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Snooping (Part II of IV)

Posted on Sat Jan 27, 2018 @ 2:10pm by Civilian 'Key Holder' Yolanthe Ibalin & Civilian 'Key Holder' Dorian Gabriel

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Radon Corporation Storage Bay
Timeline: MD -4 0100

Previously in Snooping

Monty nodded, and helped Paveen push the crate onto the horizontal. "Well, this is a turn up," she decided after a moment.

"Going to need me to do it?" Monty asked, "I've got some liquid boom?"

Paveen rolled her eyes at him. "'Subtle', remember. 'No one realises we're here', remember?" she turned around. "No. This is fairly simple really, much more so than I expected." She selected a thin pick and pried off the lock panel. "Hmm, Its just a numeric sequence lock. Primitive really. I'm disappointed." She started to work on it. "After the front door, this is depressingly easy." It only took a moment. Then she entered the number, and opened it.

And now the continuation

There was a pause as the control panel activated and began the start-up sequence. A holograph projection of the words, "Raddon Xenobiology" displayed above the crate for several moments. The words swirled and were replaced by the face of a Human female.

"Raddon Xenobiology Services, Catalog 45762," The face said in a disembodied voice. The face dissolved into a video of a Jem'Hadar engaged in combat with a Starfleet Officer circa 2370's. The video showed the duration of the battle over the next several seconds until the Jem'Hadar drove a dagger into the Officer and quickly activated its shroud and fled the scene. The video paused and the voice resumed.

"The Jem'Hadar have the genetic ability to cloak their bodies in what has been referred to as a Shroud. Shrouding made Jem'Hadar invisible to the naked eye and to most standard Alpha Quadrant sensors. The Alpha Quadrant powers that possessed sufficient technology to detect the Shroud only identified the hidden Soldiers as random pockets of collected energy." The voice said as it dissolved into a more detailed analysis of a Jem'Hadar.

"A shrouded Jem'Hadar is only hidden visually, however, they can still be heard through normal efforts. Like traditional cloaking devices, shrouding emitted gravitons, however they quickly dissipated making tracking possible, but difficult. Additionally, the bio-electric field given off by a shrouded Jem'Hadar can be detected through a passive residual field or aura known as their di'teh."

"The Raddon Corporation has been dedicated to furthering the Federation's knowledge and depth of understanding concerning the full tactical and technological capabilities of the Dominion and other hostile races." The voice stated. "To that extent, Raddon Xenobiological Services have studied numerous biological subjects to understand their capabilities." The computer stated.

"Recent breakthroughs have resulted in a better understanding of how to replicate the ability for deployment by Humans in traditional and asymmetrical combat situations." The voice read as it displayed statistical information regarding the effects of Shrouding on Human test subjects.

The two thieves looked at each other, surprised and shocked at what they had found. "Strewth!" Monty breathed. Paveen's jaw had dropped open. And then they high fived. "Cold ones are on you, Pav!" Monty stood up. "Closer her up, let's see what else in here is going to make Gev crack a fattie."

He got up and left the Cardassian to make it look like they'd never peeped in the first place. Paveen got to work

Unfortunately for the particular Cardassian, the device had a certain set of procedures that were to be followed when re-activating the crate. It was the procedures that would have deactivated the crate's secondary power generator, thus preventing any surge of voltage between the various electrodes within the crate. The voltage increased significantly, charging the gas to become ionized within several seconds. The result was a orange discharge of plasma that lanced out from the crate and directly into the chest of the unsuspecting Cardassian causing every nerve ending within her body to painfully surge with the sudden jolt of electricity. It took several seconds for the electricity to fully run its course through the woman's body, causing Paveen to experience the most intense pain of her soon-to-be ended life.

Her screams echoed through the hanger. a row away, Monty turned from the box he'd been examining and scrambled back to her. Kreb kicked his tool and chased after him, leaving his hack of the Raddon system half done.

"Pav!" Monty skidded to his knees next to her thrashing body. Only Kreb's quick grab kept the human from touching her, and have the deadly current jump to him.

"She's dead!" Kreb pulled him back. "She's got a massive hole in her chest! Its just trauma, but the clock is ticking, she needs a doctor, or it will stick."

Monty panted to get himself under control. This had gone to shit in a hurry,but he hadn't got as good as he had without learning not to panic when the alarms went off. "Go pack up. I'll get Paveen. "We get out, and beam straight to The Box, use that EMH."

Kreb nodded, dashing back to the computer terminal. He pulled his interface straight out, and popped the panel back on. He'd not got anywhere far enough, hopefully he'd be able to learn more when they got out of here. He grabbed his stool, "Coming!" he called as he raced back to his companions, "Are you..." He trailed off. "Monty. Did you shut the door?"

"No." Monty had found a length of non-conductive conduit casing and used it to push Paveen away from the case. He lifted her up, then saw the doors. "Aw, hell."

An alert klaxon began to blare throughout the facility as the disembodied voiced returned. "Electro-plasma surge detected. Initializing sanitation procedures. Suppression units being deployed." The voice stated as a large force-field surged into existence and began to cover the width of the facility as it slowly made its way to the opposite side of the facility.

Both men started running, the Bolian jumping ahead of Monty, who followed as best he could with Paveen's body slung over one shoulder. "Get that door open!" Kreb gasped, pulling out the bug-out beacon he'd programmed. They had to clear the shielding on the bay, and then it was just push a button.

As Kreb made it within 5 steps of the main doors, a fully-charged level 10 force field activated as his body was half-way through. Typically, such a field would have just knocked an individual backwards. However, Kreb's body was halfway through the field when it came online, sending a surge of concentrated electro-magnetic energy coursing through his body, sheering him in half.

Monty looked on horrified as his friend fell, seeing his entire body, bones, organs, veins and all as clear as an anatomy text book, just fall away. His stomach lurched , and he had to clap a hand over his mouth to stop him from throwing up.

He took deep breaths, setting Pav's body down. Kreb wasn't coming back from that. But if he could find the field emitters, he might still be able to get out. If he was quick enough, then Paveen still had a chance.

He looked around. They were easy to spot, an thin blue line recessed into the floor and running to the celing. On the other side for the field. It was going to be messy, but he could probably interrupt the power running to them. It wasn't if they had to be subtle anymore. Raddon would know someone was here from the body on the floor,

He avoided Krebs body, going to a spot away from where the blood had burst all over and was seeping along the edge of the field. Then he go out his can of exothermic foam, laid down a line of the explosive, covered it with a directional shell, inserted the detonator, backed off far enough, and pressed the button.

There was a sharp bang from under the directional shell which channelled the majority of the blast down, exposing the conduits beneath, burning htrough them and melting them all into an indistinct lump. The lights went out, and a broad section of the forcefield made a buzzing sound, then went out. "Yes!" Twenty meters to freedom! Then he was going to ask Gev for a big fat bonus. He went to grab Paveen. He could still save her. "Sorry, mate." he muttered to Kreb, unable to look at the mutilated body.

As Morty began to turn around he was met with a forceful and deliberate blow from the butt of a phaser rifle.

"Computer!" Dorian Gabriel barked. "Deactivate sanitation procedures, Gabriel-2-2-Niner-Echo-4-3, Storage Facility 762." The man commanded as he stood over the shocked form of Morty as he held his bloody face. Throughout the storage bay, systems when into sleep mode as the force fields deactivated and the klaxons were silenced.

To Be Continued...

Dorian Gabriel
Security Consultant
Raddon Corporation

Kreb, Morty & Paveen
Industrial Espionage Specialists
(NPC by Soran)


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