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Snooping (Part V)

Posted on Fri Feb 2, 2018 @ 5:06am by Civilian 'Key Holder' Yolanthe Ibalin & Civilian 'Key Holder' Dorian Gabriel

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Starship Matthias - Medical Bay viewing room
Timeline: MD 4 0130


"I'll give you a chance to prove your value to me." He said to Morty. "Once you can see that she is very much alive, you'll tell me who your employer is. And if you are truthful, then. . .we'll discuss the two of you leaving." He said.

Morty looked around. He probably wouldn't get better than that, and he might still be able to draw it out, buy a bit more life. "Bonza. Lead the way."

Dorian pressed a button deactivating the field and gesturing towards the door that led out of the Detention Area. "Start walking." He said curtly.

Morty gave him a sarcastic smile. "Such a gentlemen," he muttered as he followed the former security chief to wherever they were keeping Paveen.

"Do you really trust him to not try to escape?" Raymond asked once the pair were out of earshot.

"I'm giving him a chance to redeem himself, my boy. Trust is the very foundation of what it means to be Human. Besides, he wouldn't dare risk any harm coming to that Cardassian piece of his. I can trust him. . .enough." The Elder Raddon said.


"Turn here," Dorian said as he unceremoniously nudged the thief into the doorway to his left. The room fit in with the rest of the decor of the vessel. The focus was obvious on allowing visitors to the room to sit comfortably as they observed what was presented on the massive screen before them.

"Dorian to Medical Team, display Medical Bay 3, show the spoonhead." He said into his comm unit. Several moments later the massive screen activated and showed a medical room. In the center of it lay the Cardassian female. The medical team had worked diligently to repair the damage caused to her by the plasma discharge, but it was still evident where she had been burned. Undoubtedly she would require several months of epidermis reconstruction to repair the damage to her body.

"There, she's alive and well, just like Mr. Raddon told you she'd be." Dorian said as he looked back towards Morty.

Morty sucked his teeth, deciding whether or not to push his luck. "That could be fake. A holodeck recording. I want to talk to her in person."

Dorian turned and stepped towards the man. "I'm not here to be your concierge. The only reason you are still breathing independently is because Mr. Raddon sees some sort of value in you. To me, you're nothing but an average pick-pocket who was sloppy and got his people killed." Dorian said, maintaining eye-contact with him.

"Now start talking, or I'll show you just how real Ketracel White injections can be to the Cardassian nervous system." He threatened.

"I've got nothing to lose at this point, not really. I'm not giving up my only chip to you."

Dorian was about to respond when he was interrupted by his comm unit. =^="Garcia to Dorian" chirped the unit.

=^="Go ahead," Dorian replied.

=^= "You're gonna need to come back to Storage Bay 672, 'fleet security is demanding to conduct their own forensic interview of the facility." The Security Consultant that had remained at the site said.

Damnit. . .I don't need this shit. . . Dorian swore under his breathe. =^="Fine, I'm on my way back over. Dorian out." He said as he turned back to Morty. "This shitstorm you created is becoming a bigger problem. You better hope this can get resolved quickly or else the old man just might start getting rid of any loose ends" He said as he the doors to the room slid open and they were joined by Melvyn Raddon himself.

"I hope that the view has provided you with the reassurances you were looking for." Melvyn said to Morty.

"I have to return back to the facility to deal with Security." Dorian announced as he nodded ot Melvyn and then exited the room.

"Let me talk to her. Just a word, so I know its not fake. Then I'll tell you what I can."

Melvyn took a seat and looked at Morty for several moments. "You truly care for that Cardassian, don't you?" He said out of genuine wonder.

"To think, that her people would just as soon cast you off to a labor camp, then waste energy trying to save your life." He said. "But you. . .you are willing to risk your own safety just for her. Fascinating. . .very fascinating." He said as he turned back towards her.

"I've allowed you to see her, I'll allow you to speak with her after you tell me who sent you to my facility." He said as he looked upward, returning his gaze towards the younger Human. "Those are my terms." He said.

Well bugger this all to hell and back. Morty thought about it. If he got out of this, he'd always have to deal with the lack of discretion. Not good in his line of work. but maybe... yes a plan was forming. He could warn them all if Raddon took the bait to set up a meet. Warn them all by treating the wrong person as the boss. "Look, I'll get a reputation if I roll on my employers, so I'm not mentioning any names, mate. Lets just say they're a rather... colourful character, and leave it at that?"

Melvyn laughed hardily as he playfully hit Morty's knee. "I'm sorry, my boy, but I'm much too old for subterfuge." He said as his laugh turned back to a straight look. "I want specifics. Otherwise, I'll start diverting. . ." He said as he voice trailed off as he looked back down towards the Cardassian. "certain resources to more vital systems." He said.

"Obviously too subtle for you," Morty said before he could stop himself, worry for Paveen, now so close and yet so far way, eroding his common sense. "I meant the sheila who runs the big bar. Tall lass? Changes colour?"

Melvyn nodded slowly as he began to process the information. His fist began to clench involuntarily as he fought to contain the rage that was building inside of him. "The barkeep named. . .Yolanthe?" He asked, knowing the answer already.

"Thats the girl." Morty said. "Makes a mean martini." He looked at the screen with Paveen on in a meaningful way.

He stood and walked towards the screen and he took several deep breathes before he spoke again. "You have done good. In fact your honesty may very well have saved your companion's life." He said as he continued to stare at the screen. "Follow the gentleman outside and he'll take you to the Medical Bay so you can speak with her." Melvyn said.

Morty eyed him suspiciously. It would be a good opportunity to end him. But what choice did he have. "Its a pleasure doing business with you." He took a breath, preparing himself, and carefully put his back to Raddon, shoulder blades itching.

Melvyn waited for the doors to hiss shut before he finally exhaled. He could feel the rage coursing through his veins as he thought about how that alien was trying to make a fool of him. The audacity to send three criminals to his facility in some attempt to steal his life's work. He could not just sit by idly and let her think that she had gotten away with this.

Melvyn knew that he needed to send a message to her. A message that she would know came directly from him. Killing her would draw too much attention. Destroying that hole-in-the wall bar of hers would cost too much time and effort. Additionally, anything done on the station would naturally be traced back to him.

No. He needed something much more personal and much more quiet.

=^= "Raymond, I want information on that barkeep on the station. Particularly, any and all Raddon facilities we have near Cherulan V." He said.


Melvyn Raddon
Raddon Corporation

Raymond Raddon
Chief Operating Officer
Raddon Corporation

Dorian Gabriel
Security Consultant
Raddon Corporation

Industrial Espionage Consultant
[NPC by Soran]


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