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Representation Part 1

Posted on Tue Feb 13, 2018 @ 1:37am by Civilian 'Key Holder' Yolanthe Ibalin & Lieutenant Ryan Milarno & Civilian Ricardo Draxx
Edited on on Tue Feb 13, 2018 @ 2:18pm

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: The Box of Delights
Timeline: MD4 1600


Zoe walked into her place of work, nodding hello to Harry ready to start her shift. "Just don't piss her off Biggs please."

Biggs nodded. "I value my life thank you. Lets hope she will find this hilarious instead." He side stepped away from the Gorn. Geez he was big. Bigger than Lucy but more imposing up close. He mused for a moment about asking if he might like to come down to the shop and discipline his brood of critters but decided he best stay out of it. His fingers healed at least.

Walking up to the bar, they approached the colour changing alien. "Evening boss. I was wondering if you might let me try some mini zaflian souffles this evening on the menu?" She handed her one of the prototypes of this spicy dish she had been practicing at home. "It's apparently really rising in popularity as a snack food. What do you think?"

Yolanthe took the tiny souffle and popped it in her mouth, where it melted in a piquant delicious cloud. She sighed happily. "has potential. Let me know the unit cost and what you need me to get brought in."

"Oh my brother needs to speak to you," she answered heading towarded the kitchen.

Yolanthe raised an eyebrow, and turned to Draxx's right hand man. "So, has he admitted defeat?"

"I have a message from Draxx," Biggs fiddled with his ear. "His words not mine."

She was all ready turning blue. and leant on the bar, looking intensely amused. "Do tell."

"If you want me in whatever skimpy mankini you have lined up to show off my manly body and sexy arse for the day doing your bidding, you need to come help get me out of the brig first." Biggs reeled off. "Also he did say eventually and begrundingly, "you may have been right." He managed to get down to the planet though before they got him though," Biggs added, "So technically he managed to get past the military types. They just caught up with him planetside."

She laughed till she was practically midnight blue, and even had to wipe a tear away from her pure white eyes "He needs me to bail him out?" She had to catch her breath. "Oh, this is too good."

"Well no," Biggs continued. "He doesn't need you. Me and Orson can get him out. Orson up enough on the legal crap this station loves to wade in. And if push comes to shove, I can get him out with a untraceable transport beam. Hell I'm already making the lone ranger theme play randomly through the whole of security just as a little treat to piss off ole Tex there. The Captain wants you to do it. I don't know his reasons, but he always has them you know," Biggs informed her.

"Untraceable transport beam?" Yolanthe raised an eyebrow. "No such thing. They always find out. Eventually." She put her bar towel down. "And then, you'll never be allowed back on the station. I'd better come along or I'll never have my fun. Shall we?"

"Never be allowed back on the station," Biggs laughed. "They will try to give me a job. Hell I already have Ana”/ Rianni's people bugging me all the time for help. But hey ho, shall we?" he indicated his arm in the direction of the exit to her bar. Finding the nearest turbolift, he told the computer, "Security."

"Not coming with me?"

"This is as far as I go," he merely shrugged and indicated she go on.

The doors swished closed, and then swished open a minute or two later in the heart of security, and she checked in the front desk, saying she was there for Draxx. "Apparently I'm his lawyer as well his barman..."

After receiving the notification from the front desk in the form of a text message on his console Ryan got up from his desk and left his office. He nodded to his receptionist, telling her he would deal with it. Ryan looked at the woman with a welcoming smile. "You're here for Draxx? Forgive me but I' am new here... still catching up on things, what'd he do? And your reason for visiting?" Ryan asked.

"I'm his lawyer," Yolanthe sounded more suspicious than anything else. "He tried to breach the controlled airspace around Pangaea and go down without permission."

"I see, follow me" Ryan instructed and he led the way to the holding cells. When they arrived he opened the door for her. "I'll be out here waiting to walk you back when you're done" he informed her.

She followed him down to the interview room where Draxx was waiting. "So," she said, shutting the door behind her. "I'm here, witness to your foolhardiness. I didn't bring a medal, so is there anything else I can do for you?"

"Well I just wanted to see if you actually could get me out," Draxx smirked. Actually compared to some of the dungeons he had ended up in, in his time the Starfleet brig was very comfortable. "Obviously your dying to get me naked and demean me in some weird alien way of yours. Or you wouldn't be here."

"Seeing you brought down a peg or two does have some appeal, yes." She leaned against the wall, arms crossed across a chest that was turning an ever deeper shade of blue. "But I can be very patient when I want to be. There's plenty of time to see you in traditional bokkai dress. Why should I swoop in to rescue from your own fool hardiness?"

