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Sink or Swim

Posted on Mon Jan 29, 2018 @ 2:58pm by Commander Maritza Soran & Lieutenant Ryan Milarno

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Soran's Office
Timeline: MD03 0830


Maritza looked up at the hybrid standing in front of her desk, then read the padd with the orders carefully. "You've had a... diverse career, Mr Milarno." She said when she reached the end of it.

Ryan nodded as he stood still to attention. Surprisingly, he wasn't too nervous upon meeting his new commanding officer. "Yes commander, it's been quite a journey. If you have questions I'll be happy to answer them."

"You've been away a while. What changes have you noticed, coming aboard?" she was curious to see if he could pick up on anything on the prom, if things had devolved as badly as some on the station wanted people to believe.

"Well..." he said as he began to smile. "It's a lot busier, a lot of new faces. Several new business from what i could gather. It looks a lot more stylish i'd say. I hope to be able to take a proper look around in the coming days. The station is vibrant commander, it's honestly an honour to be back"

Maybe not that observant then. A day or two here would soon show him that all was not well under the shiny surface. "There are a number of pressing issues for your immediate attention. There is an ever increasing amount of racial tension on the Promenade. We have a particularly odious group of pro-human rights agitators, and an old acquaintance of yours is their poster boy. Dorian Gabriel."

“Yes a familiar name to me...well he’s going to love me isn’t he? Not a problem commander I’ll go see him, introduce myself again and make a few things clear to him”

She couldn't hide a smile. She knew how that would go. "His current employer is the Dilithium Chamber. They are unlikely to welcome you warmly."

"I can imagine, however there's no harm in the new chief of security checking in." Ryan smiled and took a breath.

"I managed to get relatively up to speed on the current situation on my way here, what are your orders regarding the mission and the current presence of the Cardassian's nearby?" he asked.

"The Cardassian Ambassador is up to something. He wants to being on a small garrison. Unfortunately he has permission to do so, as long as they remain in the Consulate." Soran kept down a derisive snort. What genius at Starfleet command agreed that. "If they make a move towards the planet, it may well come to blows. Your predecessor can tell you more."

"And this Ambassador thinks that is a good idea?" Ryan sighed. "Surely he must be aware of the tension on board" he said and shook his head in dismay. "Idiots..." he added but quickly caught himself and apologised. "Sorry commander" he paused for a second. "I'll speak with Commander Ryan, learn more of the situation and go from there"

"Good. One last thing. We are currently involved in a series of tests for a new set of shields and weapons. I've sent the briefing to your quarters. Get up to speed as you will have a key role." Maritza leaned forward. "If I may give you some advice, get an invite to tour the USS Svikiri, and make full use of the fact that there is another Prometheus class docked. The Phoenix. Captain Montoya will be accommodating, I'm sure."

Ryan was curious, had he missed something? "I understand, I'll add it to my list" he said with a smile. "Sorry commander but what is the reasoning for the tour?"

His new commander gave dry smile. "We've been given a secret mission, Mr Milarno. To break onto the Svikiri, and steal the plans to the new weapons systems."

Ryan was surprised but he still couldn’t help but smile. “Interesting, consider it done commander. Who sanctioned this mission?”

"Admiral T'Vel, from R&D. Any means necessary she said. The details are in the briefing." Maritza fixed him with a look. "I have high expectations of success, Mr Milarno."

Ryan nodded. "Get a tour of the ship, steal the plans" he replied. "Understood I'll read the briefing and make plans. I won't let you down commander"

"The last person who let me down didn't last twenty four hours in office," Soran said grimly. "At this point in time Mr Milarno my expectation are so low that as long as you manage that, I'll be satisfied." There was a pause. "I'd much rather be impressed than satisfied."

Her recalling of the last person who had let her down and the consequences of that didn't phase or worry him. He was aware of his own ability and had full confidence in himself to successfully carry out his orders "I understand commander" he replied and waited to see if there was anything else.

It would do. The proof now was in the pudding. Could he walk the walk? "Carry on, Mr Milarno."


Commander Maritza Soran
Commanding Officer


Lieutenant Ryan Milarno
Chief Security Officer


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