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Standard Mandatory Medical - Milarno

Posted on Sat Feb 3, 2018 @ 5:33am by Lieutenant Ryan Milarno & Commander Amia Telamon M.D.

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD03 09:30


Amia was checking her diary for the day when she noticed another newcomer on the list of mandatories for today. It wasn't that she was surprised to see a new MM on the list, she had been doing so many Mandatories to check over everyone lately that she was beginning to feel like she was forgetting how to treat casualties, but this one was different. This officer's jacket said that he used to be the CMO here before her initial predecessor, Dunham. Interesting. She was looking forward to finding out what this was about, especially as it said he was now Chief of Security on the promotion of Caleb up to XO.

It was not long to wait as it was fixed for an early time. She set about preparations in the first cubicle and waited for him to arrive.

Ryan had not long since left the commander's office after having their first meeting and now made his way to sickbay; he was due for his mandatory medical and he wanted to get things ticked off the list and done.

He was a few minutes early when he walked into Sickbay and smiled. He never forgot this place, pushing his memories aside he checked in with one of the nurses who then directed him to cubicle one, he quickly walked over to see the doctor preparing. "Good morning doctor, Lieutenant Milarno reporting as required" he told her with a smile.

"Good morning" Amia replied amicably. "Standard 'coming aboard' medical overview I presume?" she said, opening her arm to direct him to the first free cubicle and the biobed within.

"Anything you wish to declare?" she grinned. "I know your medical background Lieutenant, and I know you could do this for yourself, probably standing on your head, so I won't try to B.S you. If you have any symptoms or aches or bits that aren't attached properly you are charged to declare them now." she smirked.

Ryan smiled. "Yes, I know the drill...aside from pain around my eye and cranial ridges accompanied by a headache most days I'm fine..." he told her. "But I guess in which the nature my ridges broke's bound to hurt sometimes right?" he asked.

"I guess, but if it's bothering you there should be something we can do to soothe it. I don't want to slow it down because it's been repressed for too long already but it does need to form with dense and thoroughly constructed bone and structure so if it's not forming in proper order, perhaps we should ease it back a little?" Amia was thinking out loud but it was important to let Ryan know what she was working out so she didn't stop herself as she would have with any of her usual types of patients.

Ryan shook his head. "Thanks for the options doctor" he smiled. "Ease it back? You mean make me look more human again?"

"No, not change what's happening, just slow it down so it happens in a more thorough and complete way" she replied. "Make sure the bone density is appropriate and not rushed into being too thin, all that kind of 'slow down' tactics."

"Ok..." he thought about it for a second or two and nodded his head. "Sure, let's try's worth a try. Aside from that how am I looking doctor? Well and fit enough I hope?"

"Aside from that, fit as a fiddle." she smiled, handing him his data rod with the report and certification on saying he was fit for duty and clear to join the crew.

"Do you want to put in an hour or so for me to put the brakes on that bone emergence? You can choose when you want it done, just let the Receptionist know and she'll book you in. She has my schedule on her screens." Amia said and stood back to let him climb off the biobed.

Ryan nodded as he jumped down from the bed and took the data rod. "Yes I will, thank you doctor" he began to walk away but stopped and turned back to face her. "I never forgot this place, it's quite special, do you like it here?" he told her as he reminisced and became rather sentimental.

"I used to.... well, that's not true. When I first came I found myself a bit lost here. I missed my old friends but then I got used to it and fitted in. That's when I liked it here. Recently though, my husband had to go back to Trill Prime for a family emergency and I'm here, very pregnant and pretty lonely, even with my new friends all around me. It can be a very huge place when your anchor is gone." she told him with surprisingly personal honesty.

"Sorry, I don't know what made me unload all that on you. Forgive me. I guess it's my condition making me emotional." she realised her candour had been a little bit too much and back pedalled as soon as it dawned on her.

Ryan smiled and shook his head. "Don't worry about it...I better get back to work. I'll make that appointment before I leave" he told her and left the room.

Amia watched him go. She had a strange feeling she'd met him before but of course she had not. Shrugging it off, she went back to her work.


A JP Between:

Cmdr Amia Telamon


Lieutenant Ryan Milarno
Chief Security Officer


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