on his face.

Monty did as he was instructed. Maybe there was something in this. "You know, Dorian. You are Dorian aren't you? Can I call you Dorian?" Monty knew who he was, he'd done some background reading.

Dorian did not entertain him with a response.

"Well, you look even more distressed at this situation than I feel. And I know you don't call the shots. So why don't you get the organ grinder down here, see if he'll take me up on the offer."

Dorian stepped closer to the field. "Your Cardassian friend seemed to be hurt pretty bad. I'm willing to go out on a limb to say that she is probably not on the best terms with the Cardassian government right now if she has resorted to picking locks and breaking into storage bays.

"You've already surmised that Mr. Raddon views Humans much more favorable than other species, so you've probably already figured that your chances with him fair pretty well." He said as he stepped right to the field.

"But what about that little Cardassian piece you were with? How well do you think she'd fair after being caught breaking into private property?" He asked. "Talk. . .because you never know who's life may depend on it." he said.

Morty clenched his jaw. They'd been what eight minutes, ten? since Paveen had tripped the booby trap. Average time after death from trauma before resuscitation was impossible was twenty two minutes. "She's already dead. At this moment she's probably best that way, and the longer we chit chat, the more likely she's going to stay that way. But I can be a good sport. This wasn't personal. This was business. You want to know more? I take credits, latinum, and Bolian bearer bonds"

Dorian knew that he was not going to get anywhere with this character. So he decided it would be best for him to save his breathe. "I'll be back." He said dryly as he turned and exited the small enclave that fed into a larger reception area.

Morty watched him go. Pav was a lost cause. Kreb was gone. If he got lucky, he at least would get out of here.

To Be Continued...

Dorian Gabriel
Security Consultant
Raddon Corporation

Industrial Espionage Consultant
[NPC by Soran]


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