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Medical overview (Part I)

Posted on Sun Feb 11, 2018 @ 6:01am by Civilian Hydel Turvan & Commander Amia Telamon M.D. & Lieutenant Liam Reynolds
Edited on on Wed Feb 14, 2018 @ 11:19pm

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: MD 4 - 0730

Ambassador Hydel Turvan felt normal again.

It had been so long since Turvan had been surrounded by the experience and professionalism of Cardassian Soldiers. Since taking on the role of Chief Diplomat on the station, there had been less of a need for such services. However, with the escalation in threats to Cardassian interests, Turvan had requested and received approval for the installation of a Security Detachment on board the station.

To his right was Gul Denat Meran, the former Chief of Embassy Security under Ambassador Getal Tharek. Gul Meran had spent years in exile due to his attempt to undermine Getal during his tenure as Ambassador. The exile was Getal's way of adding insult to the injury of having the then-Glinn placed in confinement.

However, Turvan sought to give Meran the gift of redemption. He had not only restored his status within the Cardassian Military, but arranged for him a promotion to the rank of Gul and assigned him as the Chief of Embassy Security.

To his left was Legate Pra'teen Umar and the Cardassian child Bretav. The two individuals, one a child at the beginning of his life, the other a much more Elder Cardassian that had experienced the horrors of war many times. But today they were united in their cause of fixing what had been damaged and corrupted by the Federation.

"I'm here to see the Doctor so that Legate Umar and the child can receive their necessary medical evaluation before they depart for their mission on the planet surface." Turvan said to the receptionist at the desk.

"I'll summon someone at once." The Receptionist replied and 'commed' a message on the duty open channel. =^= This is Suene on the Desk, there is a Cardassian Legate and a child here who both need medical evals, if anyone is free please =^= Suene wasn't sure that the Legate was going to be happy with an "anyone" but she also hoped that whoever heard the callout would assume that and someone fairly senior would appear.

AMORAN: Benj, the ACMO was on duty and free at the time but he groaned and rolled his eyes on receiving the call. His Bajoran ancestry was not likely to go down well on this occasion, that was a given. He opened a private channel with Amia and explained, apologising for disturbing her off duty time but wondering if she might end up getting called in anyway, if there was a scene, and it was most likely there would be, in his opinion.

Amia replied that she'd be there as soon as she could but even with the likelihood of an objection, he was the most senior officer on duty and the Legate would have to accept that or wait for the CMO to finish throwing up with 'morning' sickness, which contrary to it's misnomer, was actually a regular afternoon event for the half human, half Ba'Ku officer.

Benj signed off and made his way to the Reception area. He approached the Cardassians and introduced himself.
"Good afternoon, I'm Amoran, the Assistant Chief Medical Officer and the most senior staff on duty right now. I understand you need two assessments to be done?" he said offering his hand politely.

Legate Umar's eyes went from the Bajoran's face, down to his hand, and back up again. Instead of accepting it in handshake, instead the Legate placed a Cardassian padd in the Doctor's hand.

"That contains the established medical history for myself as well as the child. I trust that you can sufficiently operate it and upload the information into your system and perform an adequate examination?" He asked with contempt dripping from his voice.

"I think I can retrostudy enough to drop to its level" Benj replied and took the PaDD to the console to begin loading it. ~This was going to be great fun.~ he thought with sarcasm but only inside his head, he was too professional to let the Legate goad him into rising properly.

Liam had been called down to medical to help a lady distressed from an arguement that had escalated into a fight on the promonade. He had managed to calm her down during in treatment and just spent the best part of an hour getting both parties talking civilly again. He was considering checking in with Amia and while wondering back to the central reception area in search of her, groaned inwardly at the sight of one Ambassador Turvan. He entertained the notion for a brief second he might just be able to walk past the Cardassian, hoping the other man didn't spot him. However luck was not with him.

"Ambassador," Liam nodded as the other aliens eyes locked on him.

