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Posted on Sat Feb 3, 2018 @ 5:32am by Lieutenant Ryan Milarno & Lieutenant JG Annora Tessaro

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Security Office
Timeline: MD03 10.15


Word came down that Commander Ryan had been promoted to the Executive Officer position aboard the station. While she felt he was qualified for the position, Annora was surprised that the XO slot came open so quickly after command of the station switched hands.

Not longer after, Commander Ryan's successor in the security department was announced. A Lieutenant Milarno, who according to his service record had switched over from the medical track. Taking the initiative, Annora went to meet her new boss. Pressing the door chime outside his office, she waited for a response.

Ryan was sat at his desk reading through the latest security reports to catch up when the door chime sounded. “Come in” he said and began to read a little quicker as the door hissed open. “Sorry just bare with me a sec...” he said as he held his hand up for pause as he finished reading the report.

Seconds later he placed the PaDD down and stood up and looked at the human woman with a smile. “Hi sorry about that just trying to get up to speed...Ryan Milarno and you must be Lieutenant Tessaro, I presume?”

She had positioned herself a few steps in front of the desk and waited for acknowledgement before introducing herself. Annora was pleased that he at least knew who she was, that was an encouraging start.
"That's correct sir. Lieutenant Annora Teassaro reporting for duty."

Ryan nodded. “It’s good to meet you lieutenant. I’ve been trying to catch up on things around here but I was wondering if you might be able to bring me up to speed?” He asked.

Relaxing a little, Annora mentally reviewed the major challenges facing the security department at present before speaking.
"We're a little over half way through ensuring all Starfleet personnel on the station are up to date on their phaser training. This is to bring everyone in compliance with the Commander's recent edict. There's still an open investigation into a recent murder of a Ferengi diplomat. There's already been some tension with those who feel that humans are being persecuted on-board the station, and people like Mr Raddon have sized upon this event to further their cause."

She wasn't sure how a dead Ferengi meant humans were being targeted, but Annora understood little about Mr Raddon.
"As you may have noticed, the Cardassians have decided to pay us a visit. The 127th Tactical Wing has parked themselves just inside neutral space. At the same time, Starfleet Command has sent us the USS Svikari in response. More than just a show of force, the Prometheus class ship contains experimental shields and weapons. We have orders to do everything we can to acquire that information and physically take control of the ship."

"And regarding Mr Raddon and Mr Gabriel, I'm going to pay them a visit and introduce myself. Get the lay of the land if you will...While I'm busy settling in and working on a plan to get on board the Svikari, I'd like you to keep investigating the murder but keep me updated; I'd also like the phaser training compliance completed within two days, earlier if possible. The quicker it's done, the more time we'll have to focus on other things."

"Sorry I'm jumping back and forth here but speaking of the Svikari, I have personal orders from the Commander to acquire that information. I need to somehow get myself an invite to tour the ship, be advised I may call upon your assistance, any suggestions?" he asked with a slight smile.

While she wasn't lead investigator on the homicide investigation, Annora knew that she was high enough in the Chain to have partial responsibility. She made a note to check with Petty Officer Stone on their progress. She felt the department was doing a good job on the phaser training, but would look at a way to speed things up.

"As for the Svikari, I doubt they'll let you just walk on but it's worth a try. For infiltration, we had two leading theories. If the ship physically docks with the station, we'd sneak a few operatives aboard amongst the regular crew, Otherwise, we would wait until the beam back aboard the ship from shore leave. Science seemed confident that they could piggyback off an authorized transport and insert a few of our members in a quiet section of the ship. Either way, I think the security members of the initial team should be those skilled in unarmed combat. As your predecessor pointed out, weapons fire will set off alarms."

"Yes precisely. Well the Commander wants this done, I don't suppose we can wait. Maybe I should get that tour invite from Captain Montoya" he tried to way up the options. "If all else fails, the transporter piggyback is plan B. Do you or anybody else know much about the Captain?" he wondered.

She shook her head.
"I don't know anything about their Captain. Perhaps Commander Ryan or Lieutenant Grax has more information. If you like, I can check with Science about their transporter idea."

"I am meeting Commander Ryan shortly actually, I'll do that" he smiled. "And yes if you wouldn't mind that would be great"

"Will do sir. If there's nothing else, I'll let you get back to work."

She assumed the inquiry could be handled over the comm system, but heading down there in person would give her a chance to see parts of the station not normally covered by her security rounds.

"No, we're all done here, thank you lieutenant" Ryan told her with a smile. "Dismissed"


Lieutenant Ryan Milarno
Chief Security Officer


Lieutenant JG Annora Tessaro
Assistant Chief Security Officer


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