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Snooping (Part IV of IV)

Posted on Sat Jan 27, 2018 @ 9:41pm by Civilian 'Key Holder' Dorian Gabriel & Civilian 'Key Holder' Yolanthe Ibalin

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Starship Matthias - Detention Cell
Timeline: MD 4 0130

Previously in Snooping

"But what about that little Cardassian piece you were with? How well do you think she'd fair after being caught breaking into private property?" Gabriel asked. "Talk. . .because you never know who's life may depend on it." he said.

Morty clenched his jaw. "She's already dead. But I can be a good sport. This wasn't personal. This was business. You want to know more? I take credits, latinum, and Bolian bearer bonds."

Dorian knew that he was not going to get anywhere with this character. So he decided it would be best for him to save his breathe. "I'll be back." He said dryly as he turned and exited the small enclave that fed into a larger reception area.

And now the continuation

It did not take long for Dorian to return to Morty's cell; however, this time he was followed by Melvyn and his son Raymond Raddon. Dorian himself entered the small enclave and stepped to a far wall and allowed Melvyn to approach the field and establish eye contact with the younger man for several moments.

"Well, you wanted to speak to the man in charge, so here you are." Dorian said in an aggravated tone.

"Thanks sweetheart, you're a peach," Morty sneered, and then turned to Melvyn. "Mr. Raddon. Pleased to make your acquaintance. I want to make a deal."

"So I've heard." Melvyn replied evenly. "But what perplexes me is what you have that I would want in exchange?" He asked. "It appears that at the moment, you are in detention, on board my ship, and no one else even knows that you're here." Melvyn added.

"Actually, you're wrong. My employer knows we're here. I'm happy to tell you who and what they know, if you let me and my friend go."

The man nodded as he began to pace back and forth. "That. . .is quite tempting of an offer." He said softly. "However. . ." he said as he came to a stop. "I don't think you have taken into account that I still have possession of your Cardassian friend." He said, turning back to look at the Human.

Morty shrugged, more non-committal than he felt. "She's dead already. Think she's best of staying that way."

"Is she?" Melvyn asked rhetorically. "You'd be amazed at the advanced Raddon Xenobiology Division has made in life-extension and saving technologies." He said with an uptick in his voice. "She is very much alive, I can assure you of that." He said in a more serious tone. "But what's more important is what am I to do with a Cardassian on board my vessel." He said as he began to pace again.

"I can't keep her here, I certainly can't offer her a job, so what does that leave us with?" He asked rhetorically.

"Well, father, there has always been that question of what effect Kitrocel White would have on a living Cardassian." Raymond chimed in from his place along the wall.

Monty frowned. The famous narcotic of the Jem'Hadar had, as far as he knew, never been used by non Jem'Hadar. Then again, pretty much anything was poison, in a large enough dose. "Sounds like a waste of the advanced xenobiology to me, bruce." he had to fight the urge to sneer at Raddon's offspring. They were at an impasse, and his chances weren't good. "So same offer. Her and me, on the next shuttle to Risa, you find out who wants to know what you've got, and we never see you or any of your shit again?" It wasn't quite enough, not with Raddon holding all the cards. He had to sweeten the deal. "I'll even set things up so you can have a go at wiping out my employers."

Melvyn stopped pacing and looked towards Morty. "Your employers?" He asked. He knew that the trio had obviously been put up to this by another entity. Melvyn had lots of enemies. There was no way a man could obtain his level of success and power without having a legion of those who prayed for his downfall. One thing he had always took serious was to never underestimate the capabilities of those plotting against him. He wanted to know who had paid such a considerable sum for his technology.

"As it stands you and your alien consort are alive due to our patience and mercy. Even if we didn't throw you both out of an airlock, you and I both know that the Cardassian Embassy would love to get their hands on a known criminal, especially after their last legal defeat, a show trial would be all but certain." Raymond interjected. "Talk, now." he said.

Alien consort? Could these people not conceive of having a friendship, or a business relationship? Probably not. He schooled himself not to show his contempt. "I'm going to need a show of faith. Let me see Paveen and then let her go, and I'll tell you everything.

Melvyn pondered the request for several moments, his eyes staring intently through the field into the eyes of the Human, weighing the choices. For all he knew this could have easily been a trap that the thief would use to free himself and his alien lover. However, he was more interested in discovering who was this would-be employer.

"Release him, escort him down to the monitoring room for the Medical Bay." Melvyn said as he turned towards Dorian. "Let him see that his plaything is still breathing, or whatever it is Cardassians do for oxygen." He said as he turned back towards Morty.

"I'll give you a chance to prove your value to me." He said to Morty. "Once you can see that she is very much alive, you'll tell me who your employer is. And if you are truthful, then. . .we'll discuss the two of you leaving." He said.

Morty looked around. He probably wouldn't get better than that, and he might still be able to draw it out, buy a bit more life. "Bonza. Lead the way."

Dorian pressed a button deactivating the field and gesturing towards the door that led out of the Detention Area. "Start walking." He said curtly.

Morty gave him a sarcastic smile. "Such a gentlemen." he muttered as he followed the former security chief to wherever they were keeping Paveen.

"Do you really trust him to not try to escape?" Raymond asked once the pair were out of earshot.

"I'm giving him a chance to redeem himself, my boy. Trust is the very foundation of what it means to be Human. Besides, he wouldn't dare risk any harm coming to that Cardassian piece of his. I can trust him. . .enough." The Elder Raddon said.


Melvyn Raddon
Raddon Corporation

Raymond Raddon
Chief Operating Officer
Raddon Corporation

Dorian Gabriel
Security Consultant
Raddon Corporation

Industrial Espionage Consultant
[NPC by Soran]


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