"Simple, you put the idea of the fool hardiness in my head. Its your fault I am sat here," Draxx stated. "You won't ever admit it, but it will eat at you. And patient you. Seriously, in all my endeavours with you, all you have wanted to do is bark orders and get your own way. And don't try and blame that on the cultural difference. You like being that way princess. Little princess bossy boots," Draxx laughed.

The blue began to give we to orange, he had a point about her putting ideas in his head. Then it flashed to yellow at the other comments. "Good night, Draxx." She opened the door and left, letting it swish shut behind her without a backwards glance.

"Oh sure thing Your highness," Draxx shouted after her.

"So," Yolanthe said to the man waiting for her. "Can I buy you a drink and discuss what it would take to keep him in there indefinitely?"

"I'm afraid I'm on duty but thank you for the offer. And in regards to his imprisonment, why would you want him kept in there?" Ryan asked. "Granted his crime is serious but I doubt it will warrant an indefinite stay during the decision process"

Yolanthe put her arm through his and drew him away from the interview room door. "Because Ricardo Draxx needs to learn to mind his manners, and I think a little boredom can be a wonderful teaching tool."

"Granted your approach is an interesting one. But I can't keep him in there just because you suggest or need it to be so..."

"Excuse me Sir," a young ensign Vulcan approached Chief Milarno. "But Mr Draxx's lawyer is here."

Yolanthe gave a wry smile. So Draxx hadn't any faith in her getting him out. "He is? Then now is definitely time for me to buy you a drink."

"I wouldn't go too far Maam," a dark haired human said giving her a look, "Impersonating a lawyer, there has to be some law against that. I have my papers here sir," he whipped out a file from his briefcase and handed his credentials to Milarno.

"Chief, My understanding is my client was commissioned to go to that planet to procure alien items for someone with a business on the promenade to sell on the black market in Deep Space five. I do hope my client isn't going to name you," he said pointedly to Yolanthe. "I mean why pretend to be a lawyer. You came down here to speak to my client. I can think of only a couple of reasons to do that and your a businesswoman are you not Miss Ilbalin?"

Yolanthe looked the man up and down. "I came here entirely at Draxx's request, He asked me to get him out, then proceeded to insult me. Now, run along. I'm sure a little pudding like you can do what is needed." She glanced to Milarno. "Do come and drop by my bar when you've finished with Draxx." She gave him a mischievous smile, and her skin turned a shade of periwinkle. "I will definitely be worth your while." She turned and strode back to the main reception.

Ryan smiled, he couldn't help it but then shook his head. "I assure you I will deal with Miss Ilbalin. Draxx, if he can tell me who commissioned him to go to the planet in the first place and some proof to go with it. I may be able to come to some sort of arrangement" Ryan suggested to his lawyer. "Now if you'll excuse me I need to speak with Miss Ilbalin" he explained and left to follow her, hopefully she was still around.

The other man flashed an evil smile watching the new security chief go chase after a bit of skirt. This man had no clue what was going on, on his station or in the bigger picture but Miss Ilbalin was going to be one of the key players. Whether she liked it or not. There were plenty wanted to speak with her and she had a more important role she was going to play where he came from. And one Ricardo Draxx was going to help with that.

Entering the cell, Draxx visably stiffened. "No oh fuck no."

"Junior. Its been too long,"

"Not long enough, you can tell Thoms father I am out of this shit. How the hell did you even ....."

The other man whipped a Romulan knife out and had it on his throat in no time at all. The briefcase he was carrying dropped neatly to the floor.

A klaxon went off alerting security from the video feed. "You are coming back into the fold junior. And when the time comes your bringing that colour changing bitch. The old man demands it. But for now," he took a breathe savouring the look of horror on the man infront of him, reflecting back into his eyes,

Draxx mentally started counted. How bloody slow could this federation security lot be.

"For now, you tell that newbie that she employed you to go down to that planet,"

The tip of the knife drew a drop of blood, for the second time in as many days Draxx found himself in the same position.

"Remember, the old man doesn't ask twice. You might have been just a boy but you were educated in our ways,"

A second later as someone from security finally unlocked the cell and made an appearance, a transporter beam whipped the assailant away leaving only the briefcase.


Yolanthe Ibalin
The Box of Delights.

Lieutenant Ryan Milarno
Chief Security Officer

Ricardo Draxx
Privateer NPC Liam Reynolds


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