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Posted on Wed Feb 14, 2018 @ 2:54am by Lieutenant Ryan Milarno & Commander Maritza Soran

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: The Lounge
Timeline: MD 03 1400


Ryan's first morning of duty on DS5 had been a busy one; he'd found time to take a break and decided to head to the promenade to try The Lounge, he heard it was a good place to go for officer's to relax, not only that though he'd heard amongst some of his staff that the USS Svikiri crew were onboard for some shore leave.

He knew then that this could possibly be his only opportunity to get the invitation to observe the shields test providing of course there was someone senior enough to grant him that request on the station.

Walking into the Lounge he stopped at the bar and ordered a drink, non-alcoholic of course he was still on duty. Leaning across the bar he asked. "Are any of the Svikiri crew in here do you know?" he asked the barman.

"Yes, the man sat over in the corner I believe is the CO according to the conversations I've overheard anyway" the barman replied with a smirk.

Ryan smiled and nodded as his drink was placed in front of him. "Thanks" he said and picked it up and walked over to the CO's table.

"Sorry to bother you sir...Lieutenant Ryan Milarno, Chief Security officer, I thought I'd take the opportunity to welcome you to DS5"

Captain Hayashi looked up over his whisky and soda. "Thank you, Lieutenant. Its a pleasure to be here. Can I help you?"

Ryan nodded. "I understand your ship is going to be undergoing some tests in the coming days?" he asked.

"That is putting it mildly." Hayashi sipped from his drink. "Twenty four hours from now." He indicated the remains of his meal, "A last moment of calm before the storm. Though I expect them to go quite smoothly. Svikiri's armament is quite formiddable."

An eyebrow raised and Ryan nodded. "Formiddable in what sense? I wouldn't mind seeing these weapons in action, a few of us wouldn't actually"

"They will revolutionise Starfleet's approach to battle." Hayashi said proudly. "End protracted encounters that escalate casualties, reduce them to a a matter of one blow, and the enemy will be completely incapacitated, if not destroyed."

"That sounds impressive. Not so impressive if they got into the hands of the wrong people though" he added.

"They are in the safest of hands," Hayashi said calmly. "Is that your only concern?"

"Captain...these tests...a few of us amongst the senior staff of the station would be interested in observing aboard the Svikiri if that would be permissible?" he asked.

Hayashi looked at the Cardassian, considering. "Of course. Would you like to be present at the shield test. Six ships of the line will be doing their best to destroy us. It is live fire."

Ryan nodded. "Regardless of the real nature of the test, yes sir we would. Thank you for allowing us to observe"

The captain gave the junior officer a polite smile. "I welcome the opportunity to demonstrate my crews capacity, and the possibilities of the new ship. Please being as many of your colleagues as you desire."

Ryan smiled. "Thank you captain. What other outcomes do you expect to see from these tests? if you excuse me...your would be just like any other if it didn't have these modifications, am I right?" he wondered and took a sip of his drink while he waited for an answer.

"Any other of its class," Hayashi agreed. "But the new systems put it above the ordinary. Ive worked a long time towards a material improvement for fleet armament. I hope this demonstration will show the admiralty it is past time for an upgrade."

"Well I do hope your hard work pays off captain and I...well all of us are extremely looking forward to observing tomorrow"

Hayashi nodded, his gaze seemed to linger on the feint drop shaped crest indicative of Ryan's cardassian heritage. "I suspect there will be others less happy. I, for one, am looking forward to showing off our full potential."

Ryan nodded, he knew where the captain was coming from. "Agreed...however once they - the Cardassian's become aware of the technology, it all can culminate and have the potential to cause more trouble around here. We'll all have to keep a watchful eye"

"I'm sure once we're done here, the cardassians will think twice about starting any trouble." hayashi replied

"Well I for one hope that is the case" he smiled. "Well I better not trouble you anymore...leave is quite precious, you don't want me bothering me but thank you for your time sir"

"We look forward to you seeing for yourself, please feel free to beam over at 1045 hours tomorrow."

Ryan grinned. "We'll be there, looking forward to it sir. Thank you for your time" he said and finished the last of his drink and moved to stand up.

Hayashi gave him a nod. "Until then, lieutenant."


Captain Tetsuro Hayashi
Commanding Officer
USS Svikiri

Lieutenant Ryan Milarno
Chief Security Officer


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