Ambassador Turvan turned and locked eyes on the Starfleet diplomat. "Lieutenant Reynolds!" The Cardassian announced moreso than said. "What a convenient surprise for you to be here." He said. "I want to introduce you to Gul Denat Meran. He will be in Command of the Cardassian Security Detachment that has been assigned to the Embassy." He said. "Anything related to the Security of the Embassy or its citizens can be addressed to him." He said.

"Good to know," Liam stated. Clearly the Cardassian either didn't know of his role change. "But you won't be seeing me at the embassies any longer. I have returned to my old role of Chief Counselor. I will of course miss our little "tete to tetes"," Liam worded things carefully.

"Chief. . .Counselor" Gul Meran said quizzically. "There are more than one?" He asked.

"Oh yes, the Federation believes that the best use of military assets is to give their troops a professional hand-holder to tell them that its okay to cry and to share their feelings." Ambassador Turvan replied sarcastically.

"By the way. . ." Turvan said in a lower tone so that no one outside of the three of them could hear him. "My sources have told me that you've been spending quiet a bit of time down here with a certain medical officer." He said. "I've got to say, bravo" The Cardassian said through a grin.

"Between her and that tasty Bajoran treat you've got on the Promenade, you've made quite a sandwich for yourself." He guffawed as he slapped the Lieutenant on the shoulder. "You may still earn my respect, yet!"

Liam winced inwardly at the physical contact of the man he loathed but outwardly laughed. "I'm afraid today will not be that day then. I'm not big on sandwiches. You see Amia is one of my oldest friends and my best friend's wife. She is like a little sister to me. We go back years and years and have served together previously. While her husband is called away I am merely making sure she has the support she requires during the end of her pregnancy. Also my new job role requires me to liaise with the CMO on a daily basis."

"Tera however, yes she is gorgeous isn't she? I'm a lucky guy. And not just that she's gorgeous. She's intelligent, funny and incredibly creative too. A lot of people miss a lot of things about her. They judge her on events out of her control and carried out by people in her past. In fact she has been threatened over it and people tried to blackmail her to manipulate me," he informed him carefully monitoring the other man's feelings for his reaction. Liam wanted to know once and for all if Turvan had stooped that low.

"Hmm. . .well, you know how those Bajorans seem to always carry their past with them. It's quiet unfortunate, in my days I've met a few Bajorans that were genuinely calm, law-abiding, and stable individuals." He said. "However, there have been others where it's as if they crave controversy and histrionics." He said. "Hopefully you haven't hopped into bed with the latter." He said with another playful slap on Liam's arm.

"Please stop doing that," Liam said shuddering as the Cardassian felt the need to whack him on the shoulder again.

The smile on Turvan's face faded away as he noticed the tone in the Officer's voice. There was a pointed reason Reynolds had looked towards him when he mentioned an attempt to blackmail his Bajoran playmate.

"And just want are you implying, Mr. Reynolds?" He asked. "While I've certainly entertained my fair share of Bajorans in my day, I can honestly say that I've never so much as glanced at yours." He said defensively.

"I'm not implying anything," Liam stated. "I said she has been threatened. We don't know by whom, Ambassador." There was truth coming from him. That made Liam feel better but who was behind it? He mused. "But she came to me, instead of doing what they demanded she do. That shows trust in our relationship. Anyway, I really ought to check in with Dr. Telamon. Enjoy your day," the half betazoid told him.

"Pretentious little bastard, isn't he?" Gul Menat said with a mirthless smile as the Lieutenant walked away from the two Cardassians.

"Indeed he is, it would certainly do for someone to put him in his place." The Ambassador said off-handedly. "But for the time being, we have more pressing matters to deal with." He said, shifting his focus.

Liam grinned as he overheard the ambassador's "ugly Gul gopher" call him a pretentious little bastard and the talk about putting him in his place. Clearly as diplomatic officer he had really got under his skin. And that would be useful down the line one day, even if he no longer trod in the diplomatic arena.

Lieutenant Liam Reynolds
Chief Counselor

Hydel Turvan
Cardassian Empire

Denat Meran
Garrison Commander
Cardassian Empire

Amoran, Benj
Asst CMO, DS5